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Mobile App Development Trends to Keep a Tab on in 2016

Mobile apps have brought a tremendous change in the lives of people as they have enabled smartphone users to perform various actions such as easy shopping to convenient food ordering, saving money, track their workouts and a lot more. Needless to say that a smartphone devoid of apps is of no use and they certainly make for a smarter combination…

New Trends in the Arena of Software Development in 2016

Prospering in their arena is what everyone dreams of. Now in order to thrive – be it in any industry – it is necessary to keep it all exciting and move towards progress. Talk of any industry whether retail, manufacturing, IT, or any other, in other to grow, there has to be introduction of new trends. When that goes missing,…

What makes Apple’s Privacy better than Android?

More and more people today prefer upscale mobile phones and there is a big reason behind it. Certainly these tech-lovers are getting sold for the myriad enchanting features offered by these mobile phones that tend to be of great use for them as well as their work.

Android ‘N’ – The Big Announcement of Google’s Next Version of Android

Good news for the Android lovers, as on Wednesday Google released the first preview built for the next version of Android, that’s called Android N. Comprising of an updated software development kit (SDK), this new preview build is available for the official Android Emulator developer tool that you can install on Google’s Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player,…

Why is Enterprise Mobility Necessary for the Companies?

Mobile app development is creating waves in the world of technology and everyone is making best efforts to exploit it, however surprisingly there are companies that hesitate in adopting this innovation. It’s realized that most enterprises are slow in adopting mobile app development as they feel that this would put off the existing equilibrium and it’d be sure be tough…

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