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Arun Goyal


Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution

Reasons Why WordPress is Powering 51% of All CMSs?

So the maths is simple. 1 in every 4 websites is powered by WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS) and more than half of the CMS based websites use this publishing platform. WordPress was started as a simple blogging platform just like Blogspot by Google. It was better known as “WordPress.com”, a community of bloggers. Although the company maintains that…

How To Get Your Next Big App Idea?

The next big idea is what industries and investors are eagerly looking forward to, even if it is disruptive (or probably because it could be disruptive). Huge sum of money is splurged on the “Unicorn”, any startup that has huge potential and is a million dollar idea. From where these ideas come? Is it pure serendipity, or are there some…

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