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CES 2016 – Innovation Overload

CES 2016 is starting from January 6th, 2016 in Las Vegas. The innovations and awe-inspiring products will spread across 2.4 million sq. feet of exhibition space. From giants to aspiring startups, all are joining the bandwagon to showcase what they have got to show and how they make this world a better place. Let’s have a quick roundup of what…

Technologies to Look Forward to in 2016

2016 is already here, and we are now even closer to the technologies we heard about in 2015. Although none of the much-talked-about technologies of the previous year are going to be mainstream this year, but they could fall into your hands if you won’t mind spending a hefty amount of dollars. Let’s have a look at these:

5 Smart Graphic Design Tips to Increase Visitor Engagement

The audience now has effective ways of blocking promotional messages. Traditional advertising mediums are not as effective as they used to be as the people have become adept at ignoring the uninvited. Inbound marketing has emerged as an adequate alternative for the marketers seeking to engage customers to their brand. Inbound scores where traditional marketing miserably fails. The former aims…

Enterprise Mobility and Why Your Business Needs To Embrace it

Enterprise Mobility is a disruptive technology changing the ways businesses interact with their employees (B2E), with other businesses (B2B), and with their customers (B2C). Enterprise mobility, in a nutshell, mobilizes not only the employees but also the corporate data. It enables employees to interact with their company (data or server) through dedicated smartphone or tablet applications. Enterprise mobility emphasizes on…

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