You might be someone who believes in cleaning and maintaining your car to keep it in good condition. However, despite that, many a time it happens that you notice the lights are not shining bright and even the headlights are fogged up in spite of your effort to keep the thing clean and shiny.

On top of that as you need to travel from home to work and back with your car. Then on weekends, you hop for the getaways, exploring the nightlife, go off-road and even for long trips, thus, the car does get murky and dirty, calling for some professional help to get it back in its shiny form.

So now you know that car grooming is no less than an art and it demands professional help. This way, you will also have some little extra time from your super busy schedule and saves your extra effort as well.

On-demand Car-wash Mobile App Development

These kind of services are highly prominent and growing at a great pace in the US and other countries, as a majority of them make the best efforts to connect their services with mobile apps. Looking into US statistics, in terms of revenue generation (annual), it was already a $5.8 billion industry, offering car washing service to around 8 million cars on a daily note.

This clearly indicates towards how big this industry is and it is certain to grow even more in coming times. So providing these services via a mobile app and connecting it to on-demand roles, leaves a lot of scope for you to make a mark in this untapped industry with there being only a few key players present in the form of Washe and Squeegy.

Hence, if you plan to get your own car washing mobile app, then you are at the right space as here we will discuss in depth about the basic framework, advanced features, technology and estimated cost in developing such an app.

To begin with, we talk about the basic architecture to develop a Car Cleaning Mobile App.

Customer Panel


It is this section where users first land on. From here they can do the app registration using their email ID or social networking credentials, whichever they are convenient with.

Place Requests

As per the solutions offered by various service providers, users can place a request for professional cash wash help.

Choose Car Location

Users need to specify the pick-up location of the car requiring the service and wash. This way provisions for cleaning can be made by the technicians.

Choose Package & Service

Services and packages can be selected by the users as per what is offered by various service providers. Users can make the selection as per their requirements and budget.

Check Availability of Technician

Users can check whether the technician is available to wash the car. Thus, users can easily and conveniently place a request for the service.


With the availability of various payment modes, such as debit/credit cards and various payment gateways, the user can pick the payment option as per his/her convenience.

View order history

Order history can be easily viewed by the users whenever required & they can also use it to make new requests for the car wash.

Detailer Panel


Same as user panel, here as well the service provider of detailer requires to register to the app using the username & password, which Admin has provided.

Add Service Location

Here the detailers need to add the location of service so that users can make requests to service centers which are nearby.

Push notifications

Once the order has been received, detailer can send a notification to the user. Users also receive notification when the car washing is done.

Accept/Decline Request

Detailer can accept/decline the request made by user/admin according to the number of requests pending and the ones requiring immediate delivery.

View completed Order history

From this section, users can see the number of requests completed, as well as the date & time specifications. This way, detailer can keep a track of the number of requests completed each day.

Request Payment

Going by the number of orders completed, detailer may send a request to admin for making the payment accordingly.

Admin Panel

Registered Technicians

From here Admin can easily track all technicians associated with the panel, along with their details and physical location.

Service Management

Under this section, the Admin manages the services provided by service providers and also the charges.

Service Time-zone management

From here the Admin can manage and track the operational time zones of service providers.

Manage user jobs

Admin manages and monitors all service requests made by the user for car wash and servicing.

Manage User Payment

From this section, the Admin stores the payments made by users via online and payment gateways models.

Manage Ratings & Review

This is the section for Admin to review the ratings and feedback provided by the users in regard to the services provided to them.

Additional Features:

Cloud Management

By implementing the cloud technology it is possible to manage the entire data in a way more secure manner. The data related to users, orders, detailers & payments get stored on the cloud, hence making the business processing more of a seamless experience.

Heat Map View

This feature works wonders by showing the busiest time of each location. It is also helpful in tracking the service providers & detailers’ location. All in all, it enables users to pick the quality service while outlaying the best deals. Also, it enables users to keep a track of surge pricing within the app.

Discounts & Offers

Users are notified in regard to the offers & discounts thus they are kept attuned to upcoming deals. Needless to say, these kinds of tricks play a great role in keeping the users attuned to the app and encourages them to grab the services whenever they require. Besides, these promotional offers also enhance business visibility.


There are numerous of payment gateways such as PayPal’s Mobile SDK, Stripe, Braintree available for the users nowadays, along with payment modes like Debit/Credit cards, Wallets, Netbanking, etc. So users who dislike visiting the physical locations of service providers to make payments, find this feature extremely beneficial. In fact, today’s users wholeheartedly embrace this feature as it adds to their comfort.

In-app chat/ voice call

This feature offers a transparent platform to users and detailers to communicate with each other. Users can instantly get in touch with the detailer to enquire regarding their order status or if there is any query. If the user wants to know about some other service, they can discuss over here and make the request to avail them as well. In-app chat/call option works as a great strategy to grab user attention as well as ascertains user loyalty.

Push Notifications

This technology is highly effective to augment user acquisition & retention. A car service providing app integrated with push technology keeps users attuned about order status, latest offers, deals and a lot more. In fact, it plays a transforming role in increasing the business visibility while also enhancing user engagement with the app. Alerts can be sent to users prior to service completion hence keeping them in the loop about the proceedings.

Subscription Packages

As we discuss the crucial features of On-demand Car servicing mobile app, this feature cannot be missed out on. Here the user can check and book additional services, premium membership, and also set the required features. Thus, they won’t have to look for deals every now and then.

Users receive notifications on the monthly, bi-monthly or half-yearly basis to avail the service. Thus, it is an effective way for the business to capture user attention by reminding them regarding deals, offers, and services which they get to avail with the subscription package.

Technology Stack

User Experience & Interface (UX/UI): CSS3 & Bootstrap (front-end), JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python or Django (back-end)

Location Tracking: Google Maps, Apple Maps

Cloud Technology: Amazon data servers, Google cloud storage

Real-time Analytics: Google analytics

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Facebook SDK or Google sign

Database: MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL

Cost to develop a Car Wash App

The cost to develop a car wash mobile app depends on app size, its complexity, the number of platforms on which you want to run your app and the nation of development center. After all, different nations have different hourly charges, like the charge is:

  • $50 to $250 per hour for U.S. based developers
  • $30 to $150 per hour for Eastern Europe based developers
  • $10 to $80 per hour for India-based developers

Here below we present the basic estimate of time duration and cost to develop a car wash app with average features for Android platform with India being the development center.

Hence, upon adding the entire costs, consisting of technical documentation, UX/UI designers, frontend & backend developers, mobile app developers, MVP testing, Bug Fixing & Polishing, an average app may cost somewhere around $10,000 to $20,000 for a single platform (either Android or iOS). If you choose to add more features, then it may rake the cost up to $25,000. Meanwhile, spending that much sum of money certainly assures that your app will make a mark.