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With announcement of New Technology no need to Download Entire App

The big change has arrived with the company announcing Instant Apps, this way we will soon have a future where apps and web come together to offer unique experiences. Without the need to download apps, Android phones can easily download chunks of code running the parts of apps required to play a video, sell an item or book a hotel room.

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Know about the 5 Alternative Stores that can Sell Your Apps

Reports say that around 25 percent of apps on Apple’s iOS platform make an earning of over $5,000 per month while on Android, 16 percent can make a difference. And then as it comes to Apple’s store, you are in competition with 1.5 million other apps and around 1.6 millions apps with Google Play.

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Protect your Android Apps throughout their Lifecycle

It’s quite common that mobile apps deal with a lot many security threats at the development stage, but once they are developed they are more prone to attacks as they’re out in open. Meanwhile, a Security solutions company SEWORKS is eyeing to launch a new SaaS-based protection for Android called AppSolid offering the development teams hands-on protection and tracking of the apps all through the lifespan.

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Enjoy better Google Search & Visibility with Android Deep Linking

It’s the time when mobile browser search is reigning over the desktop browser search with user choosing to search for information on their smartphones anytime, anywhere. Now it goes without saying that Android apps can make the most of this massive user base, with the help of deep linking of content page into mobile apps as it paves way for new opportunities reaching out to new users or existing users from Google search, in case they are on a search for a particular content available in your mobile app.

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Android ‘N’ – The Big Announcement of Google’s Next Version of Android

Good news for the Android lovers, as on Wednesday Google released the first preview built for the next version of Android, that’s called Android N. Comprising of an updated software development kit (SDK), this new preview build is available for the official Android Emulator developer tool that you can install on Google’s Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Pixel C devices.

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Best Android Emulators to Test your Applications in an Effective Manner

Among the several of interesting mobile platforms, Android platform is considered as most significant and diverse. As you go out there you will come across 1.3 billion devices running numerous versions of Android platform, paving way for android app developers who now have so many varieties of platforms to test the application.

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Android App Stats That You Must Check

This is the fourth post in the series of Android Application Development articles. To read the previous post, click here.

Numbers don’t lie, and that’s why boring pie-charts, histograms, and tables (no offense to business analysts and data scientists) still hold an important place in the company boardrooms. If numbers are so important, why not to consider them before taking the plunge in entrepreneurship or appreneurship, which is probably a more suitable term to signify mobile app as a viable business.

Here’s the five stats that you must check if you are planning to or have already ventured into appreneurship.

Have A Look At The Sheer Volume

There are more than 1.9 million apps on Google Play Store, and it is fast approaching the 2 million mark.

img 1 number of apps in google play store

Source: App Brain

The chart shows that the number of apps was close to 1.5 million at the start of the year 2015, and in the span of one year, it has grown by more than 30%. The competition is huge, and it is only going to increase in the foreseeable future, so the right time to develop an Android app is now.
Note: All 5 top spots of Android Smartphone are taken by Samsung. Make sure your app is responsive for screens of both smartphone and phablet.

Top App Category

Image 2 app category

Source: App Brain

This chart shows the total number number of free and paid apps in each category in Google Play Store. (Don’t confuse it for the number of app-downloads in each category.)

Education category has the highest number of applications followed by the categories Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Business. The number of paid apps is highest for apps in personalization category. In nearly each category the number of free apps is 10x more than the number of paid ones.

Top Applications (in terms of number of downloads)

App Annie App S_ - https___www.appannie.com_apps_google-play_top_united-states_

Source: App Annie

These are the top applications till January, 2016, in the U.S. Social and chat applications are popular in free app category, while Games are a popular choice in the paid category. Naturally, the list of top-grossing has many popular game titles. All top-grossing apps have in-app monetization model.

Following are the top-10 Android Apps in Singapore:

Image 4

The Importance of App Rating

image 5

Source: App Brain

The apps with less than 2.5 average rating have only 16% of apps that are downloaded more than 5000 times. On the other hand, 43% of applications with 4.0-4.5 star rating have been downloaded more than 5,000 times.

The reason why we are seeing contradicting figure for those apps that have been rated more than 4.5 stars could be “the number of total ratings” for those apps. There are thousands of apps on Google Play Store that have high but very few ratings. Users interpret these ratings as those given by friends and family and hence, don’t really believe the app to be of high-quality.

These are some new and important stats that you must consider if you’re somehow related to Android App Development space. There are some useful insights that can be drawn from these numbers.

Next Week we have a pretty interesting and important topic to cover i.e. How To Engage Users With Your Android App. A lot of good stuff is coming. Stay Tuned!

Planning to create a new Android App? Note Down these 4 Things

Having already observed a few trends and knowing that investing in Android App is rather a smart move, you must have started brainstorming about your app ideas seriously. That’s great! The best time to put your thoughts into actions is now. An Android app is your opportunity to make the lives of billions of people better thorough your creation.

But before you jump into Android app development bandwagon, there are a few things that you cannot afford to miss. This post is immensely helpful for the first-time Android app developers.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Android Apps

This is the second blog of our series of Android App Development articles.

The internet users on smartphones are increasingly preferring native applications to the traditional web browsing or web app. Hence, this doesn’t come as a surprise when startups and enterprises sometimes go to the app-only mode for mobile platforms.

Applications allow businesses to maintain a close relationship with their customers or clients or even employees (in the case of enterprise apps). Responsive apps, which are imperative rather than a necessity, offer great experience to mobile or tablet users and may turn customers into brand loyalists.
Android and iOS are top two markets in terms of app users and revenues, while Microsoft Store comes a distant third.

According to Statista, there are 1.6 billion apps on Google Play Store, the highest among app store of all Mobile OS platforms, but the stat that makes Android an enticing option for developers is the number of users of this Mobile OS. Android has more than 1.4 billion 30-day active users globally.

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Android Apps’ Trends To Look Forward to in 2016

The world’s largest app store has come a long way since its launch. Android fanboys (the name Android loyalists normally referred to as) may have seen the transformations unfolding before their eyes.

During the initial phase, most of the applications (even Facebook’s mobile app) on Google play store were hybrid (natively-installed and cross-platform apps written in web language). They were seriously lacking in the performance front and were definitely not known for delivering a good user-experience.

Source: Mobile App Survey Report
Source: Mobile App Survey Report

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