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Android Phone Users Can Now Use Android Pay

It’s merry time for Android smartphone users as now all of them will have an access to Android Pay, that is equivalent of NFC payment via your smartphone. The announcement was made on the official blog for Android.

To put it in an easy and more understandable manner, Android Pay is Google’s mobile equivalent of Apple Pay. However, there is a little tweak here as Apple Pay is currently integrated with Touch ID, and it only works with iPhones that have NFC. Thus, iPhone 5S and older than that, don’t get to do NFC payment. You just have to tap the Phone on the NFC payment reader, available only for certain retailers and opt for the payment method desired by you – whether it be credit, debit or even your cashless wallet for certain merchants. However that depends on whether Android or Apple has any partnership with these wallets.

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Questions You Must Answer Before Developing First Android App

Android is one of the renowned products of the tech giant, Google. If sources are to be believed, then over the globe, nearly 85% of all digital gadgets are running on the Android platform.
So, it is obvious that with such a high count of users, the need of applications with multi-functionality also comes into consideration. Presently, users are allotted to opt from a vast 1.6 million apps.

Being a newbie in Android application development, there is always a query within your mind that “how should I start developing my first Android app or what things I must know before starting the coding part for the app”. Below are a few facts that must be known before developing your first Android application.

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Blackberry Priv: One last throw of the dice for the company?

It has been a long time since BlackBerry struggling to claim fame in the market, however now the brand is set to try out its luck introducing first-ever BlackBerry phone powered by Google’s Android software. Blackberry CEO John Chen, who is a software industry veteran, was hired in 2013 to save the Canadian company. And upon his arrival he make a decision to try luck by joining hands with the world’s most popular operating system, Android.

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Now accomplishing success on Google Play is an easy process for Android developers

The market of mobile application development is incessantly buzzing and this makes the development of an application that attains great success on the app store an extremely crucial process. Enjoying good high-ranking status in the market, Android has millions of application developed and launched on everyday basis on the app store.

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Easy tricks for developers to track Android App Performance!

Here is the good news for the mobile app developers as now tracking the performance of your applications is way easier a process. Android application development service providers are well-versed with efficient tools that are useful in tracking the performance of their apps. Tracking makes it easier to improve upon the current app and come up with a significantly better version. Besides, it plays a vital role in customer engagement as well as carrying out effective A/B testing. Measuring app performing can help out in various ways.

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