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Big Data Solution Company

Go beyond just archiving data, start using it for make better decision, add more value to your business and get better ROI that you want to see. Here at Octal Big Data Solutions and Services, we leverage the power of data you accumulate, to your advantage.

Big data is like, everyone talks about it, and nobody really knows how to handle it, everyone thinks the other person is doing it, so everyone claim they are doing it. Octal data analysts took it as big data understanding and passionately worked with product vendors and leading research universities, to dig out the opportunity of finding new and valuable insights from the myriad data sources, generating data at varying speeds and types.

It is estimated that by 2020, there could be four times more data than all the grains of sand on earth. Whether data is local or it is in cloud, you are swiftly flooded with gigantic quantity of information. Customer Feedback Surveys, Structured Data, Social Media, Text messages and Emails and other data sources stance big challenge. But Octal team takes, Volume, Velocity, Variety and complexity of Big Data as a huge corporate assets and exploit it in order to thrive and provide much value addition to client.

Why Choose Octal?

  • Consultancy on Strategic Road Map, Technology Evaluation & Recommendation
  • Data Modelling, Algorithm Development, Data Integration Services
  • Data Security via, Data Leak Detection, Malware Detection
  • Configuration, Policy Management, Big Data Administration
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Our Big Data Services

  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

  • Data Processing

    Data Processing

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

  • Data Execution

    Data Execution

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Big Data

Experience Range - Glimpses of the same

STORE MONEYBig Data Consulting

Dedicated Big Data team to provide architectural consultancy, Capacity planning for quicker time-to-market.

MONEY TRANSFERBig Data Development

We develop MAP Reduce Code, Custom Code and Data integration Services using proven components of the Big Data ecosystem.

PAY BILLS Provisioning & Automation

We deliver Big data services faster with enterprise work load automation & ensure max productivity with self-service provisioning.

TRANSFER TO ACCOUNTBig Data Implementation

Octal handles your Data Quality and Metadata Management, Reports Visualization and Analytics.

SPLIT BILLSBig Data Testing

Our tested Big Data solutions enables you to get integrated with existing Big Data investments.

CASH PICKUPBig Data Security

Our team of Application Fraud analysis maximise the security of your data and offer optimized efficiency.

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  • 14+ years of experience, Over 97000 hours of working
  • 1500+ Web Apps , 900+ Custom software , 500+ mobile apps delivered
  • Members with NASSCOM, STPI, Acquia, Amazon Web Services,
    Drupal association, Microsoft, D&B, UKWDA
  • Transparent business policies, no hidden cost
  • Excellent technical expertise
  • 24/7 support across all timezones
  • Cost Effective Development with Optimum benefits
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