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We are living in the world of technology-driven solutions for every one of our needs. Generation -X is much health aligned and fitness freaky. Health and fitness applications are the right solutions for them. We want them to achieve their success in their respective fields as well as to attain their health-aligned goals. We are an industry expert in offering user-centric optimized fitness app development services for every platform.

Our mobile applications cover all of the wholesome categories relatable to health like fitness tracker app or nutritional app, gym workout tracker app, workout exercise app, diet planner app, and many more for the business to heighten their brand value.

Users can start the timer before starting their workout. Create their work schedules with the app. You can find and select your choice of exercise and start the timer to complete the exercise in the predefined time. There are days when you are less motivated and exhausted, you can set the targets for those days to push yourself consistently toward your target. Live streaming features are more impactful for the users to chat with the coach in real-time and give back their feedback.

Healthcare app development solutions have meal and diet recipes for the users to prepare perfect health-oriented recipes for them whenever they want.

To inspire you and track your fitness in real-time users can use the real-time insights, to see their past data, and other daily insights to pack up with your budget for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Over the decade our healthcare app developers have had the right to deliver curated solutions for every health and fitness pro. For your business, if you want off in one compact and the well-knitted app then Octal Info Solution is the right place for you!

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We build segments of Health & Fitness Mobile Application

Our team of proficient and skilled developers masters the art of developing health and fitness apps, diet planner, yoga, home workout app and exercise apps for iPhone and Android. With our fitness training app development services, we help your health and fitness business to attain an impressive growth among all your existing competitors.


Monitor the data of vital activities such as cycling, running, sleeping or walking. The gym workout tracker app collects all the data associated with stairs climbed, steps taken, liquid intake, calories burned etc. Hence, deliver your users with the right data so as keep them stay motivated.


Our workout planner app allows the gym owners and coaches to directly communicate with the users that are not able to hit the gym. The exercise planner app demonstrates the exercises whether for weight loss or muscle weight with the relevant postures.


Diet and nutrition app helps the diet planners, gym owner or the nutrition stores to share the correct diet plans with the users. The diet and exercise app helps you to track the calories, sugar level, and the appropriate calorie intake.


Learn yoga with the Yoga apps, with the correct postures and the benefits for each. Hence, share the asana details with your users and help them to garner the true benefits of yoga for accomplishing fitness goals.

Admin Panel
  • Secure login
  • Manage trainers
  • View & manage attendance (Trainers & Trainees)
  • Send push notifications
  • View & manage reports
  • Manage trainees
  • Manage subscriptions & memberships
  • Manage advertisements and promotions
healthcare application development
Expert Panel
  • Dedicated panel
  • Manage workout plans
  • Send reminders about workout goals
  • View & manage attendance (Self & Trainees)
  • Schedule consultation
  • Make video calls
  • Manage trainees
  • Manage meal plans
  • Track pre-workout details
  • View & manage his earnings
  • Upload workout videos
  • Send push notifications
fitness app development company
User Panel
  • User registration
  • Track miles and calories intakes
  • Select meal charts
  • Measure critical data
  • Live chats with trainers
  • DashBoard
  • Filter the workouts
  • Schedule workouts
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Share and store data
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Health & Fitness app aligned with advanced features


You get the real-time feedback for exercises on gym exercise app. All the activities are monitored and are reviewed accordingly.


Fitness tracker app for android & iPhone Assigns a suitable time for every workout with the timer or the countdown clock.


Create your own workout schedule with workout planner app. Select your exercises & duration to make the workout more productive.

Next-Gen Dispatch SoftwareLIVE STREAMING

During the exercise schedules, make a live chat with your assigned coach with home fitness apps. Take feedback for improvement.

Right Tools for AutomationFOOD LOGGING

Meal and exercise app calculates the quantity the food, water and calories you have consumed and burned throughout the days.

Rating and ReviewsSET YOUR TARGETS

With gym workout plan app, consistently keep on increasing the duration of your workout and set your targets for days, weeks and months.

Rating and ReviewsUSER ACCOUNTS

Sign in and register email/phone no. or social accounts. Start with your age, gender, weight and with the other health detail.

Rating and ReviewsMULTIPLE OPTIONS

Want workout plan or other stats related, all the relevant details are displayed & stored in diet and fitness apps.


Share your workout goals and compare the data with your friends and stay in tune with their fitness plans as well.


Connect your workout application with the wearable devices and get access to your activities on-the-go, on your wrist.

Rating and ReviewsGEOLOCATION

Find the correct jogging track, gym or fitness centers around you, and share your location with your friends.

Rating and ReviewsWORKOUT VIDEOS

Find the workout videos for the different body parts and complete it with the correct postures with personal trainer app.


Missing workout for some time, the fitness workout app notifications will keep you reminded about your fitness goals.


Heart and pulse rate, Body temperature, Blood pressure & activities are noted down & tracked in fitness tracker app for Android & iPhone.

Rating and ReviewsCOMMUNICATION

Deliver your users all the updated and relevant health and fitness related information in order to make them feel stitched with your fitness exercise app.

Rating and ReviewsPREMIUM PURCHASE

All the extensive yoga and exercises postures are available, once you subscribe for the premium purchase. Authenticated payments models are configured.

Rating and ReviewsREAL TIME INSIGHTS

See historical data, macro-nutrients breakdown and daily insights on your calorie budgets within your Android and iOS fitness app.

Rating and ReviewsCLOUD OPERATIONS

Avail unlimited storage and execute all your workout plans, decide the correct diet chart, track the miles and calories and lot more in a simplified way, delivered by the clouds.


We have tailored some of the best healthcare app development services to businesses. So, being healthy is not complex now.

Live Videos of Exercises

People get more inspired by the live solutions they can have. Our experts are well versed in giving your product such zeal. Health and fitness-oriented solutions will be more beneficial to the individual if performing live.

Combination of NFC (Near field correspondence)

Personalized Fitness Plans

Every individual needs specific plans and goals. Our developers working for healthcare custom software development for more than a decade are experts to understand the personal needs of everyone and based on that prepare a customized chart to achieve their fitness goals. Crisp and robust plans help you out for your healthy day.

Bluetooth and iBeacon Technology

Nutrition Plan

Living in the world of fast and work ethic life it becomes much important for people to intake good nutrition for their body. We understand their needs and prepare a wholesome nutrition plan meal application beginning from their day to the night. A healthy regime, calorie intake, water consumption all are essential for the body.

QR Codes

Calorie Counter

Normally people have a habit to intake meals or eat food now and then without any prior knowledge of how the wrong way to eating habits drag them to unhealthiness. To make them aware of their daily calorie intake our smart techie developers arrange a calorie counter inside the application with notifications on-peak hours of the day.

Installment Apps

Diet Tracking

Our healthcare mobile app development services are user-centric and health-based. We have introduced a diet tracking segment inside the application to help your users with their daily diets and push them for healthy diet intake. Apps are infused with advanced integration with wearables so users now can easily track their food consumption within the day and move for some healthy options. For motivation, healthy recipes are also available for users.

Installment Apps

Why Choose Octal for Health-Fitness App Development?

Healthcare Mobile App Development motivates your users to achieve their health and fitness goals from where they are. We have deployed some of the finest industry fitness mobile applications to the market. Our apps are composed of plenty of options for the users from their fitness to diet recipes all in one platform making it easier for them. Busy people want free space to do their exercises, yoga, or meditation so no one can distract them.

Users can connect their wearables devices to the application and using the geolocation tracker feature helps them to find out the nearby free space or jogging track or gym. We have configured more of the options like heart and pulse rate monitor, blood pressure trackers, to track the user’s body.

Prepare a Healthy Diet Chart for Users

Everyone is not aware that the food they are consuming suits their body or not. Apps are directly connected with the best expert nutritionists who can help with a comprehensive meal chart as per the user’s body. Users can track their diet, nutrition, water intake, and calorie counter to get an accurate idea of what they are eating. Notification features can notify the users during the peak hours when their body demands maximum.

Review and Rate Your Best Nutritionist

Users can take their respective advice to nutrition and give reviews on the app, which helps many others for the later consultation. Live video and chat features are always there to connect with the best nutritionists and follow their advice.

You can start your app journey with the best healthcare app development company that reflects your brand identity. We are best for that.

Health Fitness app development

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Qpay
    Healthquad Fitness Planner App
    Healthquad is one of India's best health & fitness apps with a mission to make you healthier. Simple to use app, Healthquad helps you to achieve your health goals. Whether it is to lose weight, eat healthy, start an active lifestyle or monitor important health parameters, Healthquad can do all of these for you.
    Complete Healthcare App
    Set your Fitness Goals
    Celebrate as you Achieve
  • Qpay
    Fitmenow Fitness Planner App
    FitMeNow is the mobile app that streamlines and organizes your entire fitness business. In as little as 5 minutes your appointments, clients and payments are all tracked in one app. It comes with features like bookkeeping, appointments scheduling, tracking sessions, chasing payments, and trying to manage everything.
    Dedicated Fitness Experts
    Keep Record of Everything
    Access on-the-go
  • PayTZ
    Nothing But Advice Fitness Advice App
    Nothing But Advice connects you with mental health professionals, in real time, who can help you achieve emotional wellness. Nothing But Advice also provides parenting, family counseling, plus marriage and relationship advice.
    Smart Fitness Advices
    Connect with Experts
    More than just Fitness
  • Mephin
    Ms. Deepa G Arun

    Project Name - Mephin

    Once I connected with the Ewallet app development team at Octal Info Solutions, it became quite easier for me to plan exactly what I wanted from my application. From the ideation to upgrades and launches everything was well planned out with a well defined timeline and we didi had review at the end of each milestone. Although there were some delays because of the third party approval but the team stuck to the timeline delivering a product that would surely help me earn profits.

  • PayTZ
    Mr. Ayyaz Ahmed

    Project Name - PayTZ

    From the documentation phase to the final proposal discussions, it was outstanding to interact with them. They understood our expectations and gave us confidence. Furthermore, they exhibited an excellent understanding of both the e-wallet domain and the legal aspects of the project.

  • QPay
    Mr. Samuel Maina

    Project Name - QPay

    The app that Octal IT Solution created has been met with a positive response, and they've been able to address any problems that have arisen. They are a responsive partner who provides valuable advice about development. So far, the professional team has met expectations and adhered to deadlines.

  • Smoove
    Mr. Boris Merkenich

    Project Name - Smoove

    I wanted to get an Ewallet mobile application that could make it easier for my customers to complete transactions. I reached the team with a basic idea, and with their experience and expertise in the field they delivered me the product that was much better and feature ladened than I thought!

  • Waad Pay
    Mr. Eziani Adake

    Project Name - Waad Pay

    Octal IT Solution delivered a functional mobile and web solution that met the client's requirements. The team went above and beyond, working overtime to accommodate the client's modification requests. Their deep understanding of the client's expectations and needs allowed them to stand out.

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