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In the IT industry we keep coming across new trends, and presently Bitcoins are reigning over. The decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency is grabbing attention for quite some time and now has been embraced fervently worldwide. The growth is impressive, and it has succeeded in revolutionizing the payment industry. Presently Bitcoins are mainly used in financial applications wherein receiving and sending payments hold the prime importance. However, it is more than just a virtual currency.

At Octal Info Solution, we amazingly utilize Bitcoin Technology to build feature-rich Bitcoin mobile apps for solving the distinctive range of problems. Here the Bitcoins are integrated with your existing application thus transforming the entire payment mechanism. Over the years, our team of specialist developers has been carefully following the Bitcoin ecosystem to gain excellence in this domain so as to assist businesses in leveraging its benefits. Not just this, our brilliant Bitcoin App Development team is also capable of helping you with Bitcoin API Integration for accepting and sending payments.

The Implementation

We implement Bitcoin technology to accomplish desired goals

Bitcoin Core Wallet

Bitcoin Core Wallet for Bitcoin Storage

Bitcoin is a digital currency used to replace the hard, cold cash for buying and selling good & services online. Now it consists of: a wallet file for storing Bitcoins and a wallet application, which is useful in opening these wallet files. At Octal Info Solution, we have a high competency in BitCoin Core Wallet that stores your bitcoins and manages them too via the authenticated transaction keys.

Bitcoin Javascript Development

Bitcoin Javascript Development

We use JavaScript for building the sophisticated Bitcoin Mobile apps. Here we are entailed with the excellent knowledge and experience in building brilliant JavaScript applications that can run smoothly without any errors. Simultaneously, we adhere by exceptional techniques to maintain transparency within the network in order to deliver a robust security system.

Bitcoin ATM Software

Bitcoin ATM Software Development

YThere has been a drastic rise in the number of Bitcoin ATMs and today there are around 900 ATMs across the globe. With years of expertise and experience in JavaScript based app development, we are proficient in building high-octane software systems for Bitcoins ATMs that run smoothly without any troubles. Thus, you are provided with an inbuilt ATM inside your phone for exchanging the bitcoins.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Bitcoin Exchange Platform

With our services in Bitcoin exchange platform, we make Bitcoin management much easier and simplified and well yes, you can store, sell and buy the bitcoins as well. Implementing the versatile payments structural mechanisms, we encompass high-end security standards while proceedings of Bitcoin exchange. Thus, with our highly advanced end to end bitcoin mobile apps, we ensure to excelled quality transfers for your business- house

Private Blockchain Developm

Private Blockchain Development

Need high-quality decentralized applications that exactly meet your requirements? Blockchain Development services offered by Octal Info Solution helps you to acquire profitable growth for your business. Enhance functionality and secure your applications with the help of our team of expert Blockchain specialists. The Private Blockchain Development enables you to store your Bitcoins on your personalized bitcoin account.

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The interdependencies between Block Chain & Bitcoin technology

bitcoin app development

Bitcoin is a virtual currency and payment mode. It is entirely decentralized, open-source and uses the concept of peer-to-peer exchange. This digital currency created electronically and is produced by people that run specialized computers all across the world.

Here the users can exchange bitcoins and make transactions without any central system, middleman or intermediary. This digital currency can be bought, sold and spent all over the world. It allows people to exchange money outside the traditional banking model.

bitcoin Solution

The Blockchain is a decentralized network that does not need any intermediate system for the exchange of services. It keeps a shared record of entire transactions distributed over a vast network of the user. With Blockchain technology it is possible to instantly recognize the exact size of the block by all transacting parties in the chain as it is simultaneously updated on all the associated databases.

Blockchain technology was used as a backend of Bitcoin to maintain the distributed transaction ledger in a peer-to-peer manner which didn't require any permission. In fact, it is a technology behind bitcoin which works like a database for all Bitcoin transactions, keeping all records since the first transaction.

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