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Parse Mobile app Development

With our effective Parse Mobile Application Development services, we aim to create amazing user experiences. This is a great platform to instantly add a powerful cloud database, push notification services and analytics tracking to your app.

Parse has a lot to offer and you can discover all that by choosing from over thirteen native SDKs for mobile, desktop and IoT devices. Amazon EC2 and Digitalocean are renowned cloud services, hosting web apps and web sites, same way Parse is a cloud for hosting the APIs that your mobile app requires in order to communicate with in order to function. It’s greatly useful in sending push notifications to your apps users to initiate communication or make the come back to your app.

How our services are useful?

Developing parse mobile apps is what everyone is doing today as everyone absolutely loves them and it benefits your business in a huge manner. However, a lot goes into building an app. You need to take care of so many things while providing a way for your users to log into your app, store their data on a remote server so that it can be accessed later, or send them welcome emails.

At Octal Info Solution, we build these things in addition to your app and devote a lot of our valuable time into the process. Not only we are responsible to develop apps, but even maintain them forever. We focus on developing and designing of apps while also take care of server dev and communication needs. Our developers offer cost-effective services while also take care of other things like data security and scalability.

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  • Dan Abeling
    Dan Abeling

    Project Name - Bari Apps

    My Health-Fitness Application had to be dealt with utmost diligence and competence as it had a competition with leading businesses in the world. I was looking for a team who can deliver quality - with best of technology support. Octal fulfilled all my wishes with a solution that exceeds my expectations.

  •   Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    Project Name - iLocator

    Overall, I think the work that they've done, and the responsiveness has definitely been there. Octal Info Solutions did a good job. If we impress urgency, then they step up to the plate, and they get it done.

  • Matt Ferancini
    Matt Ferancini

    I am highly impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful in guiding us for the selection of right system solution for our organisation.

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Ozark Sports
    Ozark Sports Fun and Sports
    Now you can easily gather information on high school and college sports in Southwest Missouri with the It’s easy to have access to scores, schedules, photos and stories from sporting events taking place at Ozarks. In fact you can participate by reporting from the stands and sidelines and use the Street Team function to submit photos and videos.
    Text Subtitle
    Stay up to date regarding sports events.
    Scores, schedules & other updates on phone.
    Submit photos and videos using Street Team function.
  • Yalla Emirates Shopping and Ecommerce
    Yalla Emirates is an app that offers millions of digital discount vouchers to residents and visitors of United Arab Emirates with focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The users can browse through offers based on their current location or by categories. Vouchers range from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, events and tourist activities.
    Text Subtitle
    Buy one get one free meals
    25% off your bill
    Vouchers range from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, events and tourist activities.
  • X game Bowling
    X game Bowling Fun and Sports
    XgameBowling is an entertaining app that keeps you indulged in the wonders of gaming. Having unique features, this app has the lanes, the balls and the pins with every ball counting and you promptly get to know who is the winning and by how much. Thus, it’s the right app to keep a sports fanatic enthralled every moment during the game.
    Text Subtitle
    Different than other bowling apps
    The first player to win 3 points
    Consisting sets in a match with XGames in each set, and Points in an XGame.
  • Radius Social Networking
    Radius is an app that lets you know when any of your friends are within 150 meter Radius from your location. It do not gives exact location of anyone but keeps track of the person nearby you. It also keeps track of history like, which of your friend, you have been together with the most and which of your friends entered your “Radius” earlier.
    Text Subtitle
    Find friend in 150 meter / 500 feet radius
    Track history of earlier visits
    Message your friends through Radius

Our Parse Mobile application Development Services

  • Parse Core Services

    Core Services

  • Parse  Analytics Services

    Analytics Services

  • Parse  Push Services

    Push Services

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Understanding More Parse Mobile app Development
Understanding More Parse Mobile application Development
Understanding More Parse Mobile App Development
Unique services

Parse services offered by us are available for Desktop, Mobile and Web, comprising of enticing features such as optimization of push campaigns, advanced scheduling, push composer, parse objects. There is no need for separate database, backend and server.

Hire our developers

Our professional developers working on Parse offer lively and appealing user experiences, using parse analytic to track open rates. This platform is available with one SDK for many powerful cores such as Android, iOS, JavaScript, CSS, Unity and more. It instantly adds analytic to your App with a feature of Parse push notifications.

Experience Range

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