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Next-Gen Grocery Mobile App Development

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or startup looking to develop your own grocery app or online grocery store, Octal Info Solution has a team of experienced developers to help you get started with grocery delivery application development. All you need to do is share with us your idea, expectations from the app, and the rest will be taken care of by us.

Grocery apps are in demand today as more consumers today prefer to order their groceries online. This demand has increased all the more because of the COVID-19 outbreak that has brought various safety guidelines like contactless delivery, social distancing, lockdowns, etc. People can’t visit physical stores to buy groceries. They want to avoid crowds and being around people to prevent the spread of the virus. Online payments are also preferred more today to avoid physical contacts. Moreover, we are in the era of a remote working culture where the majority of consumers are working from home. Hence, they want everything delivered to their doorstep with a hassle-free experience.

With a fully functional and online readymade grocery app, you can cater to this growing demand and meet the requirements of the consumers in your preferred regions. As people become more digital, mobile apps are the way-to-go options for consumers. With your grocery app, people can order their groceries from the comfort of their home, pay online, and get groceries delivered to doorstep in the chosen time window. This offers several benefits to your consumers.

It is really a great business idea and model that will help you make revenues and profits fastly in the market. Hire online grocery app developers today, and bring your idea to action with Octal Info Solution.

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Grocery Delivery App Development for All Business Models

Our experienced team of online grocery app developers create mobile apps for various kinds of business models.

Grocery Market App

This type of grocery app is great if you want a business model that allows customers to just select their desired products without showing anything about the stores. Customers can add their address, choose payment options, and get the order delivered.

Combination of NFC (Near field correspondence)

In-Store Grocery App

With this type of mobile app development, the customers can browse the stores available to them in nearby locations. They can purchase the products from the store of their choice to be ensured about the quality of the product and pricing.

Bluetooth and iBeacon Technology

Customized Grocery App

Customized grocery delivery app development is a trend today where the store owners can get specific and on-demand solution developed. They can promote the app and find new customers for their own store, sell more products, and thrive in the market.

QR Codes

Intuitive Features of On-Demand Grocery Ordering App

Your aim with the grocery app is to make the lives of your users easier. Let’s have a look at all the essential features to integrate into the app for a seamless and intuitive user experience.

STORE MONEY User Registration

Allowing new consumers to sign up for the app using their email address, phone number, password, or directly using Google Account.

MONEY TRANSFER Browse Products

Explore all the items available through the app, from the categories shown. Users can click on any category and choose required products.


An important feature that will help users to type any product or category name and easily find the items they want to buy.

PAY BILLS Filter & Sort

While exploring the products, allow users to apply filters and sorting so that they can find the products of their choice quickly.

PAY BILLS Payment Modes

There should be multiple options for payment which help users to pay for the products with their preferred payment mode, like debit/credit card, UPI, etc.

PAY BILLS Delivery Schedule

While placing the order, users can choose the right time for their groceries to be delivered. Allow them to select the date and time slot.


This feature allows customers to quickly place the order based on their previous orders. A handy option that saves a lot of time for users.

PAY BILLS Track Order

After placing the order, this feature helps users to track their order. They can check when the groceries are supposed to be delivered and what’s the current status.

PAY BILLS Offers & Promos

There should be a section where you showcase all the products and items available with discounts or offers for new users or frequent customers.

PAY BILLS Settings

The Settings feature is supposed to enable users to manage their profile, account, notifications, phone number, default address, and other personal details.


Once the order has been delivered, the reviews feature can help in getting feedback and rating from the customers whether they liked the experience or not.


Cart will show all the items the users add to the list of items to be purchased. It will feature the item name, price, quantity, option to remove the product, and the total cost.


The history feature will allow users to check all their past orders from a single place. They can see what they ordered, cost, date of delivery, and other details.

PAY BILLS Push Notifications

You can notify the app users about the latest offers and discounts, order status, remind them about the products in the cart but not ordered, etc.

PAY BILLS Location

Users can enter their location by putting in the ZIP code or the name of the area. This is purposeful for identifying the location of customers and deliver the products.


A one-stop dashboard for admins to manage everything in the app, whether it is users, stores, orders, payments, support, notifications, revenue, reports, and more.

MONEY TRANSFER Store Management

Admins can manage all the stores connected to the app from a single panel. They can onboard new stores, check activity with more productivity and minimum efforts.

PAY BILLS Listing Management

This feature allows admins to keep a track of all the product listings by the multiple stores. It helps in managing products, pricing, descriptions, etc.

PAY BILLS Monitor Orders

Monitor all the orders placed by the customers through different stores and check if everything is going as expected. Admins can track things and take required actions.

PAY BILLS Customer Management

Implement new strategies to bring new customers, onboard new users, check their progress and activities, and seamlessly manage them from a single place.


A support panel at the backend to receive customer enquiries through chat, emails, or calls, and respond to them using a CRM or support system.

PAY BILLS Notifications

Create and send notifications to the app users about latest promos, offers, discounts, order status, greetings, as well as latest app updates through a notification feature.

PAY BILLS Analytics & Reports

Check analytics about the app usage, number of new customers, new orders, and other important metrics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for intelligent insights.

PAY BILLS Create Sub-Admins

A feature that helps you add more people to the backend who can administrate specified factors like order management, support channel, or customer management.

PAY BILLS Content Management

Using this feature, admins can manage the content on the app, like the content on the homepage, add new content, festival greetings, new options, etc.

PAY BILLS Payment Management

A crucial feature to keep track of all the payments made on the app by the customers to understand the cash flow and pay to the stores and delivery operators.

PAY BILLS Send Invoices

For an on-demand solution, it is essential to send invoices to customers for the products they ordered through your app. This feature sends invoices once order is delivered.

STORE MONEY Product Listing

A feature to help store managers add the products to the app on the basis of availability and stock. They can list new products and mark out of stock status.

MONEY TRANSFER Order Notification

When any customer places a new order through the app and it is sent to the store, the store manager receives a new notification about the order.

PAY BILLS Accept or Reject Orders

Once the order notification is received, the store manager can choose to either accept or reject it depending on the availability of items or opening of store.

PAY BILLS Order Details

When a new order is accepted by the store, the store manager can check the details of the order, such as name of items, quantity, customer name, delivery address, etc.

PAY BILLS Order History

A feature that allows store managers to check all the orders received from a single place. They can see the products, pricing, and date of orders.

PAY BILLS Manage order

Right from the time of accepting the order, checking the order details, and handing the things over to the delivery partner, the store manager can manage everything related to the order.

PAY BILLS In-app Chat and Calling

This feature allows the store manager to get in touch with the customer if there are any issues like the ordered product is out of stock and ask the customer if they want any other item.

PAY BILLS Manage Payments

The store manager can check the payment received for the orders processed by them. They can see the full history along with the mode of payment.

PAY BILLS View Feedback

When the customers rate and review an order after receiving it, the store manager can check it to know how customers reacted, whether they are happy or not satisfied.

Grocery App Development For Digital Grocers

Hire app developers today for your idea and meet the growing demand for grocery mobile apps.

Number Masking Quick Onboarding

Help people to quickly register on the app, browse products faster, add to cart, and place orders within a few minutes.

LocalizationTime Saving

With an online grocery app, customers can get everything delivered to their doorstep, saving them a lot of time otherwise spent in physical stores.

Payment Options Seamless UI/UX

With an interactive design, effortless navigation, and secure payment checkouts, make the experience seamless for customers.

Next-Gen Dispatch Software Multiple Payment Options

By integrating multiple payment options during grocery delivery mobile app development, allow customers to pay with preferred payment mode.

Right Tools for Automation More Customers

By utilizing several digital marketing services, you can find more users for the app and bring new customers to purchase the products.

Rating and Reviews Contactless Delivery

Allow your customers to enjoy contactless delivery to stay protected against safety threats, importantly in current situations.

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Qpay
    Halali Online Grocery Delivery
    Halali Supermarket is an FMCG, food and grocery delivery app that delivers fresh products to the doorsteps of the users. All the products are delivered from Halal Supermarket and the app promises next-day delivery. It carries more than 1500 products from different segments.
    Delivering multiple products
    Contactless Delivery.
    Halal Supermarket Products.
  • Qpay
    Drewel Online Grocery Delivery
    Drewel is an online grocery and household supplies delivery application based in Oman. Octal IT Solution built their website, iOS Application and Android Application for the company packed with innumerable advanced features. The app has large inventory management and secured payment integration.
    Multi-product Options.
    Serving in Oman.
    Simple and quick.
  • Qpay
    Daleel 1010 Delivery App
    Daleel 1010, a joint initiative of Infoline LLC and Omantel, enabled by robust and state of the art technology platform. Daleel 1010 is Oman’s first multiple utility mobile app for food ordering, grocery odering, ticket booking and so on.. A user friendly tool to avail information on wide range of Business services.
    Multiple utility mobile app
    Highly interactive features
    Advance search option
  • Qpay
    Bringoo Online Grocery Delivery
    Bringoo is an online grocery delivery mobile application that allows ordering groceries online in a few minutes and having them delivered quickly. The app collaborates with local stores to deliver the grocery. Bringoo is local - the app primarily wants to support the local markets, as they usually cannot deliver their own and often have challenges with digitization.
    Local merchants collaboration
    Connecting stores to customers
    Simple yet highly secured
  • Qpay
    The Grocery Shop Grocery Delivery App
    The Grocery Shop™ is the easiest and fastest way to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep in New Cairo and Rehab. Free your time from the supermarkets’ long queues, the search for parking spaces and carrying it all home. Our user-friendly app is packed with powerful features that will transform your grocery shopping experience.
    Smart Delivery App
    Advanced Search Features
    Serves New Cairo and Rehab
  • Mephin
    Ms. Deepa G Arun

    Project Name - Mephin

    Once I connected with the Ewallet app development team at Octal Info Solutions, it became quite easier for me to plan exactly what I wanted from my application. From the ideation to upgrades and launches everything was well planned out with a well defined timeline and we didi had review at the end of each milestone. Although there were some delays because of the third party approval but the team stuck to the timeline delivering a product that would surely help me earn profits.

  • PayTZ
    Mr. Ayyaz Ahmed

    Project Name - PayTZ

    From the documentation phase to the final proposal discussions, it was outstanding to interact with them. They understood our expectations and gave us confidence. Furthermore, they exhibited an excellent understanding of both the e-wallet domain and the legal aspects of the project.

  • QPay
    Mr. Samuel Maina

    Project Name - QPay

    The app that Octal IT Solution created has been met with a positive response, and they've been able to address any problems that have arisen. They are a responsive partner who provides valuable advice about development. So far, the professional team has met expectations and adhered to deadlines.

  • Smoove
    Mr. Boris Merkenich

    Project Name - Smoove

    I wanted to get an Ewallet mobile application that could make it easier for my customers to complete transactions. I reached the team with a basic idea, and with their experience and expertise in the field they delivered me the product that was much better and feature ladened than I thought!

  • Waad Pay
    Mr. Eziani Adake

    Project Name - Waad Pay

    Octal IT Solution delivered a functional mobile and web solution that met the client's requirements. The team went above and beyond, working overtime to accommodate the client's modification requests. Their deep understanding of the client's expectations and needs allowed them to stand out.

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