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Hybrid Mobile Development

Hybrid mobile apps are just as any other apps you’ll find on your phone. You can install them on your device, find them in app stores, as well as they allow you to play games, engage your friends through social media, take photos, track your health and much more. An ideal blend of distinct elements, technologies and approaches, Hybrid application leverages on both web and native mobile technologies.

Octal Info Solution is a professional web and mobile development company that offers end to end hybrid application development solutions to its clients all over the world. Having the assistance of technically savvy and experienced development team, we are proficient in mobile application development. Our technical experts are highly proficient in the arena, having the competence to combine the potential of HTML5 development with the advanced mobile frameworks like Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Titanium and more. These are helpful in building the apps that appear like native ones on all the major platforms, including Android, Windows mobile, iOS & others.

Why choose Hybrid solutions offered at Octal?

With remarkable strength of 150+ professionals all over the globe, we offer 100% customized hybrid mobile applications that effectively work across multiple devices.

  • Help clients reach a wide range of applications in no time
  • Programmers have great expertise in CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript & other latest technology
  • Experts create innovative applications offering brilliant user experience
  • Our developers offer great services at much affordable pricing without compromising the quality
  • Meticulous quality assurance testing to ensure smooth working of apps on all the popular platforms
  • Developers create a perfect blend of native app’s usability and web app’s versatility
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  • Chris Weldon
    Chris Weldon

    Project Name - Stormpins

    I tried two developers to outsource my project before I met Octal. I was soon convinced with their interpretation which they sent me through their initial mock-up designs, unlike what happened with the first two. I am really happy with the work and mostly because of their timeliness and prompt reply. It felt so secure working with Octal!

  • Oladeji Famakinwa
    Oladeji Famakinwa

    Octal Info Solution has leaders and managers with years of experience developing vast community-driven solutions, and this was really ideal for my project. These guys know how to cater to a startup.

  • Shahab Qureshi
    Shahab Qureshi

    I would like to thank all the Octal team for this great job. They have provided a project far beyond my initial expectations and that is because their initiative and proactivity to satisfy all our requirements, which, by the way, were a lot. Although this was the first time to use outsource service provider to develop and test such a project, I really think I have found a brilliant service provider which undoubtedly we will keep on working in the next phases of the project.

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Yalla! Spree
    Yalla Emirats Shopping and Ecommerce
    Yalla Emirates is an app that offers millions of digital discount vouchers to residents and visitors of United Arab Emirates with focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The users can browse through offers based on their current location or by categories. Vouchers range from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, events and tourist activities.
    Text Subtitle
    "Planner" tool is aimed at tourists and allows you to plan future activities.
    Show nearby vouchers
    Great deals of Dubai
  • TGA Graduate
    TGA Graduate Education and Information
    Once you are a graduate, the first thing that comes into your mind is certainly to fetch a nice job and make plans on how to spend your first paycheck. With this app we have tried to make the process of recruitment easier for you by bringing the best companies at your end and making you learn ways to make it to there.
    Text Subtitle
    Track Applications and create Digital resume.
    Multiple Job application status
    Boosting your confidence needed to get through the recruitment season.
  • Belief
    Belief Social Community App
    Belief is about believing in yourself and motivate others to believe in their selves. In this one can set goals related to their personal or professional lives. This app has a reminder system which will remind you about your settled goal time to time. Here one can follow to other fellow users also. This have a feature in which user can follow their goals via two options, Chant and Learn.
    Text Subtitle
    Push Notifications
    Record and share chants
    Reminder system

Our Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

  • PhoneGap Application Development

    PhoneGap Application

  • Titanium Application Development

    Titanium Application

  • Sencha Application Development

    Sencha Application

  • jQuery Mobile


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Understanding More Hybrid Mobile Development Applications
Understanding More Hybrid Mobile Development Applications
Understanding More Hybrid Mobile Development App
Seamless Integration

Our experts have great knowledge of the domain and remain up-to-date of the latest trends using the codes of specific mobile device to keep it in sync with various other mobile applications. This ensures smooth functioning of your app on various devices such as iOS, Android, Desktop, Laptop & others providing a better user experience.

Offline Usage

Most apps don’t work in the absence of proper internet connectivity, however, our hybrid apps are ideal for those with poor internet connectivity. With use of the device’s API, our mobile applications can store some data offline using the device’s API. Moreover, at our end, we ensure optimal quality along with the cost-effectiveness.

Experience Range

Glimpses of the same

  • Business Apps Business
    Improving professional life with the use of quality business apps that work wonders.
  • Sports Apps Sports
    Catering the sports lovers, our Sports Hybrid Apps help you tracking scores, manage teams, views results, etc.
  • Productivity Apps Productivity
    Boosting productivity by organizing day-to-day activities. Helps in staying productive on all the devices you use.
  • Health & Fitness Apps Health &
    Take your health and fitness in your own hands with our apps readily available for your advantage.
  • Entertainment  Apps Entertainment
    Find the best Entertainment Hybrid apps available for your device. Watch films, TV, book tickets, etc.
  • Finance Hybrid Apps Finance
    Our money-managing apps are helpful in tracking, budgeting and managing the money without any hassle.
  • Photo Video Apps Photo &
    Our video and photography apps offer from high-quality stuff from cameras built-in to phone devices.
  • Travel  Apps Travel
    Our excellent Travel apps are helpful in finding deals, booking your flights and hotels.
  • Social Networking Apps Social
    Networking Apps
    Access into a network with our effective social networking services available for all domains.
  • Fun & Game Apps Fun & Game Apps
    Discover the world of Hybrid gaming with our fun apps offering leisure and thrill at once.
  • Music iOS Apps Music
    iOS Apps
    Offer the best music experience on the mobile devices with our great apps. Here are the best music player apps.
  • Utility Apps Utility
    Best way to use your device is as a tool. With Utility apps, it takes care of everything from to-do-list to language converter.
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