• On Demand Solutions STORE MONEY
    Users can store their money in wallet app
  • On Demand Solutions MONEY TRANSFER
    Money Transfer to contacts on airtime, payment management
  • On Demand Solutions PAY BILLS
    Pay utility bills and purchase bills across accepted stores
  • On Demand Solutions TRANSFER TO ACCOUNT
    Add multiple bank accounts & Transfer Wallet Balance
  • On Demand Solutions SPLIT BILLS
    Split bills with friends and pay individually
  • On Demand Solutions CASH PICKUP
    Pick cash by adding money to e wallet app for cash-only needs.
  • On Demand Solutions POS/ KIOSK INTEGRATION
    Integration wallet application with POS/ Kiosk systems
  • On Demand Solutions BUDGETING TOOLS
    Budgeting tools to allow users to track expenses

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More Features
    Before launching your mobile wallet app, we do comprehensive vulnerability management to identify & eliminate any chance of vulnerabilities.
  • On Demand Solutions BURRPSUITE
    We use BurrpSuite to ensure complete Application Security – making sure your online payment apps are safe to use for your users.
  • On Demand Solutions ISMS
    We use Information Security Management System to keep the valuable data, accounts, passwords & transactions secured.
  • On Demand Solutions APPLICATION SECURITY
    Black Box and Source code review are conducted to ensure the safety of your tap and pay apps, keeping it secured against threats.
  • On Demand Solutions PENETRATION TESTING
    We conduct a comprehensive Penetration Testing to make sure your phone pay app is completely protected against threats of penetration.
  • On Demand Solutions SOAP OR REST PROTOCOLS
    To provide extra speed and protection, we make use of SOAP and REST Protocols, as required by the client.
  • On Demand Solutions BACK UP FEATURE
    We make an iPhone wallet app enabled with auto-backup. The user may restore his settings and data from an earlier backup.
  • On Demand Solutions PORTABILITY
    A highly portable wallet app for android which is easy to carry & port. Allow your users to easily add money and pay online/offline.
  • On Demand Solutions CATEGORIZATION
    Categorize different transactions and cards to make the online payment wallets more appealing & pleasant. Users may sort the cards as per different categories.
  • On Demand Solutions DIGITAL RECEIPT
    Generate and send a digital receipt after every transaction. The receipt can be sent on the phone number, email & within the app.
  • On Demand Solutions REWARD POINT
    Offer rewards points on each transaction and let your users redeem the rewards points in cash or wallet balance.
  • On Demand Solutions QR CODE
    Let the users pay, transfer and accept payment by scanning QR codes. We enable a powerful QR scanner within the mobile payment apps android.
  • On Demand Solutions REFER A FRIEND
    Offer rewards on each successful referral. Your users get loyalty rewards and you get a larger audience to serve.
  • On Demand Solutions TRANSACTIONS HISTORY
    The section contains the transaction history of a user. The user may search his transactions by advanced filters.
  • On Demand Solutions PUSH NOTIFICATION
    Send real-time & fully-customized push notifications to your users for different offers, rewards & promotions.
  • On Demand Solutions FULLY PROTECTED
    The mobile payment application is well-secured with PCI compliance, protected against vulnerability & threats.
  • On Demand Solutions SECURED TRANSACTIONS
    All the transactions are protected with Digital Signature and an extra layer of protection, keeping your money safe.
  • On Demand Solutions REWARDS & POINTS
    Keep your users engaged & interested by offering reward points, loyalty points, referral points and cash redemption options.
Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • DANCE AdminPro
    DANCE AdminPro Dance Studio Management Software
    Developed in DOT Net, it is a cloud based dance studio management website. Manages students attendance and records, courses and venues, Parents and trainers record, tutorials and price management. We successfully managed feature of studio enrollment package management. It also have Admin quick links and executive dashboards.
    Text Subtitle
    Auto Multi Class Discount.
    Online invoicing.
    Integration of Paypal, Stripe – Braintree.
  • Sky Slope
    Sky Slope Real Estate Transaction Management Software
    SaaS based real-estate transaction management software to manage leads, digisign integration to swipe out paper work. It is a cloud based system having data security and protection/ encryption. It keeps log for each transaction. It has Phone, Chat, Email functionalities. We have set up a custom based checklist, Contact and file/ document management, integrated Google map.
    Text Subtitle
    Email and Text message tracking.
    Global MLS Feed.
    DigiSign Docusign integration.
  • Bogin, Munns
    Bogin, Munns Legal Firm
    Bogin, Munns & Munns is one of the few law firms which serves several industries and have expertise in corporate affairs, legal formalities of automobile accidents, insurance and others. The site is mobile responsive and have well in class user experience. It have live chat option which enables user to have updates or answers of their queries right in time.
    Text Subtitle
    Mobile responsive
    Excellent user experience
    Live Chat
  • Coffee Beanery
    Coffee Beanery Ecommerce for Coffee products
    Coffee beanery is an ecommerce website which deals in online trade of coffee and its related products. The company works in both store and ecommerce portal mode and have variety of products to share with its customers. The website have multi category and provides number of products to choose from. Being developed in ASP.Net it is a secure website and have strong backend.
    Text Subtitle
    Mobile responsive
    Payment gateway Integration
    Multiple Categories
  • ICMI
    ICMI is an organised company where you can book a motivational speaker or an entertainer. They work in a professional manner and provide consultancy to book the service provider on the basis of details of your requirements. This have you tube integration and do have a feature of live streaming. User can also download biographies of their favourite speaker.
    Text Subtitle
    Mobile responsive
    Live video
    Advance search option
  • Dan Abeling
    Dan Abeling

    Project Name - Bari Apps

    My Health-Fitness Application had to be dealt with utmost diligence and competence as it had a competition with leading businesses in the world. I was looking for a team who can deliver quality - with best of technology support. Octal fulfilled all my wishes with a solution that exceeds my expectations.

  • Mr. Gary Boyd
    Mr. Gary Boyd

    Project Name - DanceAdminPro

    Tough and complicated job but the team pulled through and created the needed adjustments to my app. Well done and thank you for the hard work.

  •   Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    Project Name - iLocator

    Overall, I think the work that they've done, and the responsiveness has definitely been there. Octal Info Solutions did a good job. If we impress urgency, then they step up to the plate, and they get it done.

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