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Diet planner app for an effective way to track health progress!

For your daily diet consumption, a highly customized diet planner app is required to prepare plans for you. Being a fitness freak you can depend on such apps. They are leveraged with utmost features like fitness tracking, daily meal suggestions, workout plans, personal assistance with fitness experts, and many more.

You can track your diet plan, fitness activities, and other achievements using the diet planner app. These apps are highly realistic to bring out the motivation at your work. People nowadays, don't need any personal health/diet coaches, as diet planner apps are very relevant to fulfill their health concerns. The apps are well organized and keep a watch on your daily diet and the quality of intake.

Highly centric mobile applications are inspirational for people to prepare, follow and track plans for their physique, body activities, and exercise commitments. We deliver best diet planner applications in Singapore for both the Android and iOS platforms, to build authenticity in the market. Our mobile app developers focus on some of the vitally advanced features like calories tracking, setting up appropriate diet charts, recommendations for health plans, daily water consumption, sugar-fat control, weight reduction tracker, heartbeat monitoring, and observing the physical activities, at the diet planner app development stage.

Social media integration helps your users to share their data through social channels and get personalized notifications and messages. Our apps can easily be connected with wearable devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit to reduce the trouble of the users to achieve their fitness goals. Engaging statistics provide users to track their regular amount of calories burnt in a day. Likewise, many awesome features are arranged for the better health of the user.

Diet planner apps are just a brilliant companion for people. For the convenience of smartphones, these apps ignite people of all ages to follow and motivate them with perfect health and nutrition regimes.

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Basic Features for Diet Planner App for healthy life

An on-demand diet planner application embodied with a list of unique features to reach many fitness freaks out there. These features are mentioned as:

STORE MONEY Meal Organizer

The diet meal organizer is the user's meal calendar, allowing you to take a more organized diet for your day. Users can achieve their weight and fitness goal plan.


Alert system for the goal-centric fitness freak. Your user can set your daily calorie consumption, weight loss, and plans to achieve a healthier physique.

PAY BILLS Calorie Counter

For every meal, users are able to count the calorie intake on the diet planner application. Your user can achieve your goal more rigorously with the notification.


Diet and nutrition tracking app development help to keep track of daily activities and choice of meals. Based on that, it suggests more customized exclusive diet plans for your user's body.

SPLIT BILLSWeight Tracker

Weight tracker allows users to mark their weight. Users are more aligned for achieving their weight goal by the regular reminders.


Diet planner apps are enticing with recipes belonging to blogs and videos for the users, in case they wish to prepare a meal.

Admin Panel
  • User Manager
  • Sign-up/Log-in
  • Check Bookings
  • Statistics support for various activities
  • Subscription packages
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Effective Content Management System
meal planning app development
User Panel
  • Registration
  • Food logs & Nutrition value
  • Book your appointment
  • Receive notifications
  • Consult with live experts
  • Set their targets
  • Tracking support
  • Linking with social platforms
diet nutrition app development

Diet planner app aligned with advanced features to meet healthy regime

Diet planner apps are developed by the mobile app development team with a lot of varied features and functionalities. Using the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of things, gyroscopes, have developed a huge number of diet planner apps within time constraints.

Number MaskingPayment Gateway Integration

Secured payment gateways are full-fledged options for the safe transaction to the users. We allow our user's multiple payment options; credit, debit cards, wallets, and net banking.

LocalizationOffers & Discounts

Our diet planner apps are seized with lucrative offers and discounts to the new users or on any special events. Coupons for loyal customers to retain them for a longer time.

Payment OptionsPush Notifications

Notifications are a must-have for the users to avoid any of the important updates. This may include special offers, fitness goals, events, news, motivational notes, and more such activities.

Next-Gen Dispatch SoftwareIntegrating Geolocation

The geolocation feature helps your users or fitness junkies with relative customized solutions for their health. Users have to share their location on the device for their activity like running distance.

Right Tools for AutomationIntegration Of Wearable Device

Diet planner apps are integrated with ready-to-move wearable devices for functioning any of the activities. The wearable app development team deployed the app to measure the balanced calorie intake and weight.

Rating and ReviewsApple Health Kit & Google Fit

Connect your diet planner apps with the Apple Health Kit and Google Fit devices to get the extra precautions for health tracking. Teams are well sufficient for developing native, and hybrid app solutions for you.

Rating and ReviewsBlog

Blog feature is less with the recent happening inside the diet and nutrition app development industry. Users can get notified about the latest blog and can share their fitness goal plans, ideas, and recipes within it.

Rating and ReviewsFree/Paid Services

Diet planner app integrated with some of the advanced features like a calculator with the extra cost. These are premium membership plans for delivering the best services to users.

Rating and ReviewsFitness Tracker

Fitness tracker feature helps your user to track their major goals like exercise routines, fitness goals, physical conditions, and calorie consumption. This feature keeps them more focused on their goals.

Rating and ReviewsAnalyze My Health

For the proper tracking of health features like heart and pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure, with the complete cross-check of body speculations with the diet planner app.

Rating and ReviewsExercise Calendar

Check out the weekly/monthly/daily tracking of the diets within the exercise calendar. Your users are notified with scheduling diet plan charts to get timely alerts.

Rating and ReviewsMeal & Activity Reminders

Activity reminders feature enabled for tracking of the regular meal and activities. Users can set their target and get notifications using this feature.

Inspirational and extraordinary diet planner features

Various inspirational diet planner methods to stay fit and healthy throughout the day. Hire a team of perfect developers that would alleviate your application journey to a higher extent.

Motivational Techniques

Users are more diverted by adopting the same habit without any excitement of motivation. Motivation techniques are more realistic and inspire you throughout the day to achieve your health goal. It helps you to keep unhealthy food out of your house. When you are tempted to indulge in unhealthy behaviors, remembering what motivates you can help you to stay on track.

Combination of NFC (Near field correspondence)

Waist Measurement Tracker

The waist measurement tracker feature is designed to track any changes in the body measurements to achieve your user’s health goal. The calendar helps to highlight the crucial measurements on a single day. Users can set targets, view graphs, and record the custom measures of the waist size of their physique.

Bluetooth and iBeacon Technology

Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker allows your user to measure quality of sleep. It helps to detect interrupted sleep, letting you know any disturbance caused during sleep time. After all, sound sleep is a must for quality of life.

QR Codes

Heartbeat Rate

The diet planner app keeps check the heartbeat functioning rate throughout the day and night of the user. It indicates the RHR (Resting Heart Rate) for the human body which falls under a specified range, associated with better heart function. Regular notifications are passed to the user.

Installment Apps

Personalized Tips & Tricks

Personalized tips and tricks are regularly notified by the diet planner app to the users. Current physical condition and major dieting goals are sent to the user screens to get the best results.

Installment Apps

Chat With Dietitian

The diet planner apps are integrated with live chat options to consult any health queries with diet experts and earn exciting rewards. There are multiple diet plan options including chat, email, and SMS.

Installment Apps

Feedback Section

The diet nutrition app development offers the feedback section to the users to submit their experience with the diet nutrition consultant. This helps the development team to improve your service. New users can check their nutritionist reviews and rating before asking them for a consultation.

Installment Apps

Social Share

Social sharing option allows your users to select your choice of networks that you are interested in like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. The social sharing option inside the diet planner app helps to make your journey more inspirational. Connect them to doing the same task and compare the data with them.

Installment Apps

How to create an on-demand diet planner application for millions?

To impact millions of lives, the diet planner app development team with years of expertise, business support, and high-end upgrades is required for building a successful diet planning app. The development process required market research, planning, prototyping, the latest feature integration, and the final launching of the product. From the beginning to the end our diet planner app developers are well equipped to deliver to you the best mobile diet planner applications in the world. At the development stage, teams are well-coordinated with the clients for resolving any of their eternal questions.

We have been identified by adopting the most effective system for developing the diet planning app. It's essential to pick up all of the crucial factors and share a tip of bonus to the users. It would be a great idea to plan for a perfect diet planning app for your clientele. Our meal planning app development is imbibed with a wide range of advanced features to cover every niche of parameters. They are highly tailor-made and organized according to our client’s desire.

We are extraordinary to arrange an outstanding application with the on-demanding factors that are intended for health-centric people.

diet planner app development

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

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