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Windows Phone operating system is manufactured by Microsoft Corporation for handheld devices like smartphones, Pocket PCs, automotive computers, portable devices and others. It comes packed with compressed features of popular common applications. This platform is quite easy to use hence many users prefer it. However to keep Windows ongoing you must develop its software and applications and to process the same it is advised to go for the services of a professional Windows Phone Developer skilled in Microsoft.Net framework, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, etc.

By developing windows phone application for your organization, you can reuse the existing windows based infrastructure and easily integrate with enterprise applications. At Octal Info Solution, you can find professionally trained developers offering high standard Windows Phone App Development services to meet unique business needs of your organization. We have been working in the Windows app development market since over a decade thus have a rich experience in the development of Windows apps. This leads to increased productivity and improves your competitive advantage.

Hire skilled Windows developers
The popularity of Windows applications is tremendously growing. With our assistance ensure amazing outcome as our proficient Apps and games developers deliver great quality work.
Deliver standardized projects
Having been in the domain for more than a decade has helped us in delivering fabulous services. Our knack for fineness is what impresses all our clients.
Proven Methodologies
We adapt to flexible and top-notch methodology which we consider as the key to our success. Opting for latest techniques, help us in meeting the demand of competitive market of today.
No hidden costs
Every business demands transparency in deals and here at Octal, we ensure that they aren’t any hidden costs. This ensures smooth-sailing process.
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Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • The Whip Reviews and ratings app
    This is an app where one can provide details about his or her experiences about any product or services. This app have multiple Users who have their logins on the app and can share those reviews with their followers. This have push notifications which enables one to get instant update on any product.
    Text Subtitle
    Phone Gap
    Push notification
    Use of HTML
  • TheGraduate
    TheGraduate Education and Information
    Once you are a graduate, the first thing that comes into your mind is certainly to fetch a nice job and make plans on how to spend your first paycheck. With this app we have tried to make the process of recruitment easier for you by bringing the best companies at your end and making you learn ways to make it to there
    Text Subtitle
    Multiple job application status.
    Have an easy reach to the best companies
    Boosting your confidence needed to get through the recruitment season.
  • Yalla Emirats in Native Shopping and Ecommerce
    Yalla Emirates is an app that offers millions of digital discount vouchers to residents and visitors of United Arab Emirates with focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The users can browse through offers based on their current location or by categories. Vouchers range from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, events and tourist activities.
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    Buy one get one free meals
    25% off your bill
    Vouchers range from restaurants, shopping, nightlife, events and tourist activities.
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