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Business Intelligence Application Development Solutions

Getting hands on the right information at right time is vital in the success of any business proceeding.

In a business organization, there are several departments synced together and working collaboratively to attain a common goal. Hence, the developers need to quickly build sophisticated business intelligence (BI) applications and deploy those applications throughout the enterprise in order to successfully address the information needs of all types and level of users. Business information helps in analyzing data, collaborating relational data, benchmarking, business performance management, precise reporting, meticulous referencing and important decision making.

At Octal Info Solution, we offer effective development and deployment solutions that are useful in building easy-to-use web-based applications for a large number of users irrespective of their location. Flexible and intuitive development tools are used to build customized applications meeting your specific needs. Solutions offered by our skilled BI App developers, suit different user preferences, ensuring greater usability and maximum productivity.

Few of the unique features of our BI solutions:
  • Manage data of any type or size from anywhere
  • Synchronies with CRM, ERP, CMS
  • Export Data in Excel, CSV, XML
  • Enhance dashboard with advanced filtering
  • Interactive analytics and reporting solution
  • Optimal use of available resources
  • Track performance against targets
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  • Shane

    Project Name - Visual ERP

    Octal was not only great at understanding a new and complex idea, but they implemented the first phase with speed and accuracy. Very easy to work with...and they delivered. Working with them on Phase 2 now.

  • Michael Zhan
    Michael Zhan

    Project Name - Sequio

    They make everything flow very well. They find out what you’re interested in for designs and, from there, they’ll take all your ideas and provide four or five mockups to focus on and fix. I really like their process of getting exactly what the client wants.

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Visual ERP
    ERP process modeling tool for manufacturing industry. Its being developed in Dot Net. We can add nodes of any company with its full details. It gathers all the information about any particular company viz. attributes, BOM, TFG, machine, etc. Finally it collects all the details and put it into a visual persona of all the details.
    Visual presentation of consolidated reports.
    DOT net framework.
    Multiples data.
  • Sequoia
    Sequoia Data to Graph convertor
    Developed in Dot Net, it is a data management system, in which we provide data and it gives the output as a graph. It has several fields to enter multiple data. It manages the data in such a manner that it correlate with other data fields and consolidated each of them and provide the desired output.
    Graphical representation of data.
    Created in Dot Net.
    Multilevel data Fields.

Our Business Intelligence Application Development Services

  • BI Integration Solution

    BI Integration

  • BI Application Development

    BI Application

  • Custom BI Solutions

    Custom BI

  • BI Analytic Platform Development


  • Cloud Computing Solution

    Cloud Computing

  • Data Warehousing Solution

    Data Warehousing

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Understanding More Business Intelligence App Development
Understanding More Business Intelligence App Development
Understanding More Business Intelligence App Development
Amazing features
Right BI solutions offer easy tactical reference of data that helps the users in taking significant strategic decisions based on easy references and succinct reports. Our clients successfully handle business processes and departmental framework with great efficacy through our Business Intelligence Solutions, which allows them to work more cohesively within a specific organizational setting.
Get right help
BI App Developers at octal Singapore have immense experience of the domain and this helps them in delivering valuable Business Intelligence solutions based on eventfully and logically related methodologies, theories, architecture and technologies. This lends a robust BI perspective to your business as well as helps businesses in getting steadfast results in their information management.
Experience Range

Glimpses of the same

  • BI Integration Solutions BI Integration Solutions
    BI Integration provides aggregation, data flow integrated to the existing system, data collection, and cross-checking.
  • Custom BI Solutions Custom BI Solutions
    Experience our custom BI Solutions to get your own exclusive vision of Business Intelligence methodology.
  • BI Analytic Platform Development BI Analytic Platform Development
    Developing BI Analytic Platform for your business to get the power of Business Intelligence.
  • Cloud Computing Solution Cloud Computing Solution
    Octal's specialized Cloud Computing Solution helps client to reduce IT costs and maintenance.
  • Data Warehousing Solution Data Warehousing Solution
    Data Warehousing Solution helps to deliver the consistent data to the right customers across the organization.
  • Synchronies with CRM, ERP, CMS Synchronies with CRM, ERP, CMS
    We Merge or Synchronies business intelligence application with CRM, ERP and CMS.
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