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MEAN Stack is a fullstack javascript framework that stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js, enabling rapid development of JavaScript while it also simplifies and accelerates web application development. This collection of the most dynamic JavaScript based technologies has gained prominence owing to the flexibility and ease of development that comes along with it.
How do you benefit from MEAN?

At Octal, our adept developers have years of experience in delivering web solutions. They employ several tools, like NPM, Bower and Brainvire that are useful for development with the MeanStack offering businesses with excellent javascript based solutions.

Explore Mean with us
MongoDB MongoDB

This schemaless NoSQL database system is helpful in saving data in a binary JSON format making it easier to pass data between client and server. It allows businesses to be more agile and scalable.

Expres Expres

This lightweight, minimal and flexible node.js web application framework is useful in building web applications in Node. Here you get a robust set of features that helps in building single and multi-page and hybrid web applications.

AngularJS AngularJS

This JavaScript framework developed by Google offers exciting features like the two-way data binding. With us you get an all-inclusive solution for rapid and awesome front end development, while it allows you to extend HTML vocabulary for your application.

Node.js Node.js

This server side JavaScript execution is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime useful for building fast and scalable network applications.

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  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    Project Name - Prshots

    In my 20 years of career, I worked with many software consultants and providers. I believe Octal Info Solution is unmatched so far. They truly turn ideas into reality with proficient approach and amazing throughput of resources. Highly dependable with their words. Superb coordination. Always a great team to work with!

  • Mr. Gary Boyd
    Mr. Gary Boyd

    Project Name - DanceAdminPro

    Tough and complicated job but the team pulled through and created the needed adjustments to my app. Well done and thank you for the hard work.

  •   Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    Project Name - iLocator

    Overall, I think the work that they've done, and the responsiveness has definitely been there. Octal Info Solutions did a good job. If we impress urgency, then they step up to the plate, and they get it done.

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Kaneckt Social Community
    Kaneckt is a social networking site which helps south Asians to connect with their fellow south Asians. It has a secure system where user can login after answering some specific questionnaire about their persona and kind of person they relate to themselves. On the basis of those set criteria website looks for the other user and gives you a list of options to connect with them. Users can also do video chat via this website.
    Text Subtitle
    Video Chat
    Mobile responsive
    Online Events
  • Panjury Social Community
    Panjury is a user driven platform. Panjury is an independent, collaborative project to quantify your opinions on everything. Panjury can act as a tool that helps facilitate communication between different interest groups. It is a multilingual social community website with rich editor text box. Having an interesting feature of opinion bar.
    Text Subtitle
    Auto load on scroll similar to facebook wall
    Like, Comment, share & follow features
    Mobile responsive

Our mean stack development services

  • MongoDB


  •   AngularJS


  • ExpressJS


  • Node.js


Arrow LeftDynamic JavaScript Fullstack framework to create impactful web applications Arrow Right
Understanding More MEAN Stack
Understanding More MEAN Stack
Understanding More MEAN Stack
Dynamic features

We have a team of highly-experienced and knowledgeable developers come up with extraordinary ideas helpful in modernizing your website, giving it more dynamic features. This way, your website is transformed into a more productive and effective business, whereas quality web applications are created using one common platform for development JavaScript.

Rich apps

Having the great know-how of the industry, we provide you with rich apps that present your business in a more effective manner. Also, our MEAN Stack developers have been offering great web solutions and outstanding core stack development services since years for businesses.

Experience Range

Glimpses of the same

  • Social Networking Social Networking
    Helpful in building social network websites, this supports contacts, posts, file uploads, private messages and much more.
  •   Blogs & Widgets Blogs
    & Widgets
    Create your own widgets and blogs with Ruby on Rails that’s a open source framework to develop web solutions
  •   Ad-Media Ad
    Develop an ongoing support for your website. We help you in building next generation advertising platform.
  •  Real Estate Real
    Real Estate websites with complex google and custom maps
  • QA & Testing QA
    & Testing
    We offer Quality Assurance services helpful in development and testing. Our QA engineers have brilliant approach to work.
  • Web application development Web
    This web development framework allows you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.
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