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Order & Serve Food – With the Aid of Technology

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. However, just like other industries, food ordering and serving is no more dependent to the old-fashioned ways. With technical advancements, mobile applications have changed the way people used to look for the delicacies. Traditional take-away methods are replaced with ordering food through mobile applications.

At Octal Info Solution, we have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of Food Delivery Mobile App Development Services. With over-a-dozen food delivery applications successfully developed and deployed, we are one of the pioneer names when it comes to building feature-packed food delivery and ordering apps.

We understand that the end users of any food delivery applications are people with very limited technology know-how. Keeping this in mind, we make sure the apps developed at Octal are easy to use, containing simple UI/UX while having all the essential features. At the same time, we pack your food delivery mobile application with all the essential features required to serve your customers, if you are a restaurant owner.

Any basic food delivery mobile application has four basic users, the end-user, the delivery boys, the restaurant and the admin. Our applications contain best-in-the-class features for all of them. As the owner and the admin of the application, you gain the control over everything, keeping you on the driving seat of your application and your business.

Want to build a feature-rich app for your food delivery business, get in touch with us today and take your food business to new heights.

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Basic Features of Food Ordering Mobile Application

The Food Ordering mobile application embodied with a list of unique features to reach wider audience. These features are mentioned as:

STORE MONEYDelivery Management

If you are a food aggregator, assign the delivery task to your partner restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner, accept the order and assign to your delivery boy.

MONEY TRANSFERPush Notification

Push Notifications inform you about new orders, order status, delivery status, payment confirmation and more, as well as informing your customers about new offers & deals.

PAY BILLS Accept Payments Online

Get paid through a secured online payment gateway. We power your app with the best payment gateways accepting Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking & other 3r-party options.


The app is enabled with Cash on Delivery option, allowing you to collect payments on delivery. The advanced system notifies you when your delivery boy collects the payment.

SPLIT BILLSSocial Media Sharing

Let your customers share your business with their social friends. You get the power to maintain your social channels, post new stuff and analyze the data & trends.

CASH PICKUPBlogs, News & Events

Communicate with your customers with a powerful platform, allowing you to share your blogs, news, events, picture and much more, enabled with performance tracking metrics.

CASH PICKUPDelivery Scheduling

Let your customers enjoy their food at their preferred time through Delivery Scheduling. You get notified when the delivery time arrives, as well as the status of the delivery.

CASH PICKUPPickup Scheduling

Allow your delivery boys to schedule their pickup time. Highly advanced module keeps you in loop of the pickup status and other important metrics.

Admin Panel
  • Manage users, restaurants, delivery boys & customers
  • Create and manage restaurant & food categories
  • Manage the delivery charges
  • Verify / Activate / Deactivate any restaurant from system
  • Access orders and order status
  • Create, manage and delete coupon codes & promo codes
  • Detailed access to earning report
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Restaurant Panel
  • Create detailed profile for the restaurant
  • Create, edit and delete Menus
  • Access placed orders and order status
  • Manage customers’ & delivery boys' details
  • Create discounts, offers and promo codes for customers
  • Get notification for new orders
  • See and manage payments and earnings
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User Panel
  • Search for the restaurants & menus
  • Place orders from different restaurants in single checkout
  • Rate and review the food, restaurant, delivery boy & app
  • Mark restaurant/order as favorite
  • Use offers & promo discounts
  • Get email confirmation about order placement & ETA
  • See their past orders & repeat previous orders in one click
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Packed with Advanced Features

Creating a mobile application for online Food Ordering is a complex process. Octal Info Solution helps you in your journey.

Multiple Payment Options

We integrate multiple payment options to make payment processing easier for your customers. Cash-on-Delivery is also enabled.

Combination of NFC (Near field correspondence)

GPS Tracking

Be found by your customers through their current location. GPS is also availed for your delivery boys to track the customer location.

Bluetooth and iBeacon Technology

Customer Reviews

Allow your customers to rate your app or leave a review about a restaurant. Customer Reviews may also be used to rank the restaurants in search results.

QR Codes

Coupons and Offers

You may add, edit, manage or promote special discounts, coupons, promo codes and special offers for your customers, for different restaurants on your app.

Installment Apps

Menu Management

Create, organize or manage your Food Menu, for you as well as your customers. The powerful dashboard allows you to quickly add, edit or delete your menu items.

Installment Apps

Table Reservation

Using the app or portal, your customers may book their seats in your restaurant. Real time analytics help customers find the reservation status for their selected day and time.

Installment Apps

Food Ordering App aligned with advanced features

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Number MaskingDon't Lose Your Customers

Online Food Ordering Website with Seamless connectivity through SMS & mobile application

Number Masking3-Step Order for Customers

Food Ordering Website with Check Menu, Customize Order & Make Payment facility

Number MaskingBuild Your Brand

Promotional offers & Marketing through Branded Mobile application with advanced Social Sharing Options

Number MaskingManage Customer Requests

Define hours, products; send emails as per the status of the orders. Customize Delivery Rules through Zip Code & Accuracy of Orders

Number MaskingGet Paid Online

Manage all your operations with ease with Online Ordering & Payments. Add any number of payment options

Number MaskingRespond To Orders Fast

Track orders in time and respond dynamically. Order acceptance through PDQs (SMS/GPRS) Printers is lightening fast.

Number MaskingMake Yourself Reachable

Allow your customers to reach your Restaurants & Takeaways with well-guided Map Directions

Number MaskingMulti Location Food Chains

Your chained food business can be managed easily with integrated food portal solution that merges it all dynamically

Number MaskingWell-Managed Reporting

Leverage your operations and smartly handle random tasks through a powerful reporting system

Number MaskingTake Orders Online

Provide your users with a digital version of your restaurant. Use your app or web portal to take orders online, delivery and for accepting payments online.

Number MaskingReferral

Assign special rewards and benefits for referral. You may assign individual referrals for restaurants owners to being new partners on-board, or customers to refer their friends.

Number MaskingRestaurant Filtering

Allow your customers to filter the restaurants as per location, rating, menu, distance and other important criteria.

Our Portfolio

Some of our favorite projects.

  • Qpay
    Halali Online Grocery Delivery
    Halali Supermarket is an FMCG, food and grocery delivery app that delivers fresh products to the doorsteps of the users. All the products are delivered from Halal Supermarket and the app promises next-day delivery. It carries more than 1500 products from different segments.
    Delivering multiple products
    Contactless Delivery.
    Halal Supermarket Products.
  • Qpay
    Drewel Online Grocery Delivery
    Drewel is an online grocery and household supplies delivery application based in Oman. Octal IT Solution built their website, iOS Application and Android Application for the company packed with innumerable advanced features. The app has large inventory management and secured payment integration.
    Multi-product Options.
    Serving in Oman.
    Simple and quick.
  • Qpay
    Daleel 1010 Delivery App
    Daleel 1010, a joint initiative of Infoline LLC and Omantel, enabled by robust and state of the art technology platform. Daleel 1010 is Oman’s first multiple utility mobile app for food ordering, grocery odering, ticket booking and so on.. A user friendly tool to avail information on wide range of Business services.
    Multiple utility mobile app
    Highly interactive features
    Advance search option
  • Qpay
    Bringoo Online Grocery Delivery
    Bringoo is an online grocery delivery mobile application that allows ordering groceries online in a few minutes and having them delivered quickly. The app collaborates with local stores to deliver the grocery. Bringoo is local - the app primarily wants to support the local markets, as they usually cannot deliver their own and often have challenges with digitization.
    Local merchants collaboration
    Connecting stores to customers
    Simple yet highly secured
  • Qpay
    The Grocery Shop Grocery Delivery App
    The Grocery Shop™ is the easiest and fastest way to have your groceries delivered to your doorstep in New Cairo and Rehab. Free your time from the supermarkets’ long queues, the search for parking spaces and carrying it all home. Our user-friendly app is packed with powerful features that will transform your grocery shopping experience.
    Smart Delivery App
    Advanced Search Features
    Serves New Cairo and Rehab
  • Mephin
    Ms. Deepa G Arun

    Project Name - Mephin

    Once I connected with the Ewallet app development team at Octal Info Solutions, it became quite easier for me to plan exactly what I wanted from my application. From the ideation to upgrades and launches everything was well planned out with a well defined timeline and we didi had review at the end of each milestone. Although there were some delays because of the third party approval but the team stuck to the timeline delivering a product that would surely help me earn profits.

  • PayTZ
    Mr. Ayyaz Ahmed

    Project Name - PayTZ

    From the documentation phase to the final proposal discussions, it was outstanding to interact with them. They understood our expectations and gave us confidence. Furthermore, they exhibited an excellent understanding of both the e-wallet domain and the legal aspects of the project.

  • QPay
    Mr. Samuel Maina

    Project Name - QPay

    The app that Octal IT Solution created has been met with a positive response, and they've been able to address any problems that have arisen. They are a responsive partner who provides valuable advice about development. So far, the professional team has met expectations and adhered to deadlines.

  • Smoove
    Mr. Boris Merkenich

    Project Name - Smoove

    I wanted to get an Ewallet mobile application that could make it easier for my customers to complete transactions. I reached the team with a basic idea, and with their experience and expertise in the field they delivered me the product that was much better and feature ladened than I thought!

  • Waad Pay
    Mr. Eziani Adake

    Project Name - Waad Pay

    Octal IT Solution delivered a functional mobile and web solution that met the client's requirements. The team went above and beyond, working overtime to accommodate the client's modification requests. Their deep understanding of the client's expectations and needs allowed them to stand out.

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