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Kenny & Bianca

ipro.cc - Taiwan

text-coma Octal Info Solution has leaders and managers with years of experience developing vast community-driven solutions, and this was really ideal for our project. These guys know how to cater to a startup. client

Hans Van Roosmalen

Wolero Web & Mobile Application - Singapore

coma Octal Info Solution is a development agency, which is keen to offer all the requirement of their clients from tip to toe. The company offers what it claims to the customer with 100% customer satisfaction. clients

Ridvan Bektas

buytense.com - Austria

text-comaOctal Info Solution bestow excellent relationship with clients. They update the clients with their day to day work progress. Clients expect to work together with Octal in the future. client service

San Singhania

VOIP - Singapore

text-coma1 My experience working with this team has been fantastic! The product appears to be of the highest quality and has exceeded my expectations. My Project Manager is very professional, patient and responsive. While the project was a bit more expensive than I had hoped, I feel as though I am getting more than my moneys worth. The difference I see with this team is their integrity. I trust them to price the project fairly and do the job they have promised to do, often going above and beyond the requirements. This work ethic and attitude inspires me to do future projects with them and refer others in my network to them. client1


Michael Williams

PRO 90 D - United States

client88 I have used this team on two major projects and continue to use them for updates to these projects. Since I have many more updates and projects planned, I will continue to work with this developer as they deliver high-quality work at a fair rate and in a timely manner. Communication is good despite the time difference. I would like to see an evening and weekend shift added, however. On occasion, they have deployed staff to work on the weekend to complete a project. I highly recommend this developer. client99

Syarifah Alfaiz

Finance App - Singapore

client96 Overall, I think the work that they've done, and the responsiveness has definitely been there. Octal Info Solutions did a good job. If we impress urgency, then they step up to the plate, and they get it done. The project is great. In terms of communication and working well with me, this is the best experience I’ve had. client94



NGB - Singapore

text-coma77 They make everything flow very well. They find out what you’re interested in for designs and, from there, they’ll take all your ideas and provide four or five mockups to focus on and fix. I really like their process of getting exactly what the client wants. client66

Ms. Agnes Kua

Wolero - Singapore

client63 Octal Info Solution bestow excellent relationship with clients. They update the clients with their day to day work progress.Clients expect to work together with Octal in the future. client61


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