The word “Shopping” in itself is enough to bring that gleam in anyone’s eyes. It goes without saying that shopping is a staple, some people shop for luxury while others do it for necessity. But each one of you must be pleased to get some good deals as you buy stuff, be it clothing, makeup, food essentials, and daily essentials or for anything.

Now the concept of daily deals mobile app has been present for quite some time and it is adored by the app users who find that their shopping experience turning cost-effective, owing to these kinds of apps. People are simply addicted to these apps and keep glancing through the deals. Often they even make payment to avail the offers. After all, who would like to miss on deals which define their interest and much-liked shopping domains?

Such daily deals apps not just meet the user requirements but even bring attention to the linked stores. They get to display their deals via these apps and can allure the user base. With this concept being prominent in the market arena, most new businesses are keen to bring their own coupon mobile apps to rule the charts.

Hence, if you are interested to get such an app for your business, then here we help you explore the best attributes of daily deals mobile apps. In this write-up, we also discuss technical parameters, team structure, advanced features, and cost to develop a daily deal app.

The basic architecture of Daily Deals Mobile App

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App User Panel:


It is this section where users first lands on and from here the user can sign-in to the app using their email ID or social networking credentials.

Deals Section

This section displays all deals regarding grocery, clothing, dining, and a lot more to the users.

Invite friends

Friends can be invited by the app users to use offers and deals for various categories. This way they get to explore huge shopping opportunities.


Under this section, users get to store the deals of various categories. They can accordingly avail deals later on; though before the deal validity expires.

Coupon Codes

Heading here, users can apply coupon codes as they shop. Codes can be redeemed by the users whenever needed and as per their convenience.

Browse stores specific/category-wise Deals

Users will be avail to customize their choices and preferences. They can choose a specific store or can analyze all related offers as well, in order to shop conveniently.

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Merchant Panel

Add & Manage deals

As per the liking, the deals can be added by merchants & store owners related to a specific section, as well as they are liable to manage the deals.

Track status

Storekeeper manages the offers & deals along with the status. The number of users who have availed the deals can be viewed from here. Merchants can also check if any extension regarding deals is required in terms of date and products.

Manage orders

From this section, all orders assigned by users are managed. At the same time, deals which are used while order placement is verified as well, so to avoid confusion in later stages.

Mail system

From here merchants and dealers can send emails to users to inform them regarding upcoming deals and how they are beneficial to them.

Coupon Redemption

Under this section, merchants can manage coupons redeemed by users. This is greatly helpful to maintain the shopping & billing processes transparency.

Acquired deals

Heading here, the entire deals which users have availed are managed. At the same time, this section also stores deals which are widely used and most loved by users.

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Admin Panel

Manage deals

From this section, Admin manages the deals introduced by merchants as well as monitors the arrival &expiry date.

Manage Coupons

All of the coupon-related information, like its code, store it belongs to, &its category is stored and analyzed by Admin.

Deals Categories & sub-categories

Here, the Admin manages and monitors the categories of deals as well as the products which can be purchased under those deals.

Manage merchants

Information related to store owners linked to the mobile app, with their address & products sold by them, is managed by Admin under this section.

Content Management System

From here Admin manages the content like, About us, Buying guidelines, FAQs, Policy, thus maintaining the consistency.

Share Deals

Deals can be shared by the admin on social networking sites, thus to enhance app visibility & prominence.

Review user comments

Admin can check the comments and reviews given by users in regard to the deals. Accordingly, improvisations can be made as per user suggestions and their requirements.

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Additional Features

Tracking & Navigation

Users absolutely love to avail deals which are near to their current location. Hence, with Apple Maps/ Google Maps, it is possible for users to identify deals, related to shopping, grocery, dining, etc. This way users can easily avail best deals running in nearby their location while it also benefits your business and attracts users as they love this convenience offered to them.

Compare Prices

It pleases users to the core to get to shop at fewer prices with huge discounts. They really hate it when the product bought by them is showcased on other websites at a lower price. This way they get to compare the product’s price on various stores by applying the coupon codes & offers. Once they have checked the price, they can conveniently shop paying the minimum price.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateways are available to the customers nowadays, in the form of PayPal’s Mobile SDK, Stripe, Braintree and Apple Pay in the Daily Deals app. This makes the payment procedure sound and transparent. Customers love this convenient and hassle-free approach to making payments.

Gift cards

This is one of the major features which not just allure users but capably keeps the users attuned to the mobile app. Gift cards can be offered to users for encouraging them to shop more using coupon codes and offers. This way users stay attentive and motivated to avail services whenever required.

Not just this, but promotional activities, like Gift Cards and vouchers, also enhance business visibility, hence making your daily deals app a huge hit among the user base.

Integrate Social media

Shopaholics offer to share with their friends about their purchases and often people also like to share the best deals grabbed by them. Hence, integrating social media feature into your app enable people to share their deals and experiences with friends and family.

Moreover, it is an astute marketing and promotional practice which enhances user engagement and also helps in bringing more users to the app.

Cloud Technology

Manage and store data in a safe and secure manner with the integration of cloud technology. Cloud technology is highly useful for storing all the processed & raw information related to users, merchants, payment details, deals, making business processes a lot seamless.

A daily deals app integrated with cloud technology is greatly helpful in making your business scalable as well as it handles entire communication on its secure servers. This way it protects business integrity.

Real-time Analytics

With this feature, it is possible to extract out processed information from the huge amount of data that is stored in the daily deals app. This way it is useful in determining accurate and productive statistics related to various deals & stores, which further helps in making the right decisions to take your business to new heights.

This feature is efficient at grappling areas from where the maximum number of deals were utilized, stores which rule the app, number of added/deleted stores, order categories, verify deals and a lot more in order to ascertain transparent business ecosystem.

Push Notifications

It is hugely beneficial in augmenting user acquisition & retention. App users can be constantly notified in regard to new offers, discounts and various coupons. Hence, the push notification feature is not just productive but enhances business visibility too while keeping the users glued to the app.


Technology Stack:

  • Real-time Analytics: IBM, Cisco, Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink
  • Database: MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment: AWS
  • Push Notifications: Bandwidth, Twilio
  • SMS, Phone, Voice Verification: Nexmo
  • Payment Integration: Braintree & PayPal
  • Programming: GWT
  • Data Management: Datastax
  • Send emails: Mandrill
  • Operating System: Debian

Required Team Structure to create a Daily Deals App:

  • Project Manager: Well-equipped with managerial skills & must be astute enough to recognize the best in the mobile app arena.
  • Developers: iOS Developer, Android Developer, Back-end Developer
  • Designers: Skilled & Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer
  • Testers: Proficient & experienced QA experts to deliver a rich & smooth experience to users

Cost-estimate to Develop A Daily Deals Mobile App

There are numerous of factors which determine the cost of developing a daily deal mobile app, as it varies as per the complexities, features, the number of dedicated platforms required by the app, region (as each country has its own budget ratio), and according to various other criterions.

Now in case of coupon mobile app development, usually the companies charge as per hour basis, with the current standard rate per hour ranging from $30-$40, which is considered reasonable to develop this kind of apps. This cost also comprises payments to UX/UI designers, backend & frontend developers, Quality Assurance & Testing team. Now the cost to develop an app depending on physical location varies from:

  • India-based developers: $20-$120 per hour
  • U.S.A. based developers: $40-$250 per hour
  • Western-Europe based developers: $50-$170 per hour
  • Eastern-Europe based developers: $20-$150

Calculating the overhead costs, an average coupon app development should cost you around $10,000 and $15,000 for developing a native mobile app. Now if you choose to add more features, then the cost will rise up to somewhere between $ 18,000- $25,000.

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