In case, you are planning to make a doctors finding app for your new startup and afraid of missing the crucial points, then this post will guide you through the whole process.

Let us get to the first things first how the whole cycle or process works. Patients looking for specialized doctors for their health issues or problems will search doctors from the homepage and filter the results as per the distance, availability, rating, charges, and specialty.

At the time of registration, the users should be asked about the details like age, sex, existing health issues, and symptoms. There should be an option to choose the treatment as per the diseases like a headache, diarrhea, sinusitis, vomiting, cold, cough, etc. for making the app ideation more adaptable and versatile.

Apps like Practo are one of the leading on-demand doctor’s apps in the market. People can make an appointment to over 200,000 doctors from India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Apart from that, one can also make arrangements or book their dates for salons, spa, and other health-centric fitness centers. Therefore, before getting into the competition, one should keep all things and features in mind and along with the existing features, some more extra attributes must be added in order to make app stand out among the entire industrial niche.

Doctor on demand app Development

There will be three sections of the app:There will be three sections of the app:

  • User Panel
  • Doctor Panel
  • Admin Panel 

Critical Features (End User) of the App

Sign in/Sign Up This is the first screen that will be shown to the user after installation of the application. You can also make the login process easier by implementing social login like Facebook, Gmail login and ask for the details later in the profile section. Make the login secure by sending OTP in the users mobile number.

User Profile The user will have to enter the necessary details like name, address, sex, age, blood group, weight, height etc in this section. You can also keep a tab to save the preferred doctors for the specific disease for easier one tap access. After the information, you can show a little fragment or popup to choose the problem the user is currently suffering to redirect to the later pages.

App Appointment booking Now let us come to the most crucial part of the app. All the available doctors or medical practitioners should display on the home screen. The user can just tap on anyone and see his or her profile, reviews, charges, etc. This will eventually help them to choose and select the doctor in order to book the appointment.

Tracking Doctors’ Location Keep this option to track the doctors who are nearby and are free to book a meeting or appointment.
In-App Chat Option In-app Chat functionality can help the users to stay in touch with the doctors in future for further queries. This helps in boosting user experience and makes the user use the app more frequently.

In-App Calling and Live video consultation Along with chat options, the patient or person can also keep in-app calling functionality for instant communication. For explaining a complex situation where the user needs to show the problematic area, video calls can also be a great help.
Upload and share health-related documents The user should be able to upload the medical reports of the tests that the doctor has asked so that he/she does not have to visit the doctor every time a test result comes up. The patient should be able to share the results with the concerned doctor remotely.


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Critical Features (Doctors)

Sign up/ Sign in – This portion will be relatively same like patients’ version of the app. But rather than take the input of age, weight height here the doctor needs to input their degree, university names, a certificate of authenticity, working experience, etc. along with all necessary contact details and time of availability.

Doctor Web/Mobile Panel

This section is purely for doctors’ needs and makes the app more accessible to them. It is better to make a different version of apps for various sections as there is no need of extra complexities of showing all the patients on the doctor’s side. Just the patient who has booked the concerned doctor will be shown and the time and date of booking.

Appointments Status View lists of booked, cancelled and completed appointments for keeping the track of the all appointments scheduled along with the date and time of registration.

In-App Calling The doctors can communicate with the users and can listen to their problems so as provide them with urgent remedies. All the prescriptions and the other reports can be discussed by the doctors and accordingly patients can use them to combat with their health problems while sitting at home.

Marketing Tools Under this section, all doctors are set free for promoting their services. They can use the provided marketing tools for publicizing their specializations along with the relevant offers and discounts for engaging and motivating the users for using their services.

CMS for Publishing All the doctors that are registered with the app can publish their researches on the various issues of health. They can promote their writings as well for making the societies aware about the health governing factors and insights.

This is the most important part of the doctors’ app so it is better to keep it on the home page. Whenever any patient books an appointment it will show up in this portion and would send notification and reminders for the same. Also, it is better to keep the option to accept and decline the appointment based on the concerned doctor’s preference and availability.


Critical Features (Admin)


Patient Management and Doctors Management

For the admin part, the user can keep two main sections to keep track of the whole app’s working. The first one is Patient Management and another one is Doctors’ Management. In the home screen, the app will show how many doctors are currently in the booked state, how many are free, and how many users are finding for doctors and waiting for a match.

Add/Block Features The admin should have the permission to block any doctor or patient for taking the wrong advantage of the application or also can restrict from using some features.

CMS for News & Articles All the news and research based articles are managed under this category. All the published articles are analyzed the Admin and are displayed accordingly.

Report management All the reports related with the patients and doctors are managed under this category. Health based reports and other prescriptions are also tracked and stored for maintaining a sophisticated back-up.

Advanced Features-In case , you are keen on launching something really very extraordinary, keep reading the post further for identifying the  few more attributes for making the Doctor On-Demand Mobile App a total hit.

Payment Modes All the types of digital payment solutions such as Credit/Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paypal, and Braintree are added for taking the app usability concept to a whole new level.

Social Sharing Social sharing helps in gaining recognition in public so it is always better to keep the options to share specific results or outcome to have the extra advantage.

Real-time Analytics – This is one of the most important aspect that must be considered upon. Users attuned with the app can use the Real –time Analytics can view the graphical reports and charts as understanding  such reports is very easier when it comes to analyzing the numerous pages of facts and numbers.

Push Notification – Integrating push technology comes as a great deal to attract  the users. The users can be kept informed about the appointment status, prescription charts and much more. It greatly helps  in increasing the user engagement rate and at the same time strengthens their communication with the app.

GPS Tracking – GPS technology can be used, case you are looking forward to develop an advanced doctor on-demand booking app. The users can track the doctor current location and vice versa in real time in thus helping in time management activities.

Other features

  • 1. Convenient Booking Facility
  • 2. Available 24/7
  • 3. Trouble-free handling of appointments for Doctors
  • 4. Acknowledgment for Booking, Cancellation, and Completion
  • 5. View Lists of Booked, Cancelled and Completed Appointments


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Technology Stack

Implementing the sound technological infrastructure is must one it comes to craft the feature rich mobile apps. Therefore, clearly analyze all the technical verticals and make all the associated provisions for enforcing them into the basic building block of a Doctor On-Demand Mobile App.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI) For the web module/version, the app developer can use the most apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap for the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python or Django for the backend. For the android version, java is sufficient, and for iOS development framework, Swift will do the work.

Location Tracking – For tracking users’ current location is provided on the basis of users’ proximity sensors. For Android, Google Maps has all the needed functionalities, and for iOS – Apple maps are there.

Cloud – For safe storage of data, the app developer can make use of Amazon data servers or Google cloud storage.

Real-time analytics – For tracking user data including the number of users visiting the website, the number of downloads, bounce rate, and other similar information Google analytics is a good option.

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – For authenticity and for keeping spam bots at bay. The app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign in for that.\

Database – For organized storage of consumer leads as far as the database is concerned, the app developer has the options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

Real-time Analytics – Integrate a reliable analytics tool that is capable of giving a detailed picture of the number of visitors getting on the app. This can also help personalize application according to user requirements. As far as suggestions of mobile analytics tools are concerned,

here are a few for the references-

  • Flurry
  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  •  Localytics
  •  Pre-emptive

How to Develop Doctor on Demand App?

Once all the features have been accumulated and finalized that are to be included in Doctor On-Demand Mobile app, it is imperative to begin with the developmental procedures. Making the app processed out of the below steps, for sure will churn out the impressive revenue streams.

1. Concept Validate your app idea by studying your potential audience, their preferences, market size & segment, growth prospective, for developing a clarified app development framework.

2.Analysis Indulge your Business Analysis team into developing the wireframes, SOW, SRS etc so as to craft out the app idea in an effective manner.

3.Design The app design plays a vital role in attracting your users.  Attempt to offer a rich user experience and ensure that your app is inclusive of all the relevant and correct graphical elements.

4.Development Before you embark with the app programming and coding phase determine all the building process, technologies adopted and platforms so to remain conserved with the proficient mobile app.

5.Quality Assurance Make your product absolutely free from any bugs and glitches. Perform rigorous unit testing, regression testing and other testing methods as well to ensure optimal efficiency.

6.Launch Involve right marketing for augmenting the success levels of your product. The launching of an app plays a major role in determining the app success ratio and popularity.

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Required Team Structure-

Developing a superior Doctor On-demand mobile app becomes very easy when you hit upon an experienced and best Mobile App Development Company. Certainly for converting your app idea into reality you need a talented pool of skilled mangers, mobile app developers, designers and testers. Definitely, finding them is a tedious tasks, but once you identify them, for sure your will be able to embark with the high quality Doctor On-Demand Mobile App that will be best in the industrial niche.

Project Manager: Should be equipped with the managerial skills and must be intelligent enough to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape. She/he should be capable of finding the most productive solutions as to achieve your business goals and insights.

Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and a rich experience to users

Development cost and time frame:

Now let us come to cost of this type of on-demand doctor app development. Most of the companies charge on an hourly basis. For Android, it will take around 500-600 hours and for the iOS near about same 500 hours. The companies in the United States charge around $70-$100 per hour on an average, but firms in India charge approximately $20, which is much cheaper than the current market situation. Therefore, it will cost around $20000 to $80000 to develop the doc app as per the app developer firms select and features one wants to have.