A lot of serious health complications have been registered among people nowadays owing to the sedentary lifestyle that we lead in today’s world. However, the good thing is that due to technological advancement people are becoming more aware and seem to have started taking their health on a serious note.

The emergence of several fitness mobile apps has led to a revolution of its kind. They not just help in enhancing the fitness level but are also helpful in maintaining a healthy life. So let’s explore in detail what impact these fitness mobile apps have on your health, their significance, and a lot more.

Analysis – Understanding the basics of Health & Fitness App

Nowadays, entrepreneurs with a keen interest in the arena of fitness are executing their ideas and are eagerly investing in this huge profit-generating business by developing a fitness mobile app.

As an entrepreneur, start the development process focusing on the practical aspects of the mobile app by collaborating with various gym trainers, dieticians, and fitness experts.

The app should allow the customers and experts to register with a very simplified approach. Make the user interface as simple as possible and try to categorize entire sections of fitness and exercises which will be provided by the app, under a drop-down menu.

Categorization of Health & Fitness Mobile App

Let’s explore in detail the numerous categories available in the arena of fitness mobile apps. A business can develop an app that specializes in any of these broad categories or it can even choose to create a combination.

Workout/Exercise Apps

These days’ people find it tough to take some time out from their busy schedules to visit a gym daily. Hence, fitness and health apps come to their rescue. These apps serve as a personal workout trainer. Simply log in to an app and user gains the information regarding prescheduled weight loss regime and other exercises.

Physical Activities Tracking Apps

Well, now it is easy to keep track of the entire physical activities done by a person all along the day. Utilizing the motion sensors present in the smartphone of the user, and with the help of GPS, the app collects accurate data regarding the number of steps taken, stairs climbed, liquid intake, kilometers ran or walked, hours slept, or calories burned.

Yoga Apps

Do you find it tough to learn various yoga postures? Well, the fitness and health apps have made the process of learning easy for the app users by presenting a visual demonstration of a myriad of yoga postures.

Diet Planning Apps

Worried about constant weight gain? Well, the app has just made the weight loss process easier for you. These apps allow you to keep a track of user’s calorie and sugar level, food, and water intake recommend appropriate food items, and a lot more. This way, one can have control over their eating habits.

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Health & Fitness Apps- Basic Features (User-Side)

Choosing the right features in the app is most crucial. So, here we present some important features which a fitness app must-have.

Registration: Once the user has successfully installed the app, it’s time to register via Facebook, e-mail, or by generating OTP on the mobile number.

Edit user profile with personal information: Once registered, now users need to fill their profile details, which comprise of a name, age, sex, weight, height, and other crucial info. This way app will know the user’s present physical state.

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Social Integration: Offer the choice to users to link up the app with their social media apps so that they can share their daily progress and achievements with family and friends if desired.

Option to set several goals: Not just pre-set fitness goals, but the app also allows the users to set their own personalized goals and tasks that can be attained within a stipulated timeframe.

Save user statistics: The apps using the cloud sync feature is able to save the user statistics in a journal. This way the progress can be regularly tracked by them.

Preset schedule: On the basis of the details which the user has filled, several workout plans are pre-scheduled. There will be a visual demonstration of the exercises so as to allow the user to perform exercises with proper posture.

Geolocation integration: For real-time tracking, the app needs to have permission to use the GPS of the smartphone. The user can gather accurate info on the steps taken, km ran, and the hours slept with the use of the geolocation integration feature.

Payment Integration: Even though a number of services in this arena are offered free of cost, still there are specific premium features that can be enjoyed by the users by paying for monthly subscription via Debit/Credit cards, NetBanking, eWallets options.

Push Notification to Display Results

Push notifications are incorporated into the app so that users will be notified about daily, weekly and monthly achievements. The users can also share their accomplishments on social networking sites.


Health & Fitness Apps- Features (Admin-Side)

As an entrepreneur, to develop an app you need to join hands with a few of gym experts, fitness supplement and equipment supplier, and dieticians. Thus, the app will be able to offer live updates & execute live sessions with app users and fitness professionals. This process requires the registration and login process from the app itself.

Dashboard: Once logged-in, the clients are directed to the app dashboard, where the record of the live sessions are tracked and stored.  The admin can grab an idea about the orders which users placed for several supplements or gym equipment, along with the delivery date.

Account section: This is the section where users can find information regarding customer reviews, past deliveries, and user-account balance.

Payment section: Here the clients are offered a choice to make the payments to the Gym trainers, gym-owners, and other fitness individuals using a specific wallet app or they can even transfer the money directly to a bank as well.

Marketing & Promotion Tools: The best way to market these apps is through referral programs, Cashbacks or loyalty programs. Besides, various other marketing ways can also be enabled by the admin, such as Push Notifications, Social Sharing, Retargeting, etc.

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Back-end Technologies

Common technologies used in this arena to make apps work and synchronize in both mobile and web platforms are PostgreSQL, Cassandra and general caching system of the memory. However, keeping the main framework as JavaScript and Python would be better. Besides, there are few other tools that have the potential of lowering the impact of complexities and cost, like Kafka Software, Amazon S3, GraphWalker, Google Cloud platforms or Dataproc, Chromium, BootStrap, Nginx, and a lot more.

In the app development process, it is the Backend that is most complex and requires strategic execution. The server-side architecture is crucial and there are chances of things getting tangled, with there being myriad of options available.

Health & Fitness Apps: Team Structure

When developing a remarkable mobile application, one requires a mobile app team, consisting of designers, developers, testers. It is crucial to have a set of potential candidates, whom you must evaluate on a timely basis. The key personnel that you need to hire for the app development are:

  • Project Manager: An expert in the arena with immense knowledge and great managerial skills, who is able to execute deep market study and recommend the best things that can be done.
  • Developers: The team must consist of both Android and iOS app developers, who will be guided by the project managers. It is crucial to have an agreement with your app developers so they offer technical support and readily update the app, in case of bug-fixing required.
  • Designers: It is crucial to have an app which is able to appeal to the users, hence app designers come handy here. Hire a team of expert UX/UI designers who can make a brilliant choice of colors, elements, background, etc.
  • Testers: Hiring testers is most important to find flaws in your app if any present. Only when the app is well-tested and certified by the testers, it processed for launching.

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Time Duration & Cost to develop Health & Fitness App

The time duration to develop an app depends mainly on the app size and its complexity, and it can be anything from two to four months. Meanwhile, the cost also depends on the two above-mentioned factors, along with one other factor, i.e. the number of platforms on which you want to run your app and the region of development center. Below are the different hourly charges for particular regions:

  • $50 to $250 per hour for U.S. based developers
  • $30 to $150 per hour for Eastern Europe based developers
  • $10 to $80 per hour for India-based developers

Here below we present the basic estimate of time duration and cost to develop an average app with average features for the Android platform with India being the development center.

  • Technical documentation may require 40 hours of work ($1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX designers may take up 60 hours ($1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development require around 400 hours ($10,000 to $20,000)
  • MVP testing may take up 80 hours ($2000 to $4000)
  • Bug fixing and Polishing may need 40 hours ($1000 to $2000)

Hence, upon adding the entire costs, an average app may cost somewhere around $15,000 to $30,000 for a single platform (either Android or iOS). If you choose to have a cross-platform app or want to add more features, then it may rake the cost up to $50,000. Meanwhile, spending that much sum of money certainly assures that your app will make a mark.