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Car Wash App Development – Cost and Key Features

With the involvement of technology everywhere around, the wide use of mobile applications has increased. The ease of smartphones is demanding for every application on the go. Even in the industry like car washing, smart handy solutions are in the urge of everyone. When we look over the statistics by the US, global revenue of 22 million dollars and more is expanding in this car wash app development industry over the years, with a growth rate of 3.3%.

UAE and the Middle East are the top markets for car cleaning mobile app development. The car washing app ‘Washe’ has made a lead of 3.3 million dollars in this industry since its launch, and is labeled as the best car washing mobile app. Car washing mobile apps are growing with a revenue of $1500 per bay, with annual revenue of $41k per two-bay operation. There is no denying that the car washing mobile apps have more capacity to retain their customers.

Many other notable car washing apps are Wype, Qeeex and DinoWash with a bright history that brings inspiration in your mind to make a similar spark in this domain. So, we have brightened you up with detailed aspects which will be helpful in your leading journey of mobile apps. So, be with us till the end to understand everything from scratch.

Types of car wash apps

Popular on-demand car wash app solutions help your business to serve more people with their exciting features. Your mobile car washing apps have integrated with the latest features. So, the car wash apps are mainly categorized as follows:

  • Aggregator car wash app: Being an owner, if you want to build this kind of application, then you must land all kinds of car service providers in a single place. This is a listing process that serves the needs of everyone under one roof and the owner need not borrow his infrastructure to give services to people. You just need to maintain the technical part, add more advanced features, and the rest of the work your service providers will do for you.
  • Dedicated car wash app: This kind of car wash apps are focused on customers. If you want to leverage your car washing business, you must offer additional services to your customers along with basic services. More feature-oriented technology helps you to improve the personal experience of your users and your branding as well.


Every industry suffers from some challenges. Before proceeding further, let’s understand the nature of challenges your car wash business could encounter, and to make sure if your car wash business idea is feasible. This allows you to predict issues, before they happen and keep you from losing your business in this domain.

  • Practical plan with a solid foundation
  • Dedication and willingness to sacrifice to reach your goal
  • Technical skills needed
  • Basic knowledge of management, finance, record keeping, and market analysis

As a new owner, you must master these above skills and techniques, if you want your business to be successful.

Furnish with offers and value driven solutions:

The car detailing app development is already so competitive, to add new features into it is hell challenging for any new business owner. You have to urge value-driven solutions to beat the competition and satisfy the user’s demands. This will keep on increasing your revenues and retain your potential customers. Give them extra discounts and coupons when they opt for your services, so next time they consider you before any other. Offer them complimentary benefits as a reward which they can use for some other service at your doorstep.

Unpredictable nature of the car washing industry:

The car washing business is not like the food delivery business where people used to order every day. It depends on many criteria like weather, time of the year, and day of the week. As you know, people cannot go for regular car washing. They only refer to the service center at the end of the month or when they are in need. We can observe its unpredictability by the figures that only 32% of car washing is done in winters and in the fall season it goes to 18% down. The volume of customers shuffles in between the year so it’s unpredictable to gain more revenue throughout the year.

Maintains great customer service and customer engagement:

People invest their large sums to afford a car once in their lifetime. It’s a big investment for them and beyond that, it’s an intense emotional touch for them. They have conveyed their status with their well-maintained car. So, if they have chosen your company over others, it means they put their trust in your services and in return want the best customer satisfaction. So, you must bring them a top experience which reflects your services and mark in the industry.

To get a better watch you must ask your customers about what they are looking for, and ask them to fill in the feedback forms before they leave your place. That will not only increase your business but also put a beneath level of satisfaction to your customers.

If you want to start your own business in the same domain, we can help you out with our excerpt solutions to bestow with most exciting features for the mobile application.

Revenue models for car wash apps

Businesses have to take care of every penny they have invested for big goals in the industries. So for driving your business to unparalleled land, you must be aware of different business models they have adopted to generate revenue for their business.

Car Wash App Development Revenue Models

Below we have fetched some solutions to maximize your revenues with your car washing app.

  • Take Sponsorship: To grow your revenue, you have to welcome some of the big brands for sponsorship, which will trigger a large sum of money for your business. Their big identity helps your business to reach different corners of the globe.
  • Use Advertisements: Paid advertisements are every green way to fuel up your business.
  • Selling your merchandise: If you are a big and sustainable brand for the car washing industry, then you should sell your car products and accessories like waxes, gloves, shampoos, and many more to exist in the eyes of more people.

Features of Car Wash Mobile Application:

If you plan to get your mobile auto detailing app, then you are at the right place as here we will discuss in-depth the basic framework, advanced features, technology, and estimated cost of car wash app development.

To begin with, we talk about the basic architecture to develop a Car Cleaning Mobile App.

Customer Panel:

  • Registration – It is this section where users first land on. From here they can do the app registration using their email ID or social networking credentials, whichever they are convenient with.
  • Place Requests – As per the solutions offered by various service providers, users can place a request for professional cash wash help.
  • Choose Car Location – Users need to specify the pick-up location of the car requiring the service and wash. This way provisions for cleaning can be made by the technicians.
  • Choose Package & Service – Users can select services and packages per what is offered by various service providers. Users can make the selection as per their requirements and budget.
  • Check Availability of Technician – Users can check whether the technician is available to wash the car. Thus, users can easily and conveniently place a request for the service.
  • Payments – With the availability of various payment modes, such as debit/credit cards and various payment gateways, the user can pick the payment option at his/her convenience.
  • View order history – Order history can be easily viewed by the users whenever required & they can also use it to make new requests for the car wash.

Detailer Panel:

  • Registration – Same as the user panel, here as well the service provider or detailer requires registration to the on-demand car wash app using the username & password, which Admin has provided.
  • Add Service Location – Detailers need to add the location of their services, so the users can easily make requests to the nearby service centers.
  • Push Notifications – Once the order has been received, the detailer can send a notification to the user. Users also receive a notification when the car washing is done.
  • Accept/Decline Request – Detailers can accept/decline the request made by the user/admin according to the number of requests pending and the ones requiring immediate delivery.
  • View complete Order History – In this section, users can see their number of requests completed, as well as the date & time specifications. This way, the detailer can track the number of requests completed each day.
  • Request Payment – Once the number of orders is completed, the detailer sends a request to the admin for the payment.

Admin Panel:

  • Registered Technicians – From here, Admin can easily track their technicians associated with the panel, and their details and physical location.
  • Service Management – Under this section, the Admin manages the services provided by service providers and also the charges.
  • Service Time-zone management – From here the Admin can manage and track the operational time zones of service providers.
  • Manage user jobs – Admin manages and monitors all service requests made by the user for car wash and servicing.
  • Manage User Payment – From this section, the Admin stores the payments made by users via online and payment gateways models.
  • Manage Ratings & Review – This section is for Admin to review the ratings and feedback, provided by the users regarding the services provided to them.

Advanced Features:

Cloud Management 

By implementing cloud technology it is possible to manage the entire data more securely. The data relating to users, orders, detailers & payments get stored on the cloud, hence making the business processing more of a seamless experience.

Heat Map View

This feature works wonders by showing the busiest time of each location. It is also helpful in tracking the service provider’s & detailers’ location. All in all, it enables users to pick quality service while outlying the best deals. Also, it enables users to keep a track of surge pricing within the mobile auto detailing app.

Discounts & Offers

Users get notified regarding the offers & discounts, and thus they are kept attuned to upcoming deals. Needless to say, these kinds of tricks play a great role in keeping the users attuned to the on-demand car wash app and encourage them to grab the services whenever they require. Besides, these promotional offers also enhance business visibility.


There are numerous payment gateways such as PayPal’s Mobile SDK, Stripe, Braintree available for the users nowadays, along with payment modes like Debit/Credit cards, Wallets, Net banking, etc. So users who dislike visiting the physical locations of service providers to make payments, find this feature extremely beneficial. Today’s users wholeheartedly embrace this feature as it adds to their comfort.

In-app chat/ voice call

This feature offers a transparent platform for users and detailers to communicate with each other. Users get instant access to the detailer, enquire regarding their order of status, or any query. If the user wants to know about some other service, they can discuss it here, and request to avail themselves as well. The in-app chat/call option works as a great strategy to grab user attention as well as ascertain user loyalty.

Push Notifications

This technology is highly effective to augment user acquisition & retention. A car service providing an app integrated with push technology keeps users attuned to order status, latest offers, deals, and a lot more. It plays a transforming role in increasing business visibility while also enhancing user engagement with the on-demand car wash app. Alerts can be sent to users before service completion hence keeping them in the loop about the proceedings.

Subscription Packages

In the crucial features of the on-demand car wash app, the subscription packages feature cannot be missed out. Here the user can check and book additional services, premium membership, and also set the required features. Thus, they won’t have to look for deals now and then.

Users receive notifications on a monthly, bi-monthly, or half-yearly basis to avail of the service. Thus, it is an effective way for the business to capture the user’s attention by reminding them regarding deals, offers, and services which they get to avail themselves of with the subscription package.

Technology Stack

User Experience & Interface (UX/UI): CSS3 & Bootstrap (front-end), JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python or Django (back-end)

Location Tracking: Google Maps, Apple Maps

Cloud Technology: Amazon Data Servers, Google Cloud Storage

Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification: Facebook SDK or Google Sign

Database: MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL

Team Requirement

A highly skilled mobile app development team only can distinguish between what factors can expand your business and what to replenish.

A good suite team for preparing car washing mobile app consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • Developers for iOS and Android platforms.
  • UI/UX designers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Testing Analysts
  • Business Development Manager

Cost of Development

The cost of car wash app development depends on app size, its complexity, the number of platforms on which you want to run your app, and the nature of the car washing app center. After all, different nations have different hourly charges, like the charge is:

Car Wash App Development Cost

  • $50 to $250 per hour for U.S. based developers
  • $30 to $150 per hour for Eastern Europe based developers
  • $10 to $80 per hour for India-based developers

Here, we have detailed the basic estimate of time duration and cost to develop a car wash app with average features for the Android platform with India being the development center.

Hence, upon adding the entire cost of car wash app development, consists of technical documentation, UX/UI designers, frontend & backend developers, mobile app developers, MVP testing, Bug Fixing, and polishing, an average app may cost somewhere around $10,000 to $20,000 for a single platform (either Android or iOS). If you want to add more features to the app, then it may cost your car wash app development to $25,000. However, spending on added features certainly assures that your app will make a mark.

Why choose Octal for car wash app development?

At Octal Info Solution, we have a team of experienced developers and experts that comes with an array of benefits, like:

  • Expertise in various technologies: Here in Octal, we have experienced cross-platform app developers, who work effortlessly on any platform. We have used predominant technologies for building a successful mobile app, keeping in mind from every hinge that they can’t suffer at the end.
  • Advanced features in titled for development: Our core developers have effort for numerous end technologies to give a valuable experience to the clients.
  • Well customized services and plans: We believe in offering the best-optimized services to our clients. Our well-suited app plans ensure that you can trust us for the transformation of your business idea.

The Octal team works on their ethics and makes each of the businesses more technology-driven than before.


As per the recent trends, the market for car washing mobile apps is growing exponentially. In the coming years, the car washing industry will increase to more miles and figures. Whether you are in the business of car washing or want to dive into this industry, mark your excellence, this is the right time you have to start your journey. Octal Info Solution is appreciated as the best car wash app development company with their exciting unique future-driven, and value-oriented solutions. Here in Octal, we have a mixed team of professionals and developers who can compile for you the best solutions. We are available for you, simply get in touch with us.

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