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How to Build a Rental Search App and Solve Real Tenants’ Problems

With the growing population in most countries, people have been going out to rent their own apartments. Not everyone can afford a house, even if it is a one-bedroom house, it is very difficult to pay the entire amount and make it yours. Hence, people have been renting out accommodations for years and the business has been flourishing in all parts…

How Much Does Augmented Reality App Development Cost ?

In the world of technology, the concept of Augmented Reality is trending right now and most businesses out there are keen on cashing into the frenzy created by augmented reality apps. However, many of them often face this common issue of not having even the vague idea regarding the development cost of an Augmented Reality Mobile App. So, here in this…

How to create a chat app like Snapchat and how much does it cost?

People keep looking to find ways to communicate with their closed ones in a more fun and emotional way where they can share their feelings and stay connected. There have always been platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter which allow them to do share their feelings but nothing is compared to what is offered by this amazing platform, known as Snapchat,…

How to Develop a Dating App? A Guide on Dating Mobile App

Gone are the days when online dating was considered a taboo. In fact, statistics reveal that today more than 27 percent of the committed relationships started via the Internet. So, the internet is certainly a great medium for dating and relationships. This is the very reason behind the increasing number of dating mobile apps and websites all across the world….

Why your Small Business need a Mobile App to be Successful?

With constant new trends in the arena of technology, today it is not just enough to have a well-crafted and properly optimized business website alone to meet your digital marketing goals. The business environment today demands much more. The online activities are moving to mobile owing to the increased usage of smartphones. In fact, virtually no person in today’s times…

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