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How to create a chat app like Snapchat and how much does it cost?

People keep looking to find ways to communicate with their closed ones in a more fun and emotional way where they can share their feelings and stay connected. There have always been platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter which allow them to do share their feelings but nothing is compared to what is offered by this amazing platform, known as Snapchat,…

How Much Does Augmented Reality App Development Cost ?

In the world of technology, the concept of Augmented Reality is trending right now and most businesses out there are keen on cashing into the frenzy created by augmented reality apps. However, many of them often face this common issue of not having even the vague idea regarding the development cost of an Augmented Reality Mobile App. So, here in this…

Parking Finder App Development– Cost & Features

This article serves the ones looking for exclusive information to manifest their ideas in the arena of car parking app development. You get all the information about the top car parking finder features & its technologies, which must be used by the developers as they create them. So apps are just everywhere and now they these mobile apps have even…

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Development- Features & Cost

Laboratories are an essential part of any organization because they conduct all the necessary tests for a specific organization. Now with the introduction of Laboratory Information management system (LIMS) an app that can manage a large number of samples that are brought into the lab for research & development, clinical research, and manufacturing, working process has become faster and smoother….

Hospital Management Software Development (HIMS)

The world is becoming more and more health conscious these days as people are hitting the gym and following a proper diet pattern to become more and more fit. Despite the office hours they take out the time to work out as it makes them feel good about themselves. But despite caring about yourself so much you can do anything…

Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development – Cost and Key Features

Fantasy sports mobile apps are further popularising fantasy sports among sports enthusiasts who do not have enough time to play on their desktops. There used to be a time when we have ‘an app for that’ world. But now with abundant mobile apps in the app, there is a new one, ‘oh you don’t have a mobile app for that?’…

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