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Google’s New Collection of Tools to App Designers’ Delight

What is the first thing that you reach for the moment your eyes open? That’s correct, it’s your precious smartphone. It is the one thing that you cannot live without in your day to day life. From contacting your boss to your childhood friend, the smartphones just keep getting better, with online shopping, online streaming and even online dating taking place in one tiny body of metal.

To use smartphones, we need apps. Apps stand for Applications, which are little packages that are programmed to do certain tasks in the shortest amount of time possible.

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App Submission to Google Play Store – Tips and Guideline to Follow

For an Android App Developer, Google Play is the ultimate destination. This superb, highly convenient platform is the best way how app developers can connect with app users. Most of the startups love to launch their Android apps on Google Play.

Just keep in mind a few basic tips and you will find it easy to launch your Android App on Google Play. The basic knowledge of process is what you need prior to going about the same.

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Tips to Develop the Best Mobile Apps for Kids

The proliferation of Smartphone’s and tablets has provided an exposure of the new technology to our current generation of Kids. Therefore, these devices have become a great source of learning for them. As a result, apps that target kids are being developed, uploaded and downloaded at a great number. However, developing such apps is a complex process and it consists of a number of stages, planning and execution.

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Essential Features Your Restaurant App Must Have

Running a business without the aid of technology is like running a car with no air in its tyres because it may give you the notion of being moved, but speed will remain far-out from your business. At present, no one can deny the value of moving a business on an app whether you are selling something huge or a tiny stuff.

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Points to follow for Setting the Correct Pricing Model

The primary aim of most of the app builders behind creating an app is to make money, especially when they see apps are the convenient mean of earning huge. However, this is the only one side of the coin. Its other side is full of hardship and money taking. Therefore, having an app created for fun and in a whim does not last long and cause the app fail to make any mark among users. We emphasize that app development is a serious endeavor and money spent in this process is of even higher significance.

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Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best?

There has been a battle of sorts between Siri, Cortana and Google Now when it comes to choosing the most useful personal assistant. Lately there were startling development on the front and you will soon see your personal assistant turning from ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ one. This way you get to do a lot of useful and exciting things. Well, now your question must be, How? That will happen by scrupulously studying your behavior and pre-empting your next move much prior to you even think of that.

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Major Challenges that Android App Developer comes across

It’s the time when the number of mobile users is on a huge rise and it’s certainly going to grow further. We expect that 1 billion smartphone to be sold in 2017 while more than 10 billion mobile internet devices are certain to be used in 2016 and this way there are approximately 1.4 devices per person on the planet. This in itself explains the explosive growth.

As per statistics by 2017, apps are certain to earn over $77 billion and are going to be downloaded more than 268 billion times.

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Nougat – The Official Name of Android N

Google has finally revealed the official name for Android N: Nougat.

Android N is announced by Google today and the latest version of Android will be known as Nougat. The most interesting part is, Google pick Snapchat for the first time as one of the platforms to disclose the name of this new version of Android. This announcement came after Google communicated at I/O in June that users could submit suggestions for the name online.

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Why your business needs to hire a Dedicated Android App Developer?

Everyone dreams of a successful business and cost-effectiveness as it comes to the development of a mobile application. As the mobile technology arrived we saw various businesses transform for the first time in the digital age. Mobile app development is certainly changing the scenario for you and once you realize why your business requires a mobile app, the real thrill begins.

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