Mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives today owing to the proliferation of mobile apps. Today with the help of mobile apps, users can control virtually every aspect of their lives, be it planning the financing, commuting, deciding where to eat, and what not.

Same way, we have experienced an explosion of mobile app in healthcare sector as well, where the apps have paved way for a digital revolution of the healthcare industry and have successfully made an impact in the behavior of both medical professionals and patients.

How the mobile apps are changing the scenario in healthcare?

M-health can potentially lead to a paradigm shift in healthcare, providing to be an asset to enhance patients’ knowledge and concerns regarding their health. These apps enable doctors and their patients to communicate with each other, regardless of the time and location, while they allow doctors to keep a track of their patient’s health. Mainly, mobile apps for healthcare are useful in raising health awareness, tracking patient’s health, sending appointment reminders, accessing patient records and a lot more.

As per research, going by the pace at which m-health market is growing rapidly, it is expected to reach $58.8 billion by 2020. In fact, a global survey has revealed that World Health Organization (WHO) found that m-health activities are spreading their wings in almost all countries, though a variation is registered in adoption levels.

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