mobile app development for audio tour guide

Cost and Key Features of Audio Tour Guide App like Audio Compass

Traveling is always an enriching experience and usually the first thing that comes to our mind while we make a travel plan is exploring places and the local sights at our own pace. After all, not many people are pleased about making a tour with the help of a tour guide, as often it turns out to be boring, with the tour guides being haste in order to wind up the tour group and jump on to the next. Hence, to combat their serious travel issue, an audio guide mobile app has come to rescue.

With Audio guide mobile apps, it can be ensured that the travelers have a rich travel experience, in a cheaper and more convenient manner.

So what exactly is an Audio Guide App?


Audio Guide Mobile Apps turn to be a great help for tourists by allowing them to be their own guide and exploring places and local sights at their own pace, instead of matching the time schedule of tour guides. These apps offer interesting knowledge regarding the prominent places and sites in the city so that users will get to even know the information which is usually not offered by the tour guides. Here they get a detailed description of each site.

Meanwhile, there are a few important aspects that need to be considered, as the app can only be developed for locations where the viewpoints have already been defined. This way, tourists can be led by GPS to several points across the preferred site, and as they reach those points, the app gives the audio narration regarding that spot on your tour.

Here, in this article, we have covered detailed aspects of developing such an app, like its benefits, important features, utility, technology stack, and other crucial factors. Have some idea in mind, let us know.

Aakash Singh Chauhan

Aakash is currently working as a Business Development Manager with Octal Info Solution PTE. LTD. - Singapore; a company providing innovative, futuristic, sustainable, cost-effective and practical IT solutions to clients across the globe.