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Cost of Developing a Fitness Trainer Finding App

Needless to say, the mobile app landscape had actually rekindled the whole fitness and healthy ecosystem. Yes, they have brought us near to the health but the way it impacted the industry was quite unimaginable. Right from, the mobile apps till the Fitbit and the smartwatches, we have all the mobile solutions right on the surface for monitoring the health.

If you are hitting a gym, you will have a physical activity tracker, for meals, we have nutrition mobile app. If we are new to the world of exercises mobile app again has a solution to this in the form of video exercising apps. So, there is till now no solution missing for tracking the health and fitness statistics.

Now, taking the concept of fitness app to a next level, the new venture that is being embraced in this era is the fitness trainer mobile app. Well, yes you can find the trainers as per your own convenience and can start the training as and when required.

These apps allow you to work out in the way you require either at the home, park or the gym. The trainer decides it all and there your fitness goals are achieved. Therefore, if you are a business or a startup and having an idea running in the minds for launching a fitness-based app, here you will find the appropriate execution plan.

So, dig a little bit deeper and find out the basic architecture of the fitness trainer, advanced attributes, technologies required and the cost of development.


User Panel:

health tracker

This is the basic section of the app. They users can log in with the social account networks or the email account credentials.

Search personal trainers
Users can search the personal trainers in a very simplified way. According to their expertise and the years of experience users can search the appropriate trainers.

Choose services
Under this section, users can choose the services as required by them. They can opt for physical training, strength training and much more as required.

Schedule Appointment
This is certainly most crucial feature of a fitness trainer mobile app. Users can book and appoint their desired trainer as required and can set the starting and the end time of the sessions.

Service review
Users can review the comments assigned by the different users so as book the trainer with a sophisticated approach.

Make Payments
Users can make the payments via the integrated payment gateways according the fees structures provided by the trainers

Ask for diet charts
Users can ask for the diet charts and the calorie consumption counts as well for achieving their fitness goals in minimum time.

Trainer panel:

Similar to the user panel, the trainer can also register with the social network or with the email account credentials.

Accept or cancel the appointment
According to the busy schedule and the number of users under the training sessions, trainers can accept or cancel the appointments as per their own convenience.

Customer Review
They can review the customers as well. Trainers can grapple a brief idea about the users previous training sessions and can view their comments as well.

Live video training
Under this section, the trainer can offer the live sessions of the exercises to the users. This is a great way of remaining fit for the users that are unable to visit the gym on a regular basis.

Share diet charts
Fitness trainers can share diet charts with users. All the nutrition and the daily calorie requirements can be sent to the users according to the ongoing workouts.

In-app communication
Trainers can communicate with the users for solving their queries. Users can ask them about the nutrition or the workout schedules and can consult them in the event of some muscular pain, if occurs during the workout.

CMS for Blogging
Under this section, trainers can publish their researches about the latest health trends, nutritional concepts and much more for encouraging the users.

Receive Payments
According to their fee structure, trainers can receive payments from the users. This way they can check for their earning as well on the weekly or monthly basis.


Admin panel:

Manage users and trainers
All the users and trainers associated with the app are monitored by the admin so as to check the app usability criteria.

All the attuned trainers and users are managed by the admin. He/she can check the number of orders, revenue generated and much more so as to streamline the business processes.

Create booking on demand:
Well, this is very interesting feature. Admin can make the provision to deal with the instant user request. The user can be assigned to the fitness trainer as required.

Admin can view all the reports related with the app usability, revenue standards, bounce rates, trainers attuned and much more to as to handle all the associated business operations.

Email/push notifications
Admin can send the push notification to the users and the trainers about the booking confirmation, the payment received new offers and deals, subscription packages and much more for keeping the users attuned and engaged.

Report generation
Admin can track and manage all the reports related to the number of users and trainers registered, offers most loved by users, services added and other important things so as to make the business process fluent.

Manage Earnings
Admin can manage the earnings as well. They can check the revenues generated from In-app purchases, subscription packages, deals and offers for checking the earnings.

eCommerce Options
Under this section, the admin can list the nutritional products that are suggested by the trainers. He can make the provisions for selling as well in order to high revenues.

Marketing & Monetization
This certainly plays a major role in making money out of your product. All the banners, advertisements and promotions over social media can be monitored by the admin.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs help a lot in attracting the users. They can be awarded the points whenever they avail for a subscription package or in case they refer your app. This is a great way of encouraging the users and keeps them attuned with your app.

Few Advanced Features:

Live fitness video sessions
Now since we are talking about the best attributes of a fitness trainer mobile app this is certainly the feature that cannot be missed upon. It happens many times that users are not able to visit the gym due to some urgency, therefore the concept of live streaming can play a major role here.

The users can watch their trainer’s live exercise sessions and can perform the same so as to be in a proper track. This is a great way of keeping the users in pace with their daily fitness goals and insights.

Precisely, exercising means tacking the miles covered on the jogging track. Well, it is certainly more than this, but the role of GPS cannot be missed upon in this case. With the help of GPS, users can find out the nearby jogging tracks and gym centers. They can find out the relevant destinations with the help of maps and navigation tools.

But talking on a serious note integrating GPS will rise the costing of the app but then it comes as a basic necessity for allowing the users to search for their fitness and recreation centers. Google Maps and Apple Maps can be used for tracking down the location in Android and iOS respectively.

Audio Streaming (Workout Music playlists)
Well, music is certainly an appreciable feature of the fitness trainer mobile app reason being, it helps to burn more calories and keep you attuned with the exercises. The users can simply turn on the music during performing their exercises.Under this feature, they can either import their favorite albums into the app or can search the music form the inbuilt app music library so to perform the workout with the utmost energy level.

This feature boosts the functional criteria of the fitness trainer mobile app. Interactive images for the workout goals, motivating pictures, graphical elements, statistics etc can be used for attracting the users. Gamification helps the people in completing the goals and allows the user to choose the desired fitness goals with a convenient approach.

Social Integration
Social integration is an amazing attribute of a fitness trainer mobile app. Users just love to share their achieved fitness goals on social networking sites with their friends. This not only publicizes their effort they have put in while workout instead it all also adds to the reputation of the app and trainer as well.

They can share their diet plans and workout video sessions and many other things for motivating their friends as well.

Integrating the digital payment solutions befits the fitness planner app in many aspects. Multiple payment options such as net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards can be embedded for allowing the users to make the payments within an app. This sets them free from making payments later on, thus allowing them to avail for a permanent fitness trainer. Thus, the fitness and gyming sessions get more convenient and interactive for the users.

Push Notification
The ideation of push technology works great in expanding the user bases to a new level. It is a great way of keeping the users engaged. Messages related to special offers/ events/ news/ exercises/diet charts or other promotional activities can be sent to the attuned user. This way, it helps to develop user loyalty and also conserves the users in a longer run.

This feature cannot be missed while we are talking about the best attributes of a fitness trainer mobile app. Under this feature; the users can check and book the advanced services, premium memberships and can even set the features required. This way they are not required to look for the deals again and again.

They are automatically informed on the monthly, bi-monthly or on the half yearly basis for availing the fitness services. The feature works great in capturing the user’s attention as they are keep reminded about the services, offers, and deals that come with their subscription packages.


Some More Features for making your fitness mobile app even smarter and superior.

  • Activity trackers allow you to keep track of daily performing activities and send reminders about upcoming activities as well.
  • Logbook helps to keep the track of the diet and the calorie consumption of the users per day. It outlines the suggestion of the healthy diets after tacking the daily eating activities.
  • Grocery list allows the users to purchase the item as per suggested by the fitness trainers. Users can use the bar code or the QR scanner for availing of the products.
  • Set Goals allows you to define the fitness goals within a stipulated time period. It notifies as well, in case the activity remains uncompleted.
  • Wearable integration helps you find the trainers with a very simplified approach. Just pair your app with the fitness band browse the nearby trainers.
  • Multi-Device synchronization allows the app to operate across various Smartphones, smartwatches, and other wearable devices.

Technologies Involved

  • Bandwidth, Twilio – For Push Notifications
  • Nexmo – For SMS, Voice and Phone Varification
  • Braintree & PayPal – For accepting payments
  • GWT – For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – for Data Management
  • Mandrill – For everything related to emails
  • Debian – The universal Operating System
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

So, Find a Right Development Partner

Starting with an innovative concept, unique ideation, passion and the right Mobile App Development Company certainly will eradicate the extra time and money requirements for developing a fitness trainer mobile app. Therefore, before embarking with the app development strategies of a fitness trainer mobile app, the firms and the business must validate and verify the past track records and the time required and invested by the Mobile App Development Company for engineering the polished fitness trainer mobile app.It is always advisable to compare all the reputed app development firms on the grounds of experience, goodwill and costs.

Other than finding the Mobile App Development Agency there are some key persons as well that actually undertakes the responsibility of developing the app from scratch. Needless to say they are the ones imbibed with a true passion for developing your fitness trainer mobile app.

Project Manager:  Needless to say, for a person being project manager it is mandatory that the person should know all the guidelines for engineering an out-of-box mobile app solutions.

Developers – The technical team can be comprised of Android App Developers, iOS App Developers headed by the skilled and experienced project managers.

Designers-Designers are the one actually that redefines the actual essence of your app and takes it to a whole new level. So, it is imperative that you find the right team of UI/UX designers that can comprehend the core idea of your mobile app

Testers– An app befits your business in case it is true to quality. Therefore, the role played by the team of QA experts and testers cannot be undermined. An app facing all the quality tests implied by the testers, for sure it can achieve the monumental success across all the market standards.


Team Engagement Modal (Offsite, Onsite, Hybrid)

Depending upon the physical location of the business, individuals or the operators can select from any of the three below engagement models

  • Offshore is the way when the operator or entrepreneurs want the project to be completed from the remote location.
  • Onsite is when the business individuals want the project to be done in the office premises. So as per the guideline, the required and allocated fitness planner app developers are sent to the office along with the assigned work.
  • Hybrid is the mix of both and is opted when the business persons want to compete for the app within minimum time. During office hours, developers are sent to the office and after that, the team works for from a remote location.


So, here find out the price for developing a fitness trainer Mobile App

Most of the companies charge as per the man-hours they put in developing the app. In regions like North America for instance, the app developers charge around $150 per hour, in Europe it is $130 per hour, and in and the companies situated in Australia the developers charge around $190 per hour.

According to the statistics, India is the most affordable country for engineering the quality fitness trainer mobile apps at the price $25 – $ 80 per hour.

The cost developing a sophisticated fitness trainer mobile app is around $8,000 to $15,000 and apps that have extensive features can you around $ 15,000 to $25,000 but then for sure you will be seated above your competitors.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Arun Goyal is a tech-enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. He loves to talk about technology, and expresses his views about the trends in tech-world through this blog.