Among the several of interesting mobile platforms, Android platform is considered as most significant and diverse. As you go out there you will come across 1.3 billion devices running numerous versions of Android platform, paving way for android app developers who now have so many varieties of platforms to test the application.

Now coming to Android Studio, here you will get a vast set of emulators helpful in testing the application and eliminating issues.

Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is the default emulator in Android Studio representing a 4.7 inch screen device with HDPI screen density and a resolution of 768 x 1280. This prominent device was launched in 2012.

Nexus 9

Latest tablet from Google, Nexus 8 offers first class emulation support in Android Studio. In fact the 8.9 inch screen is the most known tablet size out there.

Android TV 720 p

When building Android apps for the TV platform, it’s advised to go for this emulator amongst the two available emulators to test your application. While testing with the 720p version of the emulator you get to define fallback experiences on those devices not supporting true 1080p.

Android Wear Round

Android wear emulators come in square and round flavors, however the round one happens to be the stylish one winning many customers. These app developers are efficient at testing their app on this version of the emulator as they build Android wear applications.

Nexus 6

This flagship device from Google comes in 5.7-inch size with stock Android is amongst the top-running emulator that does emulate a 6” device.

Nexus 10

Emulator for this 10-inch tablet device launched in 2012 is greatly helpful in separating out issues on the first tablet from Google having extensive adoption.

Nexus 7

There is a prominent 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire running Android Apps and they also enhance the popularity of the Nexus 7 emulator supporting the 7-inch screen size.

Well, these emulators are the sure-shot way to drive maximum reach for your Android App.