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9 Reasons to Outsource Home Cleaning Services

Housekeeping – This word can be sailed for the bachelor or housewife on weekends. Every family has a catfight but the decision is never controversial. Get professional help to get your house cleaned. Yes, it is luxurious in many cities but not expensive. This article explains why you should choose professional cleaning services. Imagine that you have outsourced your work….

On-Demand Video Streaming App Development, Cost and Features

The year 2017 was pretty dynamic for the on-demand video streaming industry. The VOD system has went on to attain so much of prominence that today cable subscription is a lesser preferred option as viewers get irritated watching repeated commercials that are displayed in between the running old movies. In fact, Statistics show immense usage growth of live and on-demand…

Scrum & Waterfall Methodology: Which is right for your project development?

The competition is growing at a rapid pace in the tech world, and we keep coming across the invention of new software development methodologies. However, this way it often gets challenging for startup companies to choose the methodology that would best suit their project requirements. In the case of complex mobile app development, it is vital to understand the project…

Right Techniques to Choose a Technology Stack

Choosing the right technology stack is imperative to have a successful, dependable and rewarding project development. It not only revives your project but also provides it enough ability and makes it maintainable, scalable and committed to your functional requirements. However, to select a tech stack is not an easy decision to make. In fact, the options are overwhelming for a…