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BlackBerry Priv: A decent Android phone with high price

BlackBerry’s new Priv smartphone is out in the market and there is a lot of buzz regarding it as this is first Android phone that runs Android apps. In fact, it’s also the first Android phone that has actual, physical keyboard. Coming at the price of $699, here we are providing the full review of this Android phone.

Firstly, it’d be right to put that Blackberry that decently customized Android. Though, it doesn’t run the very latest version, but then there are also no silly ideas regarding how to use a phone. You are also free to ignore or turn off the changes BlackBerry made, in case you don’t like them. Meanwhile, there are some bug issues that need to be sorted that there are some apps that freeze up and there were some issues with tag recognition. Sometimes the phone gets really hot. The company has been updating several of the software lately and in the coming days there are going to be more software updates.

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Blackberry Priv: One last throw of the dice for the company?

It has been a long time since BlackBerry struggling to claim fame in the market, however now the brand is set to try out its luck introducing first-ever BlackBerry phone powered by Google’s Android software. Blackberry CEO John Chen, who is a software industry veteran, was hired in 2013 to save the Canadian company. And upon his arrival he make a decision to try luck by joining hands with the world’s most popular operating system, Android.

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