BlackBerry’s new Priv smartphone is out in the market and there is a lot of buzz regarding it as this is first Android phone that runs Android apps. In fact, it’s also the first Android phone that has actual, physical keyboard. Coming at the price of $699, here we are providing the full review of this Android phone.

Firstly, it’d be right to put that Blackberry that decently customized Android. Though, it doesn’t run the very latest version, but then there are also no silly ideas regarding how to use a phone. You are also free to ignore or turn off the changes BlackBerry made, in case you don’t like them. Meanwhile, there are some bug issues that need to be sorted that there are some apps that freeze up and there were some issues with tag recognition. Sometimes the phone gets really hot. The company has been updating several of the software lately and in the coming days there are going to be more software updates.

Hardware design is impressive

The hardware is quite alluring and the keyboard is certain to impress one and all. It has a curved 5.4 inch screen that feels nice in hands and big without being heavy even when the slider is open. It has a grippy back owing to a glass-weave finish which is likable and feels solid. The keyboard is pretty good as well though it can’t be compared to the previous of BlackBerry models that had keyboard. Still it is nice and faster with a glass touchscreen keyboard and feels nice to type on a physical keyboard.


BlackBerry’s software

There is software by the company, named DTEK, which is a privacy software and is smart at showing you the details of whether your phone is secure and give an idea about what the apps are doing. The little slide-in widget on the side is smarter than what Samsung offers with Galaxy S6 Edge. On sliding up, you get direct access to three different apps. Also, the BlackBerry Hub is going to be your one-stop-destination for email, BBM messages, SMS, tweets and calls.

18-megapixel camera

Priv presents 18-megapixel sensor that gives you shot not as appealing still they are nice compared to what offered from cheap Android phones. The camera works fine, even in low light however it is really slow, especially in HDR mode.

bb priv camera


You are certain to be impressed with the many neat tricks you will have with the keyboard. You can simply set up long-press single key shortcuts to all kinds of stuff from the homescreen. There is “just type” to initiate search from homescreen as well, and then there are shortcuts to scroll to the top or bottom of the lists. Everything works great here, except the swiping up on the keyboard to auto-complete a suggested word.

blackberry-priv keyboard

It is quite expensive

There are number of Android phone that cost around this much and then there are iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that cost the same, still the price of $699 doesn’t seem to be worth it.