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Why Custom Design is Best For Your Business? [Infographic]

Design can make or break a business, but still the examples of shoddy designs are many. There are no substitutes for custom designs as other alternatives have been already been used extensively to fill the real estate, which is fortunately or unfortunately unlimited on the Internet. Stock photos belong to an era gone-by, and I may not be the only one who finds stock photos of suit-clad employees in the boardroom boring.

custom web design - Infographic

User’s attention is increasingly getting a rare commodity, and your only chance of generating a decent user-engagement is the design.

The Anatomy of Design: Understanding UX and UI

How many times did you visit a website and kept browsing through its web pages for no apparent reason? Or when was the last time when you downloaded an app only to abandon it after using it just once? Has ever a product’s design influenced your purchase decision?

Our brain is brilliant at picking signals from noise.

If your business depends on your official website or app, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) can make or break your brand.

When we talk about design, we aren’t necessarily talking only about the artistic elements like animation or image, but we also, sometimes subconsciously, take into account the overall experience. The minimalistic design of Medium, a publishing platform, is well-received by writer’s community. There are no fancy animations or graphics. Medium boasts of a simple yet intriguing design. It is easy to get started with (through a social media sign-in) and producing content is delightful. So, when a user compliments or complaints about design, they might be referring to their experience rather than the design itself.

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5 Smart Graphic Design Tips to Increase Visitor Engagement

The audience now has effective ways of blocking promotional messages. Traditional advertising mediums are not as effective as they used to be as the people have become adept at ignoring the uninvited.
Inbound marketing has emerged as an adequate alternative for the marketers seeking to engage customers to their brand. Inbound scores where traditional marketing miserably fails. The former aims at educating the customer and making them aware of the problem and its solution, while the latter push the messages without taking into account what the audience actually wants. This makes inbound more effective as the target market starts anticipating or even demanding content. This positions your brand as an authority and customer start trusting you, and if you are involved in a business I need not to mention what trust leads to. It is sales.

So, inbound marketing is the method of converting a visitor into a paying customer by delivering him relevant and useful content.

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