The audience now has effective ways of blocking promotional messages. Traditional advertising mediums are not as effective as they used to be as the people have become adept at ignoring the uninvited.
Inbound marketing has emerged as an adequate alternative for the marketers seeking to engage customers to their brand. Inbound scores where traditional marketing miserably fails. The former aims at educating the customer and making them aware of the problem and its solution, while the latter push the messages without taking into account what the audience actually wants. This makes inbound more effective as the target market starts anticipating or even demanding content. This positions your brand as an authority and customer start trusting you, and if you are involved in a business I need not to mention what trust leads to. It is sales.

So, inbound marketing is the method of converting a visitor into a paying customer by delivering him relevant and useful content.

Where does the “graphic design” come into this equation?

Graphics are content enhancers. “Attract” is an important component of inbound methodology, and you can attract visitors to your websites and convert them into customers by placing relevant CTAs with creative use of graphics. Below are some tips through which you can leverage the talent of graphic designers for driving customer engagement.


Whitespaces are important. There is no scarcity of real-estate on the Internet, so why not to use it to your advantage. Whitespaces make an interface look spacious and easy to concentrate on.

Implement Visual Storytelling

Surprise your visitors when they visit your website. The element of surprise may compel you and your team to put on a thinking cap but the time spent would be worth its salt. Giving them a reason to interact creatively with your website makes a lasting impression and gives them a reason to stay longer.

Prefer a Video to Text Blocks

Using creative videos in some selected sections may work better than text blocks. Reading a long-form text about what your company does can be too-much for the short attention span of visitors. A video, if delivered correctly, connects well and conveys the information in a more compelling way.

Placing Call-to-Actions

Every business needs qualified leads and inbound offers a good strategy to get constant flow new subscribers. To convert visitors into leads, you need content and a relevant call-to-action.
There are many design elements that can be played around to increase the number of subscribers. Attractive CTAs can be placed in several places on a website. If your offer is of great value to the customers, you need to convey the message in a compelling way so as to drive more engagement.

Minimal Use of Stock Photos

Every other website has those photos of smiling professional clad in suits. Such use of graphics is so non-creative and visitors may not like them at all. If you are short on budget, look for unique stock photos that make your website a little different from others.

Graphic design is an extremely powerful tool to delight the visitors. Animations, beautiful forms, right amount of white spaces, visual graphic elements and images, all come together to give a stunning look to your official website and/or blog and a wonderful experience for your potential customers. A creative mix of graphic elements with useful content drives traffic and sales figure.