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Essential Features Your Restaurant App Must Have

Running a business without the aid of technology is like running a car with no air in its tyres because it may give you the notion of being moved, but speed will remain far-out from your business. At present, no one can deny the value of moving a business on an app whether you are selling something huge or a tiny stuff.

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Points to follow for Setting the Correct Pricing Model

The primary aim of most of the app builders behind creating an app is to make money, especially when they see apps are the convenient mean of earning huge. However, this is the only one side of the coin. Its other side is full of hardship and money taking. Therefore, having an app created for fun and in a whim does not last long and cause the app fail to make any mark among users. We emphasize that app development is a serious endeavor and money spent in this process is of even higher significance.

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Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best?

There has been a battle of sorts between Siri, Cortana and Google Now when it comes to choosing the most useful personal assistant. Lately there were startling development on the front and you will soon see your personal assistant turning from ‘passive’ to an ‘active’ one. This way you get to do a lot of useful and exciting things. Well, now your question must be, How? That will happen by scrupulously studying your behavior and pre-empting your next move much prior to you even think of that.

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Know about the 5 Alternative Stores that can Sell Your Apps

Reports say that around 25 percent of apps on Apple’s iOS platform make an earning of over $5,000 per month while on Android, 16 percent can make a difference. And then as it comes to Apple’s store, you are in competition with 1.5 million other apps and around 1.6 millions apps with Google Play.

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Easy ways to develop Windows Mobile Applications

Whenever the word Windows clicks to the mind, we instantly think of its dominance. This is the leading operating system on the desktop though it’s still very rare on phones. Going by the latest data collected through various sources only 2.5 percent of all mobile phones sold are Windows mobile. Microsoft was the first to introduce smart phones and first cloud based phones.

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Is Developing A Windows App a Sensible Decision?

Windows Store seems like a work in progress, always. The app gap (a commonly used term to refer to the difference of applications between any two mobile OSs) is huge. Having replaced BB from its position a few years back, the OS now comes third, after Android and iOS, in terms of mobile OS’s market share, but it is a distant third indeed. Microsoft has always been vocal about its plan to woo developers to build apps for the Windows platform, but such claims seem vacuous if one sees the number and quality of applications in its store.

Having said that, I cannot assume that the future of Windows Mobile is bleak. At least, the Redmond company has taken its hardware department seriously and its flagship model, Lumia 950, is promising.
Is Windows a viable store to park your application?

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Japan Introduces its First Windows Phone – NuAns!

Microsoft’s first Lumia smartphones that run Windows 10 Mobile are out there in the market and what came as a big surprise was Windows Phone getting support from unlikeliest of countries — Japan. Well, the buzz says that in the past few days two Windows Mobile 10 handsets have gone on sale in Japan and there’s the entry-level ¥12,000 ($104) Katana 01 from Freetel, and electronics retailer Yamada Denki’s ¥39,800 ($324) EveryPhone, which at 6.9mm thick is labeled being the thinnest Windows phone ever.

Both of the devices are considered uninteresting apart beside their novel combination of software and origin. However, now there’s a Japanese Windows phone with unique design, launched by a company that’s never even made a phone before – NuAns Neo.

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