Whenever the word Windows clicks to the mind, we instantly think of its dominance. This is the leading operating system on the desktop though it’s still very rare on phones. Going by the latest data collected through various sources only 2.5 percent of all mobile phones sold are Windows mobile. Microsoft was the first to introduce smart phones and first cloud based phones.

This powerful platform enables developers to create powerful and attractive mobile applications. It offers good support to developers and provide them environment to create mobile applications as simple as it is to create desktop applications. Hence, you will come across various windows mobile apps in the store. At present Windows Phone 8 is the latest mobile platform that’s most in demand for mobile apps and mobile users together.

What’s required?

Windows mobile application development is quite a cakewalk provided you have the right tools that help you in developing the applications.

Visual Studio 2005 or 2008: Using this single programming platform you can create, edit, debug and run the windows application. Its interface is very easy to understand, learn and use.

Windows Mobile SDK: This software development kit has the API and library files that will be helpful in developing mobile based applications.

Windows Mobile Device Center: This tool helps the developers to deploy their application on the device and test it.

As you use Visual studio platform, you can develop applications in various programming languages as per your expertise like VC++, VB.Net, C# or ASP.Net. Visual Studio allows you to add many features and increases the excitement in windows mobile app development. Yet be careful as too many functions can crash the application instead of increasing the performance. Thus, you need to first make a plan about the functions required for your application.

Faster Application

At present there is a common belief in the industry that the mobile applications that load faster and performs various task faster gets the success as users are demand instant results. Thus as you create mobile apps, developer must check the speed taken by the app to launch and to perform other tasks.

Security In Apps

In order to secure your app from external threats a developer must increase the security in apps. For the same developer must use the best method or function offered by the platform. Reports state that 75% of the mobile apps out there in the market will fail to pass basic security tests. This is the reason that security is the major challenge for the developers and for the mobile users.

User Experience

User experience is just the most essential as ultimately it’s the user who will decide the future of the mobile app. With the help of data analytic applications, it’s easier for the developer to know the performance of the mobile apps and bring the changes in the app if required.