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How to make an app like Deliveroo | Know development cost

like FoodPanda, Zomato, etc.  are One of the few things that everyone likes to do is eating and nothing can be much better than sitting at your home and enjoying the delicious & mouth-watering food along with reading your favorite books or watching web series. There are so many On-demand online food ordering delivery apps which you can use and place an order for your favorite dishes, & one of them is Deliveroo.

Food delivery app development is the latest trend. It does not only help in reaching a large number of customers but at the same time enhances the brand image and reputation. So, if you are planning to create a new marketplace for your restaurant then nothing can be much better than having an app.


Online food delivery application


What is Deliveroo?  

Deliveroo is an online food ordering app and an order management system that help the customers in browsing their favorite food among different categories from a range of restaurants. Payment methods are also user-friendly. It helps you to enjoy your favorite meals from the comforts of your home and charges you with a reasonable fee for its services.


Marketing aspects of food ordering app


In fact, this is a great time to get into the online market space. According to the recent reports, it is concluded that by the year 2020 up to 40% of the total marketplace will have more online food ordering mobile apps. Apart from that, the collaborative economies have set the right tempo for market growth.

In today’s times, the conventional models are being used where the customer can place an order with any of registered local restaurant and then he or she needs to wait for the order confirmation by the restaurant, once confirmed then it is delivered at his or her place.

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Food delivery application development


How does this on-demand food delivery app work? 

Admin panel:

This is one of the most important panels of the food delivery app as each and everything related to the working of the restaurant can be managed with the admin panel. This is usually a web-based portal that assists restaurants and eateries in handling the entire process seamlessly right from the moment when order is placed. Overall, with this panel, you can look over all activities and operations of the food delivery system.

Restaurant panel:

Just like delivery guys and customers have their own features of the app, in the same way, many restaurants also have the same. The first thing which will you always see is the admin panel so that things can be managed efficiently and orders are taken from customers. There are so many things which are done in restaurant panel like you can manage content, handle orders, accept payments via different payment modes, view details of the order and much more.

Delivery Boy panel:

Just like customers, a delivery person also needs to register first just by providing some basic information like email, mobile number, etc. They can register themselves either with a mobile number or email. Along with this, they have the option of password recovery also. Once the delivery guy is logged in, he will be able to see all active orders which are to be picked up and delivered. As soon as the person gets delivery details, he will let the customer know the status of their meal.

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Advance features of the food ordering app:

Push notifications –This is one of the most advanced features of a food ordering app and you will find it in almost all the available applications. Push notification allows you to send alerts directly to users related to their delivery, offers, discount codes, and order.

 Restaurant manager –When a restaurant gets an order in bulk, this feature helps in delivering orders in less time and hassle-free manner. It helps in making data-driven decisions. With this tool, you get access to data which will help in improving the satisfaction of the customers.

 Pre-orders –This feature will allow the users to pre-book their order an hour before and even a week in advance. Not only this, you can even track orders throughout the delivery process so that orders get delivered on time and at the right location.

 Smart Curation–This feature helps the foodies to have a look of photos that how their meals will actually look. Moreover, its suggestion feature recommends a number of restaurants which are nearby your location. You can also enjoy the advantage of machine learning, many online food ordering platforms enables preferences of taste by suggesting dishes depending on existing contextual information and past histories.

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 Driver app –One of the most advanced features that are an inbuilt driver panel. There are so many things which driver can manage with a single click; from providing real-time information to managing orders and from real-time tracking, availability setting to real-time requests. Along with all these, other key elements of driver panel order history, profile, payment support, help and support, delivery information and much more.

 Separate profile page –One of the most important features which you simply cannot afford missing is a profiled section where all necessary information about a customer can be saved, reviewed, edited and verified. A profile section is where all transaction history, a record of ordered food, delivery guy information, restaurant details, etc are displayed. This feature allows restaurants to maintain a smooth and long relationship with customers.

Required Technology Stack:


food ordering app

  • For payment, you can go with Braintree, PayPal, Square API, and Stripe.
  • For listing restaurants the technology you will require is FourSquare API or Gruhub API.
  • To find the location of the user to with Google places API, Core Location Framework.
  • To find directions MapKit,  Google Maps will work great.
  • For Cloud-based data Azure, AWS
  • For Analytics nothing can go better with than Google Analytics.
  • For Registration Facebook SDK Login
  • For Storage Amazon Cloud Storage

So, now when you are quite prepared for entering into a desirable and profitable mobile application world, it becomes important that you are all set to face challenges as well that might come or definitely will come in your journey and along with the problems you will also get solutions.


online food delivery app


How Deliveroo becomes so successful and makes money? 

There are so many ways by which you can increase the sales at your on-demand online restaurant mobile app, but here we have listed the top four of them. These are the same tips that help an app like Deliveroo in getting successful & in making money.

Delivery charges: Most of the restaurants do not have a facility of home delivery, but when an order is placed with an online food delivery application, they include delivery charges as well. The business model where you take responsibility for handling home delivery just like Deliveroo earns a profit of $164 million as per the last year’s report.

Peak pricing: Whenever the demand is too high, most of the brands are likely to set surge pricing. What usually happens in this scenario is they keep menu options limited and add supercharge at order placement. In fact, if incoming demand is low, then still in many cases per delivery amount is high.

Commission charges: For generating revenue, these platforms usually charge a commission from partnered restaurants. This is one of the most helpful and tested models for generating revenue. Along with generating revenue, it even helps in establishing long term relations between different brands and associated restaurants.

Advertising: One of the short cut ways of generating high revenue amount is advertising. By giving a place to any restaurant in your featured section or by simply having them on the home screen of the app can get you money in no time. Also, you can earn by extending running Google Adsense.

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cost to develop a food ordering app


How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app? 

One of the most common and important questions which come in mind is how much money will an online food delivery app development company Singapore require? There is no doubt in saying that there is a long list of factors that may affect the total cost of the food delivery app.

If you are looking for something cheaper then you will not be able to include as many features as you had imagined. But, if you want that your app must have all the advanced features, then, of course, the prices will go up. More the features, higher would be the cost to develop it. There are many app development resources that you will need to buy or hire on rent, in case if you don’t have, this will also add up to the final cost of your On-demand food ordering app.

So, in case if you are really interested in figuring an approximate on-demand online food delivery app development cost,  which will be needed for the Online food delivery app. then it can be said that it largely depends on the type of app you are building and moreover features it will have. On an estimate it will cost around $20,000 to $40,000 for a standard and decent app; however, there can be some change in the figures, as per your requirements.



Mobile app development company

In the end, it can be said that complex design and futuristic ideas will without any doubt increase the final price of the application. That’s why it is almost impossible to tell the correct cost of developing an app like Deliveroo.



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