The technology market is always filled with new updates and you have something new out there every time that will boost your business and take it to new levels. Now if we look at the latest updates then the development of mobile apps is among the most significant elements in the current technology market. This is due to the reason that people are more and more becoming dependent on their mobile phones for several reasons.

Going by the statistics, the usage of mobile app has grown by 58%, however that’s not owing to users’ addiction to texting or calls. A study by Flurry shows that users are mainly dependent on their apps and at present they spend 332% more time on personalizing the phones while 125% is spent on productivity apps. Meanwhile, there was a certain increase in every kind of app use bar gaming, which fells by 1%. Now with the increased app popularity it’s clear that there is a huge competition in the app market while the pressure for developers is there to create and integrate new technology for apps so to stay updated in the market. So what are the developments in the world of mobile applications? Here we talk about the most crucial additions to mobile phone technology:

  • 3D Touch
  • Do you remember the time when pinch-to-zoon and swipe actions were newly introduced in the market? Now, we believe that the time is not far away when 3D touch is going to be integral to our mobile usage. It’s believed that 3D touch is going to save a lot of time while it also allows you to add bit pressure to an app like your clock and with this comes across a set of quick options like setting your alarm. At the same time it also allows a ‘peek’ option. For instance, when you see an email arriving, then simply press your finger on it and you will get a preview the moment you remove your finger and this way it will remain unopened in your inbox. The app Magic Piano came up with this technology and this way the amount of pressure you apply to the keys controls the volume, thus offering a ‘real-life’ experience for users. At present, 3D touch is under development and it’s believed that the next iPhone is going to include second generation 3D technology.

  • Gesture Controls
  • Now Gesture Controls can help you in a great manner as it has become easy to turn your phone from an expensive toy into an intelligent device, thus letting you control and open apps with a hand movement. It’s also simple to even lock or unlock your device with the help of apps like Automation Locker. Through the app Air Call, by Necta, users get to answer and reject incoming phone calls just by simply swiping it. However, the most significant aspect of gesture controls is the inclusion in entertainment apps by creating a new dimension to the gaming experience. Apps like PartyPoker integrated gesture controls so that a more realistic experience of playing poker is created. Soon we may come across even more companies that utilize this technology in coming times.

  • Mobile Payment
  • Well, mobile payment as an option has been recently introduced to the public; however it is yet to be accepted by the masses, even though it’s an amazing piece of technology. PayPal, Apple Pay and even banks are coming up with new ways presenting it to the public in order to make quick and safe payment in regard of their goods. Now, this is certainly a great idea as we consider there are numerous people that are on their phones in queues in any case. Google is even making efforts to innovate the technology with hands-free payments while Android users are going to be enabled to pay for their goods with a voice command. The technology would be introduced in America in various fast food restaurants such as Papa Johns and McDonalds.

This way it’s event that app technology is mainly focusing in two crucial areas, i.e. improving gaming experience and fun while reducing the amount of time spent on everyday chores like setting alarms and paying for goods. Now it’s quite fascinating to speculate where the development of mobile applications is going to take us in the next 5 years.