Nowadays most people like to download apps, movies and TV shows as well as music and in that regard an Android smartphone with a memory card slot is a just effective in saving money. As instead of paying a huge sum for added built-in storage, you can just buy a 64GB microSD card at way lesser amount. However, phones with old operating system fail to make use of the extra storage capacity. Though if you did receive the “Insufficient Storage Available” message while trying to save a photo or update an app, then you must have knowledge of this issue.

This problem no longer persists on smartphones running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Still most of Android phones store data in the device’s internal memory by default. Here is how you can resolve the issue:

Application Management

Start by moving some mobile apps to a memory card opening the Setting menu pulling down the notifications bar above your screen and click on the cog-like icon on the upper left.

Now click the Application manager showcasing the apps on your phone. While opening an app on the list, you will come across a Move to SD button at the bottom of the screen. This way the phone will move that app and/or the data files associated with it from internal memory to the microSD card. As you complete the task, the button will change and you can move everything back to the phone.

During the process, the apps may not move as app files are small. However the data files linked to them, specifically multimedia files, do migrate and can be way larger. You can avoid the insufficient storage available warning by shifting file saves to an SD card via the Application Manager in Settings.

Move Photos, Videos, and Other Files

Coming with high-megapixel image sensors, smartphone cameras are reining. While a still photo consumes 5MB of storage space, an eight-minute HD video is going to consume a full gigabyte or more. This way soon you will receive an insufficient storage available warning.

Apart from saving your photos to the SD card, you can manage your storage options in the camera’s on-screen settings. This is where you need Android’s File Manager App, which is quite like the File Manager on a desktop computer. It can also be used to move PDFs, text docs, spreadsheets, and various other large documents as well.

This way you will find that your phone’s memory problems are cured.