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Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solution

There are a lot of apps out there that has completely changed the outlook of the healthcare ecosystem. The latest technology has helped out in creating apps that can turn around the medical world and one of these apps are Electronic health information exchange (HIE).

Major functions of this technology are that it allows doctors, pharmacists, health care providers, patients to access and share patients’ important information electronically through computer systems. This, in turn, results in better quality, safety, enhanced speed and reduced cost of patient care.

The main benefits of this technology would be decreased in duplicate testing, avoid readmissions, improved diagnosis and avoiding medication errors. No one other than a doctor is allowed to get access to the patient’s information.

The information related to a patient is completely confidential and there where reliability factor also kicks in. To know more about this, click here…

Aakash Singh Chauhan

Aakash is currently working as a Business Development Manager with Octal Info Solution PTE. LTD. - Singapore; a company providing innovative, futuristic, sustainable, cost-effective and practical IT solutions to clients across the globe.