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Google’s New Collection of Tools to App Designers’ Delight

What is the first thing that you reach for the moment your eyes open? That’s correct, it’s your precious smartphone. It is the one thing that you cannot live without in your day to day life. From contacting your boss to your childhood friend, the smartphones just keep getting better, with online shopping, online streaming and even online dating taking place in one tiny body of metal.

To use smartphones, we need apps. Apps stand for Applications, which are little packages that are programmed to do certain tasks in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Give Boost to the ROI of Your Business using iBeacon Apps

Beacon, at present, is a very popular technology for its high significance and usefulness in businesses. Brought into light in 2003 by Apple, service providers of iOS app development kicked off the creation of apps based on iBeacon technology, and thus these apps are conveniently embraced by Apple users.

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Points to follow for Setting the Correct Pricing Model

The primary aim of most of the app builders behind creating an app is to make money, especially when they see apps are the convenient mean of earning huge. However, this is the only one side of the coin. Its other side is full of hardship and money taking. Therefore, having an app created for fun and in a whim does not last long and cause the app fail to make any mark among users. We emphasize that app development is a serious endeavor and money spent in this process is of even higher significance.

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Driver less Taxis Make Their Debut in Singapore

As far as moving ahead with technology is concerned, Singapore is no more behind when compared with many big players in the world. This is why on August 26 nuTonomy chose the soil of Singapore for the first-ever public trial of its robo-taxi services leaving these players way behind. The foundation of nuTonomy was laid in 2013 by ex-MIT engineers and it is manufacturing autonomous cars in Singapore since quite long. The makers have been making their driverless cars undergo trials in the city state. They have also started the trial in a restricted 2.5-square-mile residential and business district known as one-north. They have been conducting this run since April. However, the pick-up and drop-off facility has been kept limited to the specific locations by the company.

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Hottest trends in the arena of Mobile Application Development

Smartphones has gained immense prominence in the lives of people and with time we see that its significance is increasing. In today’s times it’s common that people use Smartphone in order to manage the various tasks in their everyday life. There are a number of Smartphone users that use android operating system owing to its huge base and this way the arena of android application development is growing at a rapid pace. Here we discuss the hottest trends in the field of android application development.

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Have a look at this AppleCare and Mok Swee Meng Guide for iPhone Repair

It’s quite heart-breaking when you end up accidentally drop your phone in the toilet bowl or maybe you’ve broken your screen. In such cases, you start looking for all the possible measures to fix your iPhone. After all, in today’s times it’s the smartphone that keeps us connected and we’ve become dependent on them for numerous tasks comprising work, shopping as well as shopping among others. Thus, it does come as a surprise when we get to know of people heading to get iPhone repair services as quickly as possible in order to keep their devices running. For the unbeknownst, Apple came up with AppleCare service for iPhone users as it comes around as quite significant when compared to average warranty owing to high customer satisfaction ratings. Also a lot of stores can offer this service on-site.

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What makes Node.js so Prominent?

Needless to say Node.js is truly the most popular web application out there, so much so that it outdoes other web applications by replacing websockets with revolutionary push technology. So what is so wonderful about them? Well, the answer is quite simple if you just dig a little. There is this cutting-edge web application with two-way, real-time connections allowing both the server and client build communication and it allows exchanging valuable data. So this simply is distinguished to the conventional web response paradigm where the communication is initiated by the client.

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IoT Security Checklist to Abide by to Ensure Smooth Processing

In the world of internet, soon the Internet of Things is going to be a major possibility for hackers, noting that everything will be connected. Thus it is necessary to ascertain that significant systems and strategies are implemented at every stage of the product development life cycle.

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Effective Tips to Avoid DOWNTIME during the App Development Process

Well, Downtime is mainly something that describes the 8 wastes of product development, consisting of Defects, Over-production, Waiting, Non-Utilized, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Excess Processing. These wastes lead to longer development cycle, affecting the quality of products, arising scope creep risk and increasing project risk.

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