An Enterprise Application (EA) is a big business application. Now you must know that in today’s corporate world enterprise applications tend to be intricate, distributed and mission critical application that run on many platforms all around the corporate networks, intranets and internet. Such enterprise applications very well meet the business needs of large companies, such as corporate, schools and governments, and not just small groups or individuals.

With these complex applications, it’s easier to meet stern requirements of security and administration. EA are software designed to incorporate every area of a company’s operations such as accounting, finance, human resources, inventory, marketing, sales, manufacturing and resource planning. With the enterprise applications, you get services such as online payment processing, online shopping, automated billing systems, content management, call center and customer support, security services, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, project management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR management, manufacturing applications and many more unique to the organization.

Enterprise application consists of numerous separate requirements put together to meet business needs and they are designed in a manner that they store and process large complex data that access relational databases. Over the years of requirements is behind the designing and development of various customized programs and with such applications you get many interface screens to handle and display the huge data. Besides EA also features complex data relationship, specific business needs, distributed systems integrated with other systems and concurrent users. The focus of software development has always been on a particular section like healthcare, trading, accounting or payroll.

The company’s own development team is behind the development and designing of proprietary enterprise applications. You can easily access these applications through an enterprise application service provider (ASP) while a third party application provider designs these applications and further leases it to the company as a hosted service. Hence, that’s called Web based applications or software-as-a-service (SaaS). Besides, it’s a common practice to move these enterprise applications on cloud computing and use the services to access the application.

As it comes to enterprise applications, enterprise application integration (EAI) is helpful in bridging the gap between software programs this way data can easily flow from one application to the other. However, the applications could be within the company or outside. Integration is helpful in creating a single point of access of all the data related to company.

In coming days the companies are going to have immense flexibility to make a choice of application that will suit their business models. Certainly the enterprise application market will continue to flourish though it’s dominated by large trading and financial companies that count on these enterprise applications to manage crucial information. The essential products are going to have integrated suits so that primary business functions for the enterprises are easily covered. Now the new technology is helpful for web surfing or for social networking, however, it’s not apt for financial management or customer order processing. This way EA prove to be fundamental part of any establishment as it directs an entire enterprise.