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How to Create a Feature Set for Turning an App Idea into Product?

An app is considered as a small software program that is generally used on mobile devices. At the earlier times, it has seen that the term app is fundamentally known for mobile and desktop applications but now it is referred to as a small set of instructions that can easily be downloaded at any time with internet access. Today there are more than thousands of apps used by millions of people on their smartphones. The apps are referred to as the general source of information and also for entertainment. App creation is quite difficult as it takes time and creative thinking. There is a number of modifications that come in the mobile apps with the demand and it is increasing with the time. Hence, a mobile app development idea comes into existence that assists in providing solutions to all the issues that occur to the particular user.


Now, the question arises on how an app is developed? An app development process involves an idea, strategy, marketing, easy to use the app, monetization, competition and many more, the developer keeps in mind about all these things so that the app will not face more limitations.


Following are some of the points that play a major role in best app marketing:

  • List of features in-app: The development of the app comprises the varied features that the developer has to think to include in it. All the lists should keep in mind so that when is discussion occurs then, everything will be in front of you. Before discussing any feature you have to sign an NDA for it. One most important thing, all the features that you will be discussed should be unique, best and famous so that all the people will like it.
  • Find relevant audience: Make a research of competition in the market for the product to be used and keep in mind that your app should not match with the other app in the market. The users of the app can be from a particular profession, group, industry, common user and so on. Also, there should add additional features that make it easy for users to use. The number of the audience decides the succession of the app that is used on a large scale.
  • Choose a suitable app platform: Make an Android solely app if you are thinking to make it and it’s much easier to publish. Android apps can easily be downloaded on the Google play store as compared to Apple’s app. Android apps are the faster, convenient and affordable choice to speed up from the MVP platform. In the USA, there are eighty percent of users used the Android app. For accessing the more customers you should have to make an Android app.
  • Make money plan: Turning an app idea assists in making the money from it through sponsorship, in-app ads, in-app purchases, subscription fee and so on. A paid app does not work in the market as there is a preference for a free app that exists more. There is a loss of importance of in-app ads through user experience. Take a sponsorship for the app and make indirect money from it and you will get good money on return investment.
  • Make strategy roughly: Before diving into the development of the creation of app idea just make a rough sketch that will assist in clearly defining the concept and you can also create some better features that actually help your app in attracting more customers. When the sketch is drawn then, you can greatly polish the ideas for the app that you want to include in it.
  • Great value and good target feature set: It is quite that the usage of the cellular app is mostly from the inner staff, prospective users, customers, gross sales, stakeholders and even from current clients. For the first time, it is not possible that the yield is high and it can take from varied perspectives. In the cohesive app, the feature should add in it that will assist in obtaining the app objectives in an effective way.
  • Search for local mobile app developers: Once you have decided to what features are included in the app then, just look for the app developers who will build the usable app in high quality and best ways. The mobile app developer will let you ask many questions and you have to select the one who you think will build the top app as per your requirement and then, provide all the project details.
  • UI/UX creation for the app: It is an essential aspect to include the UI/UX feature as it assists in building the product and also makes the user easy to use the app. Make a proper go through for the application of its screen, function and the work of the application. In this, you have to decide what the features that needed to be additionally added are and which should be removed. In this, you will get a final aspect of the app’s looks and how it will work.
  • Make testing of the app: After the creation of the app with the best features, the app will be tested every week to find its limitations and make improvements in it. In this, you have to test the app and also involve others to see it whether it is running great and its entire features work best or not. Testing an app is a good way to take time. Make questioning answering from the developers about the app. If everything will be alright after testing then, it’s time to launch.
  • Launching the app in the market: An app should launch in the Google play store and iTunes app store when you will get fully satisfied with the app interface and its running features. Launching an app will assist in reaching more customers. App marketing is also done to make your app more in reach of customers by starting marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. You can also hire an app marketing company or PR and the press release at free sites will also provide great help.
  • Observe market response and large extent of using the app: Now, it’s time to analyze the usage of the app which is launch in the market. You have to make a collection of the data, a number of users using the app and on what scale it is becoming popular. If you get the positive market response then, you can think of the next app to be developed but if the response is not good then, the flaws of the apps should be corrected and launch it again and make it observation for it.

Conclusion: There is a proper visual appearance, design, easiness of its usage and typography all the things are essential for an excellent app that you want to launch in the market. The right research for the app like a large number of apps will be used and how many customers will get used in the future should keep in mind that it will assist in taking your app up a level. If your app is not strong and useless for the customers then, the app will not get popular.

Arun Goyal

Managing Director @ Octal Info Solution, Arun Goyal is a tech-enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. He loves to talk about technology, and expresses his views about the trends in tech-world through this blog.