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How Web CRM Software Has Changed The Nature Of Sales


With CRM software, companies manage relationships with their customers. It allows the storage and organization of customer data, which becomes easily accessible and helps for better service. With the change of technology to greater mobility, businesses are discovering that perhaps the best way to maintain strong customer relationships is to use web CRM software that is accessible from any connected device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

This software changes the way you do business, and very often with effects you may not have imagined. We are now in the second decade of the 21st century, not the 90s. Therefore, there is no reason for a company to rely on a limited computer system within the office.

With the advent and establishment of mobile technologies, smart devices, and cloud-based data networks, companies are discovering that any task that can be done digitally in the office can be done on a mobile device anywhere, anytime. While this makes life easier for everyone, from the manager to the intern and allows them to be more efficient, there is hardly anyone who benefits more from sales professionals.

In many cases, they do more than half of their work outside and at the same time rely on a large amount of data and specialized tools. Instead of returning to the office, they can have everything they need at their fingertips with web-based customer relationship management software designed specifically for the company. They can use any useful information for each customer, no matter where they are and what time it is.

Smart Devices

Once mobile smart devices are now more commonly used by personal desktops and CRM software is an integral part of the business (It has been shown that it can increase sales by an average of 29%, productivity by 34% and the accuracy of forecasts by 40%) it is logical to combine the two. Web-based customer relationship management software allows sales professionals, in particular, to be better organized, more efficient, and more flexible, helping to bring about change in this area. Let’s find out how.

A recent study shows that companies that encourage employees to use their own connected devices at work increase their productivity. Why is this happening? When the device is well known to sales professionals, they can use web-based customer relationship management software more easily and efficiently and be more focused. It is estimated that in this case productivity increases by an average of 15%.

  • Greater employee engagement

Often, sales management work is routine and requires certain tasks to be performed on a daily basis. With the improvement of web CRM software, many of these tasks are automated. This gives professionals a greater opportunity to be creative and generate useful ideas and solutions to various problems. Thus, a company can become more profitable without additional investments and costs.

  • A tool for business growth 

business growth

The business environment is always turbulent, especially in the digital age, when competitors “sprout like mushrooms”. The use of web-based CRM software is a reliable solution for adapting to this dynamic environment, especially when it is built on a special project so as to meet the specific needs and requirements of the company. Helping to increase productivity and stimulate employees, especially in the field of sales, it is valuable for growth.

  • Faster sales

Why do your customers have to wait for hours, maybe even days, to receive documents for the completion of a transaction when they can have them immediately thanks to the web CRM software? Now all administrative work related to the sale, especially of specialized products and services, can be done much faster. In this way, you save both your time and that of customers, which can bring you direct benefits, such as more sales. Here is an interesting statistic: when invoices are sent three days earlier than usual, profits increase by about 9.9%.

  • Better customer service

When your customers receive everything from answers to inquiries to invoices, they can rely on adequate and reliable help faster and always from your staff, thanks to the web software for managing the links with them, they will be much more willing to buy from you in the future and remain loyal to your company without the need to create special initiatives for this purpose.

Companies that fail to adapt to this new and efficient way of serving risk losing their business. Why does technology play such a big role? A recent study shows that 42% of service staff are unable to deal effectively with customer issues due to a lack of connectivity between the various software products used by the company and their large number, as well as an outdated user interface.

  • More efficient use of information

With each inquiry and with each sale, companies collect data about their potential and current customers. Those who have their own website or online store have even more information available. The question is how well this data is organized and used. A specially designed web CRM software allows the information to be organized and analyzed automatically, presenting the statistics with tables and graphs, and makes it available to all employees who need it.

  • Greater sales opportunities

The use of web software for customer relationship management has proven to be a profitable approach, as the investment makes an average of 5.6 times higher return. This is not surprising, given that this business tool helps to increase productivity and employee motivation, the business to adapt to the dynamic environment and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In the specific case of sales professionals, they can execute any transaction faster, which allows them to concentrate on winning more customers for the company. In this way, web software for customer relationship management becomes not only a valuable tool but also a real partner in the work. With the advancement of technology and the development of business practices and sales techniques, we can expect that it will develop in parallel.

If you want to increase the productivity and sales of your business and accelerate its growth with web software for customer relationship management, created especially for you, make an inquiry to our experienced team.

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