In this mobile-consumed world, having custom apps for your business is not just a nice idea but it has become a necessity so to meet expectations of the modern client. Today more than 67% of adults spend 3.4 hours a day on mobile devices and use apps regularly to connect with service providers and increase their productivity.

So now with people, these days are hugely dependent on mobile devices and to make the most of this trend, insurers must come up with ways to satisfy this increasing demand for mobile capabilities. With the help of mobile apps, insurance companies can help their customers by offering more self-service options and enhance the productivity of insurance agents by helping them close the opportunities faster. This technology helps the insurance firms in providing superior customer service via highly-personalized mobile app experience and an agent app that is able to keep their sales agents updated about new products, track leads easily and to sell more with confidence.


These apps offer a number of custom features to help in increasing customer engagement, simplify digital marketing and generate additional revenue for your agency. They are able to manage functions from login to launch, thus making mobile simple to manage and simple to deliver. Here are few of the offerings of this mobile technology:

On-Demand Agency Assistance: Be it accessing a policy, auto accident or auto ID card, it is now possible to get instant help from your agency. Your clients would be extremely pleased to get this service at their fingertips.

Push Notifications: This effective feature can be used to drive mobile engagement with your agency and tools inside the app by easily and quickly delivering important alerts and messages to customers.

Marketing Resources: It can be successfully marketed to customers with tools offered in the resource library, comprising of social media content, email invites, videos, and a lot more.

Easy Management: Easy-to-use dashboard consists of crucial data & simple contact management for your staff. It allows accessing reports & tools that identify and drive retention, referral & rounding opportunities.

Hence, it is clear that developing an On-demand insurance agent mobile app can prove really beneficial for your business. To know more about features & framework, click here…

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