Healthcare is the most important part of everyday life, and people often ignore health care because of their fast livelihoods and busy schedules. No one today has much time to wait for a promise, and you can stand in a long line and go to your doctor. Everyone today is tech-savvy and wants everything fast and easy. By observing the facts and requirements of the current medical industry, mobile application development companies are providing users with advanced medical technology applications that can meet the basic needs of patients and physicians.

There is tremendous space in medical and healthcare application development. However, the concept of mHealth Solutions has not been used for a long time, but still meets the momentum of industry success. It has been introduced after all aspects of everyday life have been digitized and cover the field of health care.

The healthcare industry is getting more revenue than other industries and is expected to triple in the next few years. However, some application owners fear GDPR compliance. When Octal IT solution begins providing GDPR compliance consulting services, there is no need to worry. Yes! We will ensure that you properly process your personal data and access the data and GDPR lists.

Let’s look at real metrics that define the scope of health and mobile app development across the market.

  1. Statistics show that healthcare application development will increase by about $60 billion by 2020.
  2. The current market for medical applications is $20 billion, as all patients and physicians use online healthcare facilities through dedicated applications.
  3. Today, 52% of smartphone users accumulate health-related information on their phones, whether they’re looking for a doctor or a hospital nearby.
  4. By the end of 2018, the percentage of healthcare workers using healthcare applications is expected to reach a high level.

It is not surprising that mobile medical applications are receiving a high demand from patients, as well as from healthcare practitioners and physicians. That’s why most medical departments and regulators work with trusted medical mobile application development companies to provide patients and physicians full-featured medical mobile apps. Among well-known companies, Octal IT Solutions is a trusted medical mobile application development company that defines its name by giving users the possibility to organize critical healthcare activities for virtual healthcare and medical mobile applications.

As an experienced and highly skilled medical application developer, we are well versed in developing customized healthcare applications to meet industry requirements. Our expertise is to filter out all application development steps, starting with sketches and delivering robust Android and iPhone healthcare applications with long-term business insight to your business.

Our expertise lies in providing our customers with:

  • Hospital management applications
  • Core medical applications
  • Healthcare and fitness applications
  • Drug use
  • Clinical Interactive Applications
  • Chronic disease health application
  • Application for Women’s Health Care
  • Medical Education Application

We will collaborate to develop medical applications that provide a new way to develop real medical needs and track and store databases in the healthcare industry. Our solutions deliver exceptional performance to deliver an exceptional experience for patients and physicians.


  • For patients, this app allows you to understand the date and time your doctor promised you.
  • Keep track of important drug records or save personal health data for future activities.
  • Ensure healthy communication between patient and doctor.


  • Assist your physician in obtaining the quality of life and patient reporting alerts.
  • These applications can be easily integrated into routine EMR systems that inform the physician of the patient’s condition.
  • Give the patient information about various diseases and symptoms.

Often, medical applications fall into two categories: physician and patient applications. But here the healthcare industry can customize its healthcare solutions to track and organize regular events. Through a variety of mobile healthcare applications, you can explore the following facilities and features:

Features and functions of mobile medical applications:

  • Access to electronic medical records
  • View your doctor’s profile and other credentials
  • Make appointments with your doctor.
  • Schedule, edit, and cancel appointments
  • Time appointment reminders
  • Access to lab test reports
  • Get prescription information and warnings.
  • Prescription supplement options
  • Latest medical news and information
  • Online report download tool
  • Ask your emergency room doctor for help.

So if you expect to have a multipurpose or task-oriented mobile healthcare application, you must first find the best medical application developer and complete your application development professionally.


It is important to understand that medical application development is now one of the most important areas in the industry today. Through its introduction and use, medical institutions open a variety of ways to perform basic tasks in a simple and systematic way. When you are engaged in the healthcare industry, it is time to develop customized healthcare mobile apps to adopt these trends and organize your domain names.