Mobile apps have brought a tremendous change in the lives of people as they have enabled smartphone users to perform various actions such as easy shopping to convenient food ordering, saving money, track their workouts and a lot more. Needless to say that a smartphone devoid of apps is of no use and they certainly make for a smarter combination building a new digital sphere. Thus, app owners must fully acknowledge the significance of a mobile app in business growth.

It’s imperative to be keep yourself updated of the latest trends in the mobile app world as then it becomes easy to survive in the chaotic app world. Meanwhile, if you are new to mobile app development, then these app development trends can make a huge difference.

New Trends in App Development in 2016

Cross-Platform tools noting a high

Well in 2015, we all noticed a significant rise in the demand for cross platform app development. Noting the huge demand for apps, cross-platform tools are also in great demand this year, particularly enterprise cross-platform app development tools. This is the reason that enterprises mostly opt for cross-platform app development.

Decline in App Development Timeframe

At present more than one billion active smartphones are in use at worldwide level and this has escalated the demand for all kinds of apps. In 2015, almost 3 months were required to develop just a simple app, however the timeframe is certain to be reduced this year. Ultimately it’s on the developers how they build app strategy and complete it with the use of advanced tools and technologies. Mainly, mobile app development companies in USA and India are set to take the big challenge.

Emphasis on UI/UX Design

User-focused design element is pivotal in the success of a digital product and when it comes to mobile app, it is crucial. At the same time, App analytics is significant in knowing users interact with the design.

Integration with Cloud Technology

Cloud integration is mainly used for synchronization of apps across multiple devices. Developers choose the Cloud technology as that allows to build the functionality necessary for the easier and instant synchronization of data across wide-ranging devices.

Focus on Internet of Things (IoT)

Present since quite a long time, this technology is yet to come out at large scale. IoT and mobile app development are both fundamental and this year we expect IoT to find a new dimension in standards, automation, security and privacy concerns.

App Security

Despite the advancement of app security, people still shy away from downloading some apps. For instance, just recently must have noticed how Apple acted when found about hundreds of apps in the iTunes App Store secretly hacking personal information of users who downloaded them. This way developers are making huge efforts to ensure security in mobile app development.

Other mobile app development trends in 2016

Apart from the above, you can notice effective marketing, advertising and purchasing inside the apps this year. Besides, mobile banking might be greatly used this year.