Mobile app development is not an easy task. Having it downloaded by users is harder a task than app development. You might have taken extra deluge to get the app created, but with no one downloading it, the core objective of developing the app gets diluted.


There are a number of factors that enhance the propensity of your app download. All the factors put together lead to App Store Optimization. Effective App Store Optimization cohesively determines if the app you have developed will be downloaded by users. These different factors are as follows:

Encouraging User Reviews:

In an app store, there is numerous app that keeps falling behind. To allow it to come to the forefront, the app should be rated highly. For that, the app should receive an interesting number of positive user reviews. This will lead to the app being rated ahead of other apps in the store. Consequently, with a high rating, the user download is also bound to go up.

Increase Number of App downloads:

The aim of an app publisher should be to ensure the maximum number of downloads. With high download numbers, the figure will automatically go up and give the app a higher rank than peers.

Use Relevant Keywords:

The description of the app should use relevant keywords. Similar to that of Search Engine Optimization, wherein you ought to use relevant keywords for a successful Google search, App Store Optimization works likewise. This would certainly impact the download pattern in a positive manner.

Name of the App:

This should be done in an extra cautious manner. The app should be named keeping in mind the theme that customers look for. Prefer to include a keyword in the App name such that the download chance is automatically enhanced.

Revenue Generation:

It has been observed that apps that have a history of good revenue generation will certainly see more user visibility and the download will certainly go up drastically.

Origin Location of App:

An app might have received regional success and that might lead to more success in that region, leading to more downloads.


Social Media Marketing:

Ensure that your app is marketed in social media in a proper manner. The more the visibility of your app in social media platforms, the better will be the app’s ranking. This will lead to more downloads for sure.

Number of times App is opened:

An app’s ranking depends on the number of times a user opens up the app. This impacts the download pattern in a great manner.

User Retention:

Minimize the rate of app uninstall and try to retain your users, such that it does not affect your ranking in a negative manner.

Alter the user perception about your app by following these ways. These factors might not be cohesively correct and direct you to increase your app download pattern in a full-proof manner, but they will certainly create a difference than before. The rate of download is bound to surge up and your aim to reach the ‘satisfied customer milestone might be readily fulfilled.

It’s, after all, your job to convince your customer about your app’s high points. No one would do it better than you. Follow the instructions, avoid the mistakes and get geared up to see the better side of your app’s performance. Happy customers will always spread the good word of mouth about your app and that itself will boost the downloads for your app.