Prospering in their arena is what everyone dreams of. Now in order to thrive – be it in any industry – it is necessary to keep it all exciting and move towards progress. Talk of any industry whether retail, manufacturing, IT, or any other, in other to grow, there has to be introduction of new trends. When that goes missing, the performance tends to be static and that spoils the show.

Now as we know well that IT is a dynamic field and here the new trends arrive at rapid pace and it’s moving forth continuously. Thus, one needs to be updated with the current market trends, so else it becomes difficult to sustain. The software developers keep a tab on these new trends and accordingly make them part of their plan and objectives. Implementing these trends the software professionals intend to work phenomenally well and treat the audience with the best.

Speaking of current ones, here we present the exciting new trends in software development:


Mobile is just on everyone’s mind that’s why there are constant updates in that zone. Like in the quarter of last year, Google came up with a mobile-friendly update that were mainly for websites designed to function well on mobile devices, like smartphones. Soon after, companies around the world, over-prioritized the mobile experience and this way iOS and Android developers became high-occupied.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to state that in coming time mobile is going to garner huge attention of all developers specifically as mobile Google searches have outdone searches in several countries including United States and Japan.

Single-page applications (SPAs)

Burdensome websites no more enjoy the attention as presently it is about SPAs that enables the user load a single HTML page. It’s dynamically updated and refreshed during the interaction itself still the JavaScript remains to be crucial in the creation of this fluid, responsive and streamlined experience.

Cloud computing

A cloud stores several of electronic gadgets. The storage comes in handy as well as enables the user to have an access to the same information with the use of a range of electronic devices. In the present times electronics manufactures around the globe are investing heavily in software that’s efficient of cloud storage. These is the reason cloud computing and cloud security professionals enjoy immense prominence.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Most number of electronic devices these days are connected to the Internet, servers, clouds, and each other through IoT, i.e. Internet of Things. As IoT is rising, software developers must be heedful and find out how these devices must be programmed so that users can easily control them.

Sensors vs. scanners

Regardless of the technology you choose – whether you go with sensors that automatically collect data or scanners that require user action – there is a requirement of someone to program them.


Software developers are constantly required to create applications and services for the nifty wearables such as Apple, Pebble, Moto 360, LG G or any other smartwatch. These wearables require intricate algorithms in order to process health data.


As the connectivity has increased there are huge concerns in regard of the security. Thus, in order to protect new technologies, security software is required.

Following these software development trends you can make a place of your own in the business world.