On-Demand Laundry Mobile App Development – Cost & Features

Today on-demand services hold a special place in our lives. All you need is few clicks on your mobile screen, then a lot of tasks will be done instantly, be it ordering a pizza or booking a cab for your office. So, these on-demand services are brilliant at doing numerous chores, but what to do with a pile of laundry lying over there when you have no desire or say time to do them? Well, there is an answer will you would love to hear. Yes, on-demand cleaning and laundry services come in handy here, saving your precious time for other crucial tasks.

On-demand Laundry app development

Just as other on-demand sectors, the sector of on-demand laundry is also pretty competitive, however if you focus on the features and functionalities and take care of certain aspects while building your Laundry and Dry-Cleaning mobile app, you can ensure success. Here we discuss basic and advance features which will make your laundry app a big hit.

laundry app development

Customer Panel:


Registration can be done via email id or social media accounts, such as Facebook, to avail laundry services. One can also signup using OTP received on the phone number.

View nearby Laundry Services

The users can look for laundry service providers near their present location. This enables them to get the services in the least time possible.

Select from laundry types and see prices

One can choose from options, like washing, dry-clean, ironing and alongside are priced for each service so one select as per their laundry budget.

Choose pickup &delivery date

App users can choose pickup day for their clothing as per their convenience, while they can also set delivery dates.

Send laundry Request

As soon as the users are clear about the services and prices, they can place an order for the type of service they are keen to avail.

Track service guy on Google maps

The laundry person’s location can be tracked by the users while they can also suggest the right route to take, as this minimizes the delivery timing.

View Order status

As the user receives order confirmation, s/he can track the order status, whether it is picked, washed, en-route or Drop. Like, they can view whether the order has been processed or it is yet in the queue.


Payment technologies like Audio QR, Net-banking, Card-based transactions can be used to make payments as well as users can even choose to pay cash on delivery or via other banking options integrated into the application.

View Order History

It is possible for users to keep a track of all orders placed by them, whether the current ones, or the ones they made in the past.

View Discounts & offers

This section for users is where they can view discounts and also can use offers as they place orders to avail the desired laundry service.

Refer your friend & earn rewards

Users can refer the app to their friends & family so they can use the services. This way they can also earn rewards, like place orders at low costs, and various others.

Rate and review section

As per the satisfaction level, users can rate and review their service provider, so that other users can go through that and decide for themselves.

Service Provider Panel


Same as user panel, here the laundry service provider signup to the app via an email ID or Facebook ID. OTP received on the laundryman’s mobile number can also be used for registration.

View/Manage Profile

It is the section for laundry person, from where s/he can view their own profile as well as can go through the list of completed and pending orders.

Manage laundry charges

Depending on the amount of clothing received and service chosen by the app users, the charges are determined & managed by the laundryman.

View Order Requests

Here the laundry service provider can view all the order requests and according to the number of pending orders, the order request can be accepted or declined.

Manage Orders & its status

The service provider can manage entire the active orders on his own. Using this feature, he can check the order status that the Admin has updated.

View Past Orders

All orders made throughout the day can be viewed by the laundryman. This way s/he can keep a track of pending orders and complete them accordingly.

Manage discounts and offers

Laundryman can manage and track the discounts and other offer given to users and also the ones which are pending.

Ratings & Review

Users can view the ratings and reviews which have been uploaded by users and according to the appropriate steps can be taken to enhance service quality.

Super Admin panel

Effective Management of Laundryman

Under this category, entire activities which are assigned to all laundrymen associated with specific service providers can be managed.

User Management

Every user who made a request to use a particular service or a number of services, like washing, dry-clean, ironing can be easily tracked here.

Laundry category Manager

Each laundry department has been assigned respective manager so that s/he can process the order requests.

Manage Commission

This section stores and manages the commission which has been paid by service providers partnered with the laundry app.

Content Management

There is a refined CMS updating and tracking all relevant content that is being updated & delivered to users.

Payment Management

Payment transactions which took place via digital networks & COD are stored and managed by Admin.


Reports related to the total number of users using the app, app usage, and category of laundry services availed are tracked so that further business-related decisions can be made.

Advance Features

Keeping in mind the massive competition out there, it is integral to develop a feature-rich laundry mobile app to ensure high success rate. Here we bring some more exclusive features that will surely increase your chances of attaining success in this arena.

Push Notification

A sure-shot way to increase your laundry all visibility among your user base. Push Notifications enhance user interaction with app, as well as updates them, in case of the latest offers and deals. This gains you user loyalty and user participation.

In-app messaging

Both the users and laundrymen need a transparent platform to communicate in a convenient manner. This is what in-app messaging ensures. It enables users to coordinate with the laundryman regarding the delivery date as well as urge him to finish the order a bit early if a case of urgency. Besides, the laundry person can contact users too, to know about location landmarks & request to suggest more appropriate routes.

Split Payment

Users can pay some amount online, while remaining can be paid using some other mode like COD or internet banking. This builds loyalty among users and encourages them to use your service more often as they will not be bound to make the entire payment while placing the request.


Online payment methods, as well as COD or internet banking, can be integrated to the app. This feature allows users to make payment with different transaction modes hence it appeals to users owing to its effectiveness.

One-Tap Pickup Request Button

One-tap pickup icon displays past order requests of the users. They simply have to alter specifications like no. of clothing and delivery date. Then they can directly place orders, mentioning a pickup date. Hence, no need to editing addresses time and again, paving way for the specified process.

Providing enhanced functionality to the users, you can ensure that the users stay glued to your app instead of looking for any other solution.

Technology Involved

Cloud Environment

This technology is used in laundry mobile app development to securely store data such the orders, the number of users, information regarding laundry persons and payment history.

GPS Tracking

Using this feature, the laundryman can recognize relevant destinations while it allows updating information in real-time for users and admin.

Analytics Dashboards

Analytics help laundry app businesses to view statistics concerning user-base, sales, mostly-used services and a lot more. Analytic tools like Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Open-Source Analytics Tools are most frequently used here.

App Store Optimization

This feature takes care of keyword optimization, reviews, ratings, and contributes to make your app a success.

Audio QR for payments

This technology is highly useful in making payments at an extremely fast speed. Simply by tapping a button, users can search proximate laundry service providers and transfer payments for the order requests they have made. This paves way for seamless payment integration.

To make a sophisticated and robust laundry mobile application, standard technologies must be implemented:

Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
Navigation – Google Map
Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets

Cost to Develop a Laundry Mobile App

The team to develop a laundry mobile app consists of proficient developers, designers, and testers. It is vital to zero upon the right candidates with the right skill-set to develop a great app. Now the cost to develop such a mobile app can be evaluated on the basis of three key factors, which consists of Complexity of the App, the number of dedicated platform an app requires, and the region, as every country has its own budget ratios.

  • India-based developers: $10-$80 per hour
  • U.S.A. based developers: $50-$250 per hour
  • Eastern-Europe based developers: $30-$150 per hour

Calculating the overhead costs, an average laundry app should cost you around $10,000 to $25,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS). Now if you choose to develop a cross-platform app or want to add more features, then the cost will rise up to $50,000.

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